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That is one erratic reply coming from you! Who and why would someone fall into sleep, that kind of comment has no bearing or logic.
My question is still alive and valid where you wonder why someone would get involved with your software and solutions when there are no reports of success.

I am not saying you should stop wasting your followers time, but why would you use a public forum board as your arena to reach out to your members.
Maybe you fishing for new members and what is the purpose of that when you not selling.

This kind of topics is worthless with no baring of something solid. 
Roulette Systems / Re: Mickys Pattern Revamp Method.
« Last post by MickyP on May 19, 2018, 03:42:40 PM »
I never play all three dozens at the same time with this method. It becomes too costly and reduces your returns.

Do an exercise and take say 50 spins. Write the single dozen triggers next to the numbers (overlap them like I did in an earlier post). This will give you an indication just often the triggers appear so no need to cover the unplayed dozen.

With my aggressive staking plan I have only reached 8 units on each split. It reduces very quickly and you do not stay in negative for long at all. In a test I did today I reached 8 units and was surprised at how quickly it normalised while showing a great profit.
It's all risk vs reward and I know from the formation of the triggers that I will not go spin after spin with no hit. Just manage your game into sessions and if you feel more comfortable then reset at a new high.

I still have not reached a point in my tests where I have doubts about the method. I guess this is one of those methods that requires strategic play (lol).

I did explain the betting a bit more so if you are still unsure then let me know.
As I wrote in the OP. It isn´t meant for you. It is meant for ex VRTech members. It is good that you do not find any value in it. Now go back to sleep.

What is the purpose of such method and write about it
I talk to a member of your group who still is searching for a winning method, he says you don't sell anything.
This makes me wonder how come you want the world in public forum to know about your roulette solutions.
I have never read any revolutionary discovery or people winning using your software or solutions.

Roulette Systems / Re: Mickys Pattern Revamp Method.
« Last post by MickyP on May 19, 2018, 02:22:54 PM »
I played your 10 numbers and was up 30 units but if I didn't place a bet on number 13, I would be 4 units up.

The single dozen triggers are an indication of how often these triggers form. We are simply using the turnover of these trigger formations to base our play on. We know the triggers will form but we do not know how they will form.  All we have is the first number of a potential trigger. With the second number ( different dozen to the first) we have two dozens that will possibly create the trigger. If it does then our bets are in the right dozens for a possible win on the third number. This depends on us having placed a wager on the split that the fallen number is part of.

The two dozens that you play are staggered. One is always ahead of the other by one or two spins depending how the numbers fall.
Each triggered dozen must be played three times, no less and no more.
Your bet on a one unit placement is 4 units. Your win is 18 units. Playing 3 X the wager is 3 X 4 units = 12 units. It is not worth going past this as your risk reward becomes unbalanced.
To break it down, your first dozen will be played 1 1 2. And your second dozen will be played 1 2 3. Put them together and you get 1 1 1 2 2 3. If no win then your next bet will 3 4 4......

You must have confidence that the single dozen triggers will form as they do. They are simply a guide as to how you proceed with the game.

Yes, this method is different to the original revamp method but it has been created with pattern formation in mind and the betting structure is based on normal expectation of a dozen.
If you have one dozen repeating and your trigger is on that dozen then your odds of a win are greater because you are betting on that dozen. (Returns are higher because you are only betting on one dozen)

What I have given you is the basic method. You still have to continuously monitor what splits you play. Use spin history/ fallen numbers. Any of the fallen numbers in a 37/38 spin range have a possibility of landing again so make use of this natural trait of the game. Also note spin direction and wheel hot areas. Note croupier changes. There are many factors to consider when selecting what splits to play.

If you still don't follow, let me know and I will try and explain it so you do understand. I know language can be a problem.
I post a short session here where you can see what happened the past year over at VRTech labs. For those unfamiliar with VRTech this video will make little sense as it is for those who used to fly older models and now, though no longer active VRTech test pilots, still retain certain interest to see the latest tech sector predicting roulette-software in action.

All VRTech software is of course per usual free of charge and only developed for VRTech members.

Suffice to say this time the latest VR Bird, Fulcrum Star 5th Gen, crushed the Casino International wheel and then some. All in a half hour game. A really exciting session well worth your time.

The platform showed an uncanny precision in its sector-predictive algorithms, its variance instruments & their ability to supply the pilot with an early warning system for incoming negative variance and excellent functionality in a short bet window environment offered by the CI.

Enjoy the show.
Gambling Philosophy / Re: Wise quotes
« Last post by mr j on May 19, 2018, 01:16:05 PM »
“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs
Roulette Systems / Re: Mickys Pattern Revamp Method.
« Last post by GIAJJENNO on May 19, 2018, 12:47:47 PM »
Hi Mick

Thanks for your answer, I think, not really help for me, it is totally different from your original revamp method...on this we bet three times the opposite of the last three dozens. Now here what we bet, the Palestis triggers before they were created?..

I dont know if others understand it, but I want too :D maybe it is because my not perfect english.

You said that after 36 we bet 2-2 units on A and C. Because exceeds the limit of three to A but we only bet two times no? (Second spin and third) or i dont now.

You said that the progression are 111 22 33 44 55, so how we can bet 4 units at spin 6? And when we won, we were on new profit, why we bet after this 2 units?

My another 10 numbers test, I show you how you play possible, can you correct me, if it is neccessary, please?

29 first trigger. C. We bet on C.
12 second trigger. We bet A and C 1-1 units.
14 lost it. Now we get one XYZ palestis trigger. Now what? And what if the first three spin is XXX , XXY , XYY, XYX?

Maybe I dont understand, because of the totall difference from your original method when we bet against the last three dozens appear, and because of i dont now how you use palestis triggers too. Hope it is clear, but I study it, because you see, nobady comments here, just me, cause I am interested it from the beginning. Maybe others understood it perfectly until now.

Roulette Systems / Re: Mickys Pattern Revamp Method.
« Last post by ahlidap on May 19, 2018, 12:32:23 PM »
Micky, thank you for sharing!

I have one little question (so fart, it's the only one).
If I understood correctly (Dozens: A B and C)

(bet A)
(loss, bet A & B)

At this precise moment, we bet twice on A, and once on B. and a C appeared! You wrote, we must bet 3 times per dozen before removal (if he doesnt hit).

I think we can take different actions here, depending on the game (progression).
If I'm betting 3 or 4 units, I might put 1 or 2 units on the entire 3rd dozen as a backup.. (it's an option), while continuing on the other two.

How do you act in this situation?

Another situation:
(bet A)
(loss, bet A & B)

at this example, B will restart, correct?
Next bet I will be betting A (last time if it lose), and B (1st time as I've won).

Is this correct?

I must say I've made some tests but using 2 quads per dozen.
During 50 spins divided into 2 test sessions (2nd session only 12 spins for my target), I got:
77 units profit
out of a 100 units BR

Only one major down, betting 4 units per quad 1 spin only.


Roulette Systems / Re: Mickys Pattern Revamp Method.
« Last post by MickyP on May 19, 2018, 07:48:01 AM »
I apologise for Palestine again.
Palestis. I was up with the farmers when I typed the above reply and did not check the auto correct.
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