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Re: Win Roulette app
« Reply #15 on: Yesterday at 12:42:16 PM »
First thing a smart adult person should learn is: never give any advice if not asked.

Please, don't save me.

Your paternalism is silly. You are making this forum every hour worse. Give up, you are BOOOOOORING...


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Re: Win Roulette app
« Reply #16 on: Yesterday at 01:41:24 PM »
The first roulette app I ever built was very simple and it was meant for Bally video roulette. I tracked every number and the position of each number. For every repeated number I would start a new chart. When all 38 ( I was obv playing 00) I would discard a chart. This allowed me to play an even distribution of numbers as well as never bet in the same order twice. The idea was that they are giving you results based not only on the money you made but the distribution of how you bet. I was able to bring numbers out at an even pace so to say. I might post a screenshot later just for reference if I’m not explaining it correctly because I haven’t played video roulette or used the app in forever.