Author Topic: a VERY nice repeater (hot) method from Ken  (Read 7285 times)

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Re: a VERY nice repeater (hot) method from Ken
« Reply #105 on: February 01, 2018, 05:15:02 AM »
That's what I thought too!  But playing it that way makes it lose terribly!  The reason is because the window is too narrow for our betting and it is therefore more likely that our numbers will not hit AND we don't get the benefit of an increasing bet selection as spins naturally accrue (which allows for us to track both long term repeaters AND short term repeaters).

SO, once we have 2 numbers within 12 spins, we will always bet those two numbers until we get a hit.  If we get a hit while we are only betting 2 numbers, we don't remove a number from the list, we just keep betting the same 2 until we hit our profit goal.

EDIT: Ok, I think I misunderstood your post.  Which way do your numbers move?

Also, I haven't made any changes to the system that I am aware of.  I do not add a number to the list unless it has hit 2 times within 12 spins.

73 spins:

This is a losing game.  I cut it off before total exhaustion of balance.  No avoiding this one, got an early hit and then it just went pretty much straight downward with only one more hit until the end.  Still net positive.

24 spins:

Instant full win.

102 spins:

Battle royale, cut short at first profit.  Still a bit down from the all time high.

64 spins:

Lost game.  Still net postive.

37 spins:

Full win.

105 spins:

Lost game.

A couple of things that could have indicated to take profit:

1) Successive all-time highs followed by a win less than an all-time high
2) A total spin count of greater than 60

Still slightly net positive.
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