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As promised, here is the series of 5 articles describing and explaining what it is like and what you need to be(come) a professional roulette player.

The Roulette Professional series:
* Life in the casino
We explore the practical problems, lifestyle limitations and health issue considerations of living as a roulette professional.
* The seven woes of the pro gambler
Do you have the guts and determination to overcome Disappointment, Loss, Instability, Loneliness and much more?
* 7 rare personality traits of the professional player
Do you have the character and abilities to be a professional gambler. It is not an easy job. Only the best need apply.
* Pro gambler advice: 8 problems and tips
We talk about money issues, bad beats, losing streaks and loss of confidence.
* The positive aspects of losing
Expect loss, learn from it and use it in your strategy. Loss is good. Do not fear failure. Be always ready to receive it.
I hope you like it.

Nice, plenty of information some of us might need.
Also in life as turist.

Awesome!  These really get me thinking!

...with just a touch of poetry...!


 Kav - this is a really good read - thank you.



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