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Re: Hits v Repeaters
« Reply #45 on: April 09, 2018, 06:48:28 PM »
Ha, so the RNG had enough of me winning and tried to screw me over - I was on spin 30 with only 18 numbers, so started betting on the unhits. I reduced my outlay after 4 repeats came, but the RNG wasn't having it and pumped out more repeats. I lost a fair chunk of bankroll.

Ah, I hear you cry - but 18 numbers in a 37 cycle IS possible! Yes it is, and I suppose you could argue that it could be achieved by the last 9 spins all being repeats. However after this I decided to play a different game for a bit and see if I could recoup my losses, and it was absolutely not having it - it even threw up 10 straight 2nd dozen numbers while I wasn't betting on them! Have you ever seen 10 in a row on the same dozen on a real wheel? I haven't. Especially right after a sequence of 18 numbers in 37 spins.

And THEN, having recouped some money from the live wheels, I went back to the RNG and it threw up 9 out of 10 on the first dozen, while I wasn't betting on it! Sorry but to me that's BS. No real wheel has 3 sequences in a row that are so extreme.

Anyway I recouped my losses on live wheel and I am satisfied that this method will work most of the time but needs to be played on live wheel. Because it can take time to work out what to bet and place the chips, it needs to be in B&M really, where you have enough time. I will also work on money management strategies in case of the rare bad cycle like the one the RNG gave me (theoretically that could happen on live wheel, just seems very unlikely with all repeats at the end like that). So for now I'm going to stop until I get my next chance to have a few visits to B&M, where I'll probably take £250 and play 25p chips.
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