Author Topic: New Single Number System: Caught in a Trap !  (Read 2049 times)

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Re: New Single Number System: Caught in a Trap !
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 the solution is to increase the number of spins/ money to be able to cover that 300 spin ride.
about this solution; instead of having only 1 event to depend on, have 3 or more involve in the game.
when ever a different event have x amount of profit, you take it off the plateform and quarantine the profit, ending that number. repeat the same method with the other numbers until you are left with only one number to chase.
that one will be your winner. you will add the profits you made previously from all other to give this last one the most power and longetivity in spins.
i practice that with my cluster method. you invest other profits into the last one standing. it helps keeping your bets low and gives you more spins. you have to work out the details but the idea is in my opinion very sound.
takes more work and bookeeping. it is worth it.
my 2 cents,
best, Rinad
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