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You do it. This simulation is performed by yourself , Gia...
   Think how your brain creates your reality with senses avaliable being just impulses of electrical nature. Long ego , before knowing words you agreed with others that " table " is table, "green" is green , "square" is square and that "green thing" on the land is called " grass"... besides other things. Everyone is creator of his own reality. Brain just gets electric impulses from receptors. Morze alphabet of a kind...
Okey, its interesting, but where is the simulation exactly, on what are this simulation exactly, who simulated it and for what, how, and how is it began...personally I dont think that we are living in simulation, because happens such an impossible things, that even any complete simulation can not do this. Or when I goto bed in evening, I am simulated, or my whole life? By who?
Roulette Systems / Re: Win Roulette app
« Last post by sam41 on Yesterday at 11:45:46 PM »
Thanks P, seriously guys just get the app if you have an android phone and start putting in spin data. It can sometimes take a while to get a hit but that's where my wagering plan comes in. If you blindly follow the app there will be occasions where you would need to bet silly, like 33 units on 22 numbers or something. I avoid that by waiting a few spins for more numbers and doing splits. If I don't hit by the time it's giving me 20 or so numbers I switch to single number betting but by this point I'm highly confident of a hit. It just works! Whereas if you did this picking random numbers you would surely lose big before too long. So there has to be something in it.

Also with the strategy I use it is very common that I have to restart because one of the apps numbers hits before I have started betting. I prefer to miss winning opportunities though to getting into a long and expensive sequence. I just go back a few results and start inputting again from a later point in the sequence, and wait for the app to start giving me new numbers to go at.

I dont need to start taking videos or posting my personal account info, I've found something that works and wanted to share it. Just go try, it's called Win Roulette and it's free to install!
I would say statement 1 is the most likely followed by statement 2 being the next most likely.

I mean if we as a race did survive long enough to become posthuman, what possible need would we have of running simulations about when we were a bunch of dumbasses?
Casino Lounge / Re: So, I get into this AP discussion.....
« Last post by Trilobite on Yesterday at 11:29:10 PM »
no i didn't...anyway don't sweat it, I've grown a thick skin.
Casino Lounge / Re: So, I get into this AP discussion.....
« Last post by mr j on Yesterday at 10:34:37 PM »
You told me you were BSing me.
Casino Lounge / Re: So, I get into this AP discussion.....
« Last post by Trilobite on Yesterday at 10:32:06 PM »
You are correct Kav but this is how MickyP attacks me.
If my mother died, he would throw insults at me. Oh well.

You did exactly that to me, several times after I told you my mother died.
Many probably want to discredit the simulation hypothesis, because it don't feel right.  But we can't always trust how things seem to be.  Einstein proved that the world is relative.  Everything from weight, size, mass, and time are all dependent on speed.  There is no absolutes in physics.  Quantum physics goes on to prove that our observations directly affect our environment. 

The world of absolutes, and materialism, are all but gone in physics.  The world is indeed a strange place and the simulation theory sounds very possible to me.  :)
I think it is a good possibility we are.  Most people think in linear or gradual terms when it comes to technology.  But technology is experiencing rapid exponential growth!  If anyone is interested in the subject, check out Ray Kurzweil's book "The Singularity."  He predicts AI will be on human level and pass Turing test by 2029.  And the technology singularity, where AI surpasses all human knowledge, will be on track for 2045.

Unless someone thinks that consciousness is some magical or supernatural thing, then it should be replicated at some point.  Not only replicated, but duplicated, even uploaded to the cloud. 

There has been billions of dollars out in to government and private studies to reverse engineer the brain...all the way down to the cellular level.

Unless mankind destroys itself, it will happen.  The when is hard to say...but many in the field believe as soon as the next 20 years. 

But how would we know that it hasn't happened already.  Elon Musk says that the odds of us actually living now in "base reality" are probably billions to one. 
And what do you think about this sabject?
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