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Questions and Answers / Re: What data is useful to collect
« Last post by RoulettePlayer on Yesterday at 11:42:40 AM »
Yeah possibly but he treats it like a job as its his main income.

We actually went to a BM casino last night so got to watch him play LIVE, was quite amazing to watch and obviously I saw a lot of what he was doing.

When we left I had made £60  he made  £4,200

But I did see exactly what bets he was placing and it looks like.

He obviously waits for some sort of trigger, as he seems to pounce without warning  betting on 6 neighbour bets  eg 30 numbers  x £100  =  a £3000 bet !

And he was monitoring at least 3 tables at once, sometimes it was a good 10-15 mins before he would bet but when he did he didnt lose a single one.

While chatting to him he did say something on the lines hes not trying to predict where its going more where its not.

He also said when we left that he had been a bit greedy and wouldnt have normally pushed for that many spins but the wheels and dealers were "playing nicely"  whatever that means.

I asked him what does he do when he loses a spin and he just said start again, I then asked what he meant by that and he said that £100 bets were not his start point he progresses from £25 ones and that his first 5 spins are the most vulnerable.

It has sparked my interest i must say and would love your thoughts on it.
Questions and Answers / Re: What data is useful to collect
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 08:05:42 AM »
 It doesn't look like some motivated action . Most probably your friend just gambling. 
Sports Betting / Re: Sport betting Service
« Last post by Sputnik on May 21, 2018, 04:56:54 PM »

I just want to show the results during one-half year versus the fee and return on investment.
I pay 89$ for one Tipster (Handicapper).

I play any sports as long I get a return on investment.
This particular Tipster is experts on corners/football.
I get many live games where I have to place the bet within a minute after I get my SMS.

Yes i agree with you its not really reliable in any form. However the program i use bases it on last 300 spins which i use it for online and rarely play the full 300 but i like to use it to see if a betting system did well or not so well due to a abnormal distribution as such. Eg if i did exceptionally well was it due to a good system or just had higher than expect hits of my numbers :)

We all like different stats and such which is what makes it such a diverse game. :)

The definition for Hot and Cold are not the same. In my B&M casino the the hottest numbers are the 4 numbers with the highest average performance of the latest 500 spins. Has a number fallen 18 times and in the latest 200 spins zero times then the number is as well hot and cold. Hot and cold are very unreliable triggers for a strategy.
Ya I would never trust the list "hot" and "cold"numbers; I would calculate them myself every time.

I mean the whole idea of what is hot and cold is so subjective to the point that the casino is almost free to put up any numbers they want under each heading.

Yeah so do I as this screenie shows, the hot and cold shown on casinos are not really any help as all it does is show what its done lately.

The screenshot attached shows 26 to be cold  yet the casino didn't due to it had been out recently and was the same for 20 and 13 as they are both cold in real terms. 17 was showing as hot before the last 17 yet has only come out the average expected, this is due to that its only recently come out a lot making the casino show it as hot, when really all it did was catch up to the average expected, before that it was a cold as 20/26

So to someone using true hot/cold, tracking it yourself is far better, and when you do that you will never see a number being hot and cold at the same time, whereas online that is shown a lot.
Sports Betting / Re: Sport betting Service
« Last post by leowls on May 21, 2018, 06:56:49 AM »
Liverpool vs Real Madrid??
Sports Betting / Sport betting Service
« Last post by Sputnik on May 20, 2018, 05:37:46 PM »

Bankroll 1000$
Flat betting 20$ units.
Total 50 units.

Tipster Daniel
ROI 116.34%
Period 183 Days

But that is what I do, give you the attention you deserve. And my questions and thoughts are still valid.
Trying to be polite and getting some answers from you.

How come you reach out to your followers using a public forum?
Do you have a secret agenda of some sort where you choose to let everyone read about your software and solution?
Maybe you need new members as the old one discover that your method is not working.

That is one erratic reply coming from you! Who and why would someone fall into sleep, that kind of comment has no bearing or logic.

Meaning of “go back to sleep!” in the English Dictionary (Cambridge)

Used to tell someone off, for not paying attention. Is that clear enough for you?
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