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Re: Best and steady daily system?
« Reply #15 on: January 07, 2018, 01:31:27 AM »
I also agree that Pales single dozen system is effective. I found it to be more so at B&M casino (rarely going past the 5th spin to get a win) than online (where I routinely found it took 7, 8 or more spins to get a win). What bugs me about that system is that I don't really know WHY it works. It looks like just another negative expectation system, and is basing future results on previous spins which all the advice out there says will fail in the long run. Yet with this one, it seems to be successful (especially if you just use the YXX trigger). There is no physics or science to it that I can see, and we are covering only 12 numbers out of 37. Do that with a random dozen or column and we all know you won't last long - yet do it with this trigger and you never wait long to get a win. I just don't get it, other than perhaps future spins ARE dictated by past ones. After all we all know over time every number should hit pretty much equally.  :-\

I think if I had 5000 units though, I would be smashing the four pillars system daily. You can win 50 units so easily with that, but what puts me off is you need 500 and as long a shot as it seems to be, losing 500 units in one session would hurt. But you have 5000! Jesus, if I had 5000 units to play with I would be all over this system.
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Re: Best and steady daily system?
« Reply #16 on: January 07, 2018, 05:24:48 AM »
Statistically  every dozen should appear once in every 3 spins.
However,  in the very short run (just like all equal chances), you don't often find an exact statistical distribution of chances.
In fact, aberrations of correct statistical distributions happens much more often than not. (In the short run of course).
In the case of single dozens, each dozen has an average no show range, from 3 to 6 spins.
Considering the  YXX trigger, you fill the one dozen no show gap by either the Y or the X dozen.
Since the X dozen showed up twice , it is more likely that the Y dozen will appear in the next spins. 
If it doesn't in one trigger, one of the next triggers will fulfill this premise.
That's according to HARRYJ, who unfortunately is in a very critical condition in a Johannesburg hospital.
In a way due to the short absence of one dozen, you have a 50% chance on two items that pay 2:1 instead of 1:1. The advantage is obvious.
This is perhaps y this system works so successfully, and I am glad you report flawless results in a real B+M casino.

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