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« on: June 13, 2017, 08:45:51 PM »
I recently came across a Life Changing event last week. I was hesitant to post it here, but since most people on this forum seem much more mature, reasonable, and above the average intelligence of others, I will do so.

But I must give a warning. SEVERE WARNING. It may very well turn your world upside down. So, before you read ANY further, please answer the following question:

If you were in NEO's position in front of Morpheus, would you have taken the RED PILL or the BLUE PILL? I am being SERIOUS here. What if he told you the TRUTH BEFORE you chose which pill to take, since you cannot return to your world. Would you STILL take the Red Pill, KNOWING what the truth was?

Seriously, if you would take the blue pill, KNOWING what the truth would have been:

. You have been warned. Not everyone is ready to accept reality.

For those who want to know the truth, this is absolutely incredible. This Mandela Effect does NOT affect everybody, but for those who it affects, it is the most important and crazy thing you will ever experience for the rest of your life.

I will not explain this Mandela Effect here, you can do a search on the internet for this, and see a bunch of videos on You Tube, but it has changed my life.

All I need to know is IF there is ANYONE on this forum who has the same memories as I do. That is ALL.

Below are some of my memories. Please tell me I am not insane.

I remember the Monopoly Man having a monocle. Never did.

Fred Flintstone saying "Wilma! I'm Home!" I remember him saying this in EVERY episode. But, apparently, he never said this.

Laurel and Hardy saying, "Another FINE mess you've gotten US into." I remember this being said, though it apparently has never happened this way.

Do you remember the last line in Queens' Song, "We are the Champions?" I remember it being "of the world." Never happened.

Is the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island? Have you been, or know of anyone who has been, up to the TORCH of the statue of Liberty? Have people gone up to the torch to your recollection? If your answer is yes, that's what I remember too.

Do you remember only ONE bridge going into Staten Island? Well, now there's 4.

Can you walk to Ellis Island from New Jersey? Not to my recollection. But now you can.

Is the Statue of Liberty located in New York? That's what I remember. Now it's in New Jersey. (I grew up in New Jersey, spent my first 12 years there. 15 minutes from NYC. I traveled all the time to NYC because my Dad went there every weekend to visit friends and family).

Do you remember "Thomas the Train"? Well, it's never been. It's always been "Thomas the TANK ENGINE." Yea, right. But true.

Do you remember the famous line from Star Wars that Darth Vader said, "LUKE...I am your father"?
If you remember differently, please stop reading this post. You will think I am crazy.

Do you remember your HEART being on the LEFT side of your chest? Do you remember your kidneys being on the LOWER part of your back? No longer for both. If your answer is yes, then I am NOT crazy. Please let me know.

Do you remember the Pentagon being located in Washington DC? It's not anymore. Do you remember the events of 9-11 was the FIRST foreign terrorist attack on American soil? It is not any longer.

Do you remember that America was NEVER attacked by a foreign army on American soil? So do I. America has been blessed in that regard. HOWEVER...WE WERE ATTACKED ON AMERICAN SOIL DURING WW1 AND WW2!!!

Were you aware that the Japanese dropped bombs on American soil during WW2 and killed Americans in Oregon? And during WW1, were you aware Germany attacked New Jersey in 1916 and the explosion created a 5.5 earthquake, and damaged the Statue of Liberty and many buildings on 5th Avenue in NYC? Neither was I.

Were you aware that nobody has visited the Torch of the Statue of Liberty since 1916 because it has been closed since that attack? Neither was I.

Did you know a BOMB EXPLODED in the Statue of Liberty in 1980? Another terrorist attack BEFORE 9-11.

Have you ever heard of the GREAT WALL OF INDIA? Neither have I. It exists now.

Do you remember the PHYSICAL location of Korea? I do. It has always been to the immediate EAST of Vietnam. I remember that clearly because both the Korean and Vietnam war happened after one another, and they were next to each other on the map. No longer. It's now next to Russia. So is Japan.

Do you remember that Australia was the LAND DOWN UNDER? Because it was the furthest land mass to the SOUTH (Except for Antarctica), down under all the other continents and countries? So do I. Do you also remember it was originally a penal colony where they put people who were sentenced to death, and the REASON they chose Australia was because it was surrounded by water...1500 miles from the nearest major land mass? I do. But apparently Australia is far from the southern most place on earth now, and moved almost 1500 miles to the North.

Did you know the Capital of Australia is no longer Sydney?

Did you know the Capital of Brazil is no longer Rio DeJanaro?

Do you remember that South America was directly SOUTH of North America? No longer. It's now SE. WAYYYYY East.

Do you remember the Panama Canal went in a East-West Direction? Well, no longer. Now it's North-South.

Did you know Eli Whitney (inventor of Cotton Gin) is no longer a freed black slave, but a white man?

Did you know there are now 13 signs in the zodiac instead of 12?

When JFK was assassinated, do you remember what his car looked like? Was it a 4 seater or a 6 seater? Were there 4 people in the car or 6 people? I remember 4. Now there were 6.

Did you know there are now Rainbow Mountains in China and Canada, Rainbow Trees everywhere, and a Pink Lake in Australia?

Wynona Ryder is now spelled Winona. She claims it's always been.

Tom Cruise NEVER wore sunglasses and a white shirt in that famous dance scene in his underwear in Risky Business.

That James Bond movie, MOONRAKER, where Jaws fell in love with Dolly. Do you remember WHY? Because she had BRACES! They BOTH had metal in their mouths. Well, she no longer has braces in that movie.

Do you remember, for heaven's sake, that California, Texas, and Florida were the 3 biggest (continental) states by total area? Florida was the 3rd biggest, close to the size of California. Now Florida is the 22nd biggest State by size. WTF?!?!? I mean, What the hell is going on here? (I LIVED in Florida for most of my adult life, damn it! I KNOW this State. I remember it taking 13 hours to get to Atlanta Georgia, because I visited family there several times a year. Now it takes 8.5 hours - same speed, same roads).

For those familiar with the King James Bible, Do you remember the passage in Isiah 11:6, "The Lion shall lay with the Lamb?" No longer exists.
How about wineskins being mentioned in scripture? Now it's "bottles"
Christ was now "Hung on a Tree."
Did you know the TEN COMMANDMENTS were NEVER writen on Two Tablets of Stone? No. Now they were written on TABLES! Stone tables!
Did you know aliens, sea monsters, and unicorns are now mentioned in scripture? Along with manifolds, tires and highways?
Look at your OWN bible that you have had your entire life, it is NOW CHANGED.



Louis Anderson
Jim Nabors
Billy Graham
Brian Dennehy
Fats Domino
Dick Cavette
Carol Channing
Max Von Sydow
Peter Fonda
Kirk Douglas
Wilford Brimley
Gary Coleman (diff'rent strokes, fell down stairs)
Ed Asner
Willie Nelson
Pat Boone
Bobby McFerrin
Jane Goodall
Betty White
Jerry Lewis
Michael Caine


And do you remember the following people dying at different dates?

Karen Carpenter (died in 1973, not 1983. The Carpenters only released FOUR ALBUMS!  I have always been a huge fan of the Carpenters my whole life. Now they have over 9 albums. Her brother, Richard, gave up music after she died in 1973, NOW they both went on to have a musical career).
Annette Funicello (Mickey Mouse Club. Died well before 2013)
Gene Wilder (died in 1990, one year after his wife, Gilda Radner. NOT in 2016)
Chuck Barris (host of The Gong Show. Died of a drug overdose at a party with porn stars and the underbelly of Hollywood in the 80's. NOT in 2017. I remember this CLEARLY because I was a fan of that show.)
Fidel Castro (died before 2016, then his brother took over.)
Muhammed Ali (died before 2016...in the 80's)
Dom DeLuise (died before 2009)
Ann B. Davis (Alice/The Brady Bunch. Died way before 2014)
Dick Van Patten (died way before 2015)
Abe Vigoda (Phil Fish in Barney Miller. Died way before 2016)
Nelson Mandela (died in prison in 1991. NOT in 2013.)

I do not want to hear anyone else say I am crazy, okay? So please do not leave any negative comments. Please.

For those who remember the same as me, I am sorry to inform you that, even though your memories ARE correct, they are no longer TRUE in this current reality.

I do not know why, all I know is everything is different now.

If you remember the same as me, PLEASE let me know. Otherwise, please just ignore this post. I need to know I am not crazy. Thank you.

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« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2017, 08:17:32 AM »
Wow - The Great Wall of India is the second-longest continuous wall on the planet, 80km long.

an eye opening post. thanks.


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There are glitches in the matrix  :)
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Her name IS supposed to be spelled Wynona!!! With as Y!!! What the hell is going on???

Down the rabbit hole we go......
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