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Casino Lounge / Re: Is it life changing?
« Last post by MickyP on Today at 09:31:28 AM »
No problem.

You have three days.
Roulette Systems / Re: Mickys Pattern Revamp Method.
« Last post by MickyP on Today at 09:23:47 AM »
I have not bust yet but the outlay of units is what concerned me. I think it's best to wait unless your tests were also as good as mine. I have only played it virtually at the casino and if I used cash I would have had a great day.

Here is something to think about in the meantime. The single dozen triggers come fast and they overlap. The first trigger does not always produce a win but if you had to play the second or third one the odds are very high that one will produce a win. I am testing playing three triggers (staggered) as a single game and as three games in one. Important to note that I do not play the full dozen; 4 splits are played.

So far it look promising and I really do feel comfortable with this line of thought.
Roulette Systems / Re: Mickys Pattern Revamp Method.
« Last post by torvic on Today at 08:55:08 AM »
Thanks so much for the sharing Micky, can't wait to read the results of your tests!

Is the system still working for you in its current state, even though you are experimenting with the splits? Did you see it burst? I am thinking about giving it a try at the casino, would you recommend to wait for your next input?


Roulette Systems / Re: Mickys Pattern Revamp Method.
« Last post by MickyP on Today at 08:04:18 AM »
I haven't used the site; not familiar with it.

If it is the way you say then anyone can simulate it.

I have been testing several different staking plans as well as the best combination for triggers and wagers to keep outlay low. I do not have a solid preference at this time and I am leaning towards playing three staggered Single dozen triggers with 4 splits and there are two different ways that I am currently testing.
I will post the method as soon as I am comfortable with all the finer details. We can then arrange for someone in the know to simulate the method.
I think it's worth waiting a few more days.
Casino Lounge / Re: Is it life changing?
« Last post by mr j on Today at 05:50:38 AM »
I appreciate your OPINION, nothing more.

Casino Lounge / Re: Is it life changing?
« Last post by MickyP on Today at 05:36:11 AM »
You sound frustrated Ken.

I agree that some systems are questionable as they are as random as the game but in all seriousness, any method that requires playing more than 3-5 numbers is trash in your eyes. Fact.

If the forum doesn't appeal to your professionalism as a B/M high stakes player then don't waste your time here. Do you really want to help people or do you get a kick out of insulting them? Do you get a warm fuzzy feeling when you do this?

Of all the different ways roulette can be played, B/M tables are the slowest between spins so your statement that some "good on paper" systems can not be played in "real time" at a B/M casino is nonsense.

If a system/strategy/method gives consistent profits (between the losses) over a period of time then it is life changing.

The forum is an open platform where brainstorming over ideas and concepts occurs. Some ideas burn out early while others do run the test of time. Palestis Single Dozen System (too many numbers for you) has stood the test of time and I say this system is life changing.

Learn to appreciate why this forum was created.
Gambling Philosophy / Re: Wise quotes
« Last post by mr j on Today at 03:45:59 AM »
"Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them."
Casino Lounge / Re: Is it life changing?
« Last post by mr j on Today at 02:26:17 AM »
Most (not all) here crave recognition more than actual accomplishment.
*MOST* of the systems here are NOT playable in an actual B&M casino under "real time" conditions. Thats the first of many issues. Give me three days, I can post ten systems that LOOK AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
None of those ten are playable but they'll look swell on paper. Too much patting each other on the back and not enough high stakes a** kicking at your local casinos. Sorry again, its the truth.

Casino Lounge / Re: New wheels
« Last post by heatmap on Today at 01:47:46 AM »
i forgot to mention its a 00 cammegh wheel does his single dozen apply to a double zero wheel? i know most of you are on single zero
Casino Lounge / Re: Is it life changing?
« Last post by GIAJJENNO on Today at 12:48:45 AM »
Ken, ken, ken :)  in this forum has around 400 systems, methods, for you is 390 is dog sht? How many of these system you tested, or tried really hard? These systems I am sure were publicated after hard and long testing. Ignatus and etc others has 20-30 systems a piece. At least we must have than 10 systems, what are working.
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