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Visual Ballistics / Re: Advance RRSYS
« Last post by ahlidap on April 19, 2018, 08:01:40 AM »
only a quote?
Visual Ballistics / Re: Advance RRSYS
« Last post by Peter on April 19, 2018, 07:16:40 AM »
can you PM me on my email addres about the RRSYS ( Paul )   thank you,  Peter

for rrsys you should use:

- pocket counting (this is the basic thing)

- Look back in history for similar (neighbor) starting points of the ball (ball release) and if they exist took the result as a possible prediction (be careful about wheel rotation)

- He sometimes use a jump (pocket) from the OPPOSITE side of the weel (again, watch out directions)
---- last nr, 8... you in recent past spins for the next direction you have a ball that was released around nr 35 (which is opposite to 8) you use the result (jump value) of that spin and apply to your current nr ( 8)

I have some more things... but this don't let me post links.
EDIT: I can add attachments.. so if anyone can "solve" how to get the prediction in attachment...... ;)


Some thoughts:

While campaigning, he made fun of war heroes for being captured (McCain).

While John McCain is one of the most corrupt politicians in Washington, I agree this was unacceptable. Although, I'm not sure he made fun of heroe(s) (plural), but just McCain. Is there another example?

He made fun of a disabled reporter.

Although I wouldn't put him above this type of behaviour, the evidence for this is inconclusive at best as there are several videos of him making a similar gesture in other rallies not connected to that individual.

Called women fat pigs.

I know he called Rosie ODonnell a fat pig, but are there other examples? Rosie got in her licks, so no love lost between those two, but you have every right to expect more decorum from a presidential candidate.

As for your gun-control claims, your "assault weapons" phrase indicates that you haven't actually done your homework on this as they're almost entirely cosmetic issues, and have nothing to do with the actual performance of the weapon itself. A Bump-Stock ban would be an example of one of the few parts of that type of legislation that would be functionally effective (although not necessarily statistically), which Trump supports (this is where you have to be careful when you use the words all or none because it makes your argument look sloppy).

If you want to know why Trump was elected, it's actually pretty simple: He was the change candidate running against the establishment candidate in Clinton. The politicians in Washington continue to misrepresent the facts, not unlike you've done here, and people are sick and tired of it.

Trump has a ton of flaws, but he also has an Ace up his sleeve...........he's an outsider. For those who don't understand the weight of that, it's as much change as any one election can produce.
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: To all mathematician here
« Last post by leowls on April 19, 2018, 01:49:52 AM »
Better yet, how about betting the last spun number on a 10 level 35 elements progression? After every level add +1 to the progression. This way we can extend to 350 spins. The worst case scenario I encountered so far is by going into the 4th level of the progression, that is about 100 spins without the last number repeating itself.
Trump is bad for this country.  While campaigning, he made fun of war heroes for being captured (McCain).  He made fun of a disabled reporter.  Called women fat pigs.  Everyone likes that he tells it like it is, but really?  Do we want our president bullying people via Twitter like a 13 year old girl? 

Polls show that Trump is not representing the American people.  Most people do not want to deport immigrants that have been here all there life (dreamers).  Most people want some type of sensible gun control ( age limits, assault weapons ban, mental health screening, universal background checks).  Trump is against all this.

People criticized Obama for spending, but those people don't know the facts probably from watching too much Fox News.  The deficit under Bush when he left office was over 1 trillion dollars a year!  And on top of that, when Bush got in office there was a surplus in the budget.  He nearly collapsed the whole economy.  Obama reduced the deficit by 3/4s by the time he left office.  Now Trump is in charge, and the latest budget put deficits back over a trillion dollars!

Historically, Republican Presidents are bad for the economy.  They give huge tax cuts to the wealthy, and crumbs for the rest.  At the same time, they always increase deficits.  Even the great Conservative Ronald Reagan tripled the deficit.  In my lifetime of 42 years, Republicans greatly increase deficits, and everytime a Democrat is President deficits decrease.  These are facts.

this kind of discussion makes no sense to me, because people uses opinions like facts, and their understanding of what's going on is biased from the beginning.

This is what is known as "projecting", as you see in others what you yourself practice here in post after post.

Read your paragraph about President Trump being disrespectful to his wife. When did his private life, and that of his wife, become your business? And how exactly do you know what type of relationship they have? Do you have insider knowledge about this?

Answer: You don't, but that's not important to you because, as I wrote in another post, you think that the ends justifies the means.........much like politicians (strange how that happens).

Then you write:Guys, we need to go back to values

I'm hoping this is just an issue with translation, because your imprecise writing style is cancer to any debate using logic and reason.

Your entire post is largely platitudes and opinions to such a point that I wonder if you understand any of the nuances beyond your talking-points. The idea that the US government, who has failed at literally everything unless given a black-check, could solve even a simple problem through regulation is ludicrous. You simply can't be that naive.

You can't post any factual-details to support your claims because you have none......because that would mean actually studying a non-binary complex set of information, which doesn't fit nicely into your belief system. If you were more concerned with the facts, and less with being right (see ego), perhaps you would have something constructive to contribute.
God save us from " gender equality "!!! I like to see man as man and women as women.
This may look like I'm retracting my apology but I'm not.
I am not on the forum to offend people but I see this is a volatile subject just as roulette is. The different is that with roulette we can present proof (most of the time) and move on. This topic touches the human spirit. There can never be right and wrong; maybe in hindsight people may admit to their error of judgement and contribute to repairing the damage.

We must take into account that there is a payoff for everything humans do. We judge through comparison. We brand people because of a wrong deed committed.
I do not have a probem with any race group or religion. I am for gender equality. I am open to the changes in the world but I insist on respect. My language, culture, heritage, religion; all that makes me the person I am should be respected as I respect the makeup of others.
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
In my clouded judgement of President Trump, I still feel that he will make America Great Again.

My apology iso for opening this can of worms.
Trump did not pull out of Paris agreement solely because he denies climate change. The climate is always changing! He pulled out because it was unfair to America. Lets make it easy for you to understand Dr. Talos... 20 people arrive at the casino to play roulette! Sounds great so far. Everyone puts in $100 into the bankroll for a total of $2000. But not everyone puts their fair share. Dr. Talos has to put in $1500 while the other 19 people only have to put in $25 each. But everyone has to play by the same rules with the same bankroll. Thats why Trump pulled out. Even YOU Dr Talos would tire of plan like that where you had to put in the largest share of the bankroll.
Actually the USA *is* treated like a business or corporation and so are individuals. When you file a lawsuit against the state or federal government your name is in ALL CAPS and so are theirs. Regarding your beneficiary statement... It doesnt sound like you live in the USA...  America is not a socialist form of government (as much as people would like it to be). America gives its citizens the *opportunity* of peace, happiness and prosperity but it doesnt guarantee anything.

And Trump might be a lot of things, but he isnt racist. He does business and has friends with all people. There are plenty of photos of him partying with reggae superstars, receiving awards for working with and helping africans and so on. Ive spent time at Trump Hotel Chicago and there are people from all statuses, all walks of life, all races, all religions, all sexual backgrounds (all I didnt ask!) working at the hotel and EVERYONE is beyond friendly and helpful. Great people & great hotel. Finally, I have a niece (military vet) who works at one of his Trump golf courses.... she has met him multiple times and he greets all the staff every time he visits. He genuinely cares about the people involved with his companies and I feel he genuinely cares about America.
Rinad, if President Trump brings peace to North & South Korea he will have done something no person in the world has been able to accomplish in 60+ years. If it happens he deserves some respect... for that alone, Im not talking about his personal life.
Also... and this is just me speaking for myself... I would MUCH rather have as a friend a person like Donald Trump who tells me exactly as he sees it... Im fat, Im a bimbo, Im a fake Christian, Im a liar, Im great at roulette, Im terrible at sports betting.... whatever... and least I see a true point of view. In comparison to the affable kind "gentleman" Barrack Obama who smiles to everyone and is everyones "friend" all while he works to destroy the country AND has 8 years of drone attacks... every single day of his presidency Obama bombed someone. The most bombs of any president in history. What kind of nice person do you call that???
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