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Sports Betting / Re: Soccer tips
« Last post by petespin on Today at 05:46:00 AM »
The ...problem with Real is that Adidas is german as Bayern is aswell dont be suprized if u see Roma- Bayern in the final, i know Real vs Liverpool is more atractive couple for the people , but who s teally decide?
Sports Betting / Re: Soccer tips
« Last post by petespin on Today at 05:20:05 AM »
So the other couple has Adidas both of them, Nike have more power
Sports Betting / Re: Soccer tips
« Last post by leowls on Today at 02:23:34 AM »
Liverpool (New Balance)
Roma (Nike)
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: How many test is enough?
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 10:45:18 PM »
Yolo, l have been playing systems for a year before catching first scary moment.  It wasn't one system , but few together.  I even reduced work hours to spend more time in casino.... l was simply extraordinary lucky. Fortunately l understood that systems is road nowhere without prediction. I still play " systems" while l predict. Everybody does. Money management, triggers, stoplosses... everything is still there.
    If you wanna play roulette seriosly, remember one thing : first determine where to bet ( real reasons), then think wich systems to use to maximise profit potential.
    You will have no big HG, but many little ones , wich you can use when it's justified.
   And stop to look table, action is going on the wheel .
Sports Betting / Re: Soccer tips
« Last post by petespin on Yesterday at 07:14:12 PM »
Leowls, tell me their sport sponsor(Nike, Adidas etc) and we probably find out which one of them go at the final.

So it's basically just like it was in the 90s..................except for a few pockets of gangs................that have increased the murder rate to that near NYC...................and caused the city to attempt to outlaw knives.

Other than that, it's just like it was in the 90s. 8)

You don't have the stats to back you up so you're reduced to quoting newspaper headlines and snark. Nice. 8)

Actually, you're right. London's homicide rate has been mostly falling since the 90s,and only started to rise over the last year or so, but it still much lower than is was in the 90s. Interesting.

Although you didn't present the facts, the facts were still in your favor. Well done!

Also, your police don't carry guns as well, so the monopoly of violence argument isn't sound.

Personally, I think things are going south for you guys with all of the "multiculturalism", but currently the homicide rate doesn't support that compared to previous stats.

Cheers! 8)

It all begins with small areas. Like slowly boiling a frog. This is what liberals don't understand.
Firearm laws are the same.
How much freedom or loss of freedom is okay?
As I no longer live in London (or any city) I can't really say. I don't like large cities and try to avoid them. But in regards to no go areas which fit  your criteria, I would say it's more likely that there are such areas for Muslims rather than non Muslims.

A "No Go" zone is an area where normal ethnic citizens are no longer free to enter due to safety concerns.
90ties.... someone has reality update pending.....

I left in 2000. So what do you think Mr P, are there any no go areas in London? By "no go" I mean places where the cops don't go.
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