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Are you lucky?
« on: September 18, 2017, 08:57:41 PM »

Although this is a patent for a poker game, people have rationalized a way to quantify "luck".

Method and Apparatus for Generation of Luck and Skill Scores

US 20080248851 A1


The present invention generally relates to games that involve luck and skill, such as poker. Specifically, the subject invention provide means, method and apparatus for the generation of statistics relating to a player's luck and skill as exhibited in prior games (“luck and skill statistics” or “luck and skill scores”). In the preferred embodiments, statistics or scores are generated for participants in a poker game. These statistics quantify how lucky or skillful a player has been over a given period of time. The data can be used to enhance the experience of the viewing public, and to aid a player's self-assessment.
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Re: Are you lucky?
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Wow kewl! :D


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Re: Are you lucky?
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I should say, it sounds interesting!