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This post is intended for VRTech ex-pilots, which you are not. I suggest you ignore this post and read the other ones by the rest of the forum members.
Questions and Answers / Re: New domain name ideas
« Last post by funtomas76 on Today at 04:26:49 PM »

Sorry, already in use.
In quickly trying to do an internet search about this video or software I came across this...
and this...
It appears one roulette forum is a mirror of another. Can someone please tell me whats going on?
How do I test pilot? How do we obtain and make use of it?

It has no competitors to speak of in terms of precise sector prediction on any given spin, and thus second to none. Its two unique DHA (Double Helix Algorithm) sector predicting algorithms, named Alpha & Beta, provides astounding win rates between  55%-75% on a 13 unit bet on any given session. For those of you who know your math, a 13 unit blind bet of any given bet selection, on a single zero wheel, has a 35.13% chance of winning.

If the Alpha is low on its prediction rate the Beta kicks in and compensates by including the failed prediction data of Alpha (and vice versa). If both prediction engines have an even hit rate with little or no difference, the pilot selects a 7+7 unit bet selection according to the appearing bet points on the onboard HUD (Head-Up Display) wheel on the platform.

Suffice to say, this is the platform that will earn you up to 1,000 units a day should u wish it (demands at least 2-3 one-hour sessions). A mere 200-300 units is a walk in the park.

Risked stop loss capital is 156 units (allows 3 * 4 losses). As no VRTech pilot so far has experienced this with previous platforms this one demands it more for psychological reasons until the pilot is comfortable and at ease with its extreme profit making abilities.

If you feel, as an ex VRTech pilot that you would wish to participate in valuable data gathering mission with this bird you are welcome to apply for entrance into our Team. Thank you.

(Below one of many test mission against the best online Casinos in Europe (not studios but saloons with present players and gamblers).

The VR S2 in default mode

The VR S2 from its latest mission against Platinum Casino (via proxy

i think the answer to this is yes if i take my last answer as truth... your brain is "stitching" together the external variables that it interprets into one experience which is only in our minds... so yes WE as in you or me are living, and our brains simulate, or interpret everything into ONE experience... i have always said this and am pretty sure i said it in another thread... you are not you... you are billions of cells working in unison

although i dont think everyones experience is unique so to say but this is because two or more people can describe the same experience separately if needed which is why we know that we arent imagining the earth or anything outside of our minds
Roulette Systems / Re: NEW SYSTEM: SINGLE DOZEN
« Last post by palestis on Today at 02:39:49 PM »
Yes you understand   them correctly.

   interesting topic.  I can only speak from personal experience. outside this body of ours time stops. I had one of those outside/ near death experience once. will always remember it and it changed my life.
my whole life was set before me, as a movie, people ect..... all is recorded. I know that for sure. when we imagine the future we simulate something that has allready happend in the future but not in the present yet.
we absorb everything around us via-conciousness at all time. nothing is left without being printed.
plants are living thing. they do the same.
a ibogaine tree found in africa can prove it. check this out.
Ibogaine is a root from a tree used in different parts of the country to detox "drug addicts".
illigal in america because it competes too much with medications sold here,ect...
you can take it and within 12 hours be tottaly cured. it resets parts of the brain, delete all "bad-past traumas", and takes you to child-hood moments when traumas were created and happend. all gets reset and you are now clear. incredible thing.
going back to the ibogaine tree, everyone who have taken it experience the similar things, like earing drum beats, seen natives with painted faces dancing and coming at you real close, ect.... scary stuff yes. but here is the point.
why would we all ear and see similar things???
this Ibga tree has been sitting for centuries in the dark forest. it has seen all of it. heard the drums seen the dancing, the faces ,ect.....and it absorbed the WHOLE THING!!!
its memorie cells are living and kept and reproducing themselves all the time and DO NOT DIE.
so when a person like you and I eat the iboga root, it brakes itself down after we swallow it and guess what?
we are actually experiencing the pictures, earing drums, having part of its memories because it is now inside us. the plant releases all of it and we now have became "one with it".
some of you are probably thinking now,lol, "this guy is way out there".
that is okay. but I found it incredible that what a tree has experienced hundreds of years ago can have a simulation that can be transfered and re-lived. 
everything we do, all that we feel, all that we said, all that we fight, all that we love, all that we hate,  is all our lives will ever be.   (dark side of the moon/pink floyd).
thanks for reading.
God bless
Roulette Systems / Re: Win Roulette app
« Last post by heatmap on Today at 01:41:24 PM »
The first roulette app I ever built was very simple and it was meant for Bally video roulette. I tracked every number and the position of each number. For every repeated number I would start a new chart. When all 38 ( I was obv playing 00) I would discard a chart. This allowed me to play an even distribution of numbers as well as never bet in the same order twice. The idea was that they are giving you results based not only on the money you made but the distribution of how you bet. I was able to bring numbers out at an even pace so to say. I might post a screenshot later just for reference if I’m not explaining it correctly because I haven’t played video roulette or used the app in forever.
Roulette Systems / Re: Win Roulette app
« Last post by rimsky on Today at 12:42:16 PM »
First thing a smart adult person should learn is: never give any advice if not asked.

Please, don't save me.

Your paternalism is silly. You are making this forum every hour worse. Give up, you are BOOOOOORING...
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