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Author Topic: how to deal with short spins.  (Read 611 times)

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how to deal with short spins.
« on: August 18, 2016, 01:11:36 PM »
 On of countermeasures is very short spins. Kind of deprimenting thing for computer player, but may be beneficial for vb player.
   Need to look if this kind of spins do not affect general ball jump. Short spins may have very strong back spin added, wich may provoke almost random jump. If back spin moderate,  it will provoke stop on hit.
  If moderate back spin confirmed, use timer or metronome or simple count to determine spin duration. I will use count of 10 as an example...
    When rotor is launched, need to upply count of 5 to the number zero. When time finish look number at the same position where number zero was. If for example it's number 10, we know that rotor will move 18 pokets on each time interval of 5 counts.
  In this case , during 10 counts rotor will move producing difference zero from ball launch moment till ball drop. We can simply take a number under our target diamond when ball pass there first and bet numbers around it.
    If difference observed is more or less then 18 poket per 5 count, will need to add or minus some pokets from observed relise number.
 You can use any time interval as your benchmark as long as you understand the process. 
   Informed readers already gessed that this method is simple dealer signature with rotor adjustment.
    This method does require strong dominant diamond ( drop zone) to be effective.
 And last, but not least... do confirm that your count of total spin duration is consystent.
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