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Bet selections (flat bet systems) / 11 STAR
« Last post by ignatus on Today at 05:09:01 AM »
This has become a favorite-system of mine, now, although sometimes it lose, most of the time it will win, and it *feels* safe, i've been playin it on the MPR, most of the time,

i tell you how *i* play this now, (This *COULD* BE PLAYED FLATBET ALSO!)

As i said i use a 8-step progression. only difference if any of the "core numbers hit" no.5,8,11 (4 Quads) depending on how the BR looks like i (if i reach a new high or not)

(1) Stay at the same bet , but reset calulation of progression
(2) Reset bet & calculation of progression

ALSO IF any of the other numbers hit (2 Quads hit 1 number) i calculate that as -2 steps in the progression (always +1 step calculating for each LOSS) when i reach 8. I double up. easy as that. Usually i have a set wingoal and stoploss

I reset/restart progression anytime i reach a new high
Roulette Systems / Re: Goodspread
« Last post by MickyP on Today at 02:38:51 AM »
Good luck.

You have many questions Jake and it is late where I am. Suffice to say the VRTech platforms have evolved lightyears since the first stumbling platforms like Hexagon. It would be to compare an old T-Ford with contemporary Ferrari or Maserati.

I will look closer at your questions tomorrow and return with some hopefully suitable answers. Yet I have one thing to say. Forget any table patterns. Focus entirely on the wheel and try to find a way to predict the most probable sector or sectors the ball will land on.

I also suggest you take a very close view on the latest video which was posted a link here, and is basically the instruction video to my team of Test Pilots over at VRTech.

If anything it will show you the awesome  accuracy in terms of sector prediction from a platform that doesn´t need anything beyond its own powerful algorithms, basis of prediction and the input data from the pilot.

Watch it and learn. See how it is designed. Every aspect of the platform serves a purpose and it is built after the instrument on a fighter jet, because like such a pilot, a VRTech platform user, playing with real money has to be able to make fast readouts and quick decisions based on accurate data and on all that also have time to place his bet on target before the no more bet sign shows up.

All calculations take place in a special section of the platform not visible to the pilot and hence his mind is allowed to assess ongoing game data in cooperation with provided data by the platform. This allows an efficient game, and each session can be played according to a strict and disciplined protocol that still allows much enjoyment.
Greetings Thomas,

I have spent the last couple of days reviewing your detailed notes over the past couple years and have a few questions. The system I developed and currently use has some similarities but not many. Ive been focused on corners instead of dozens as the payout is larger. Do you see any faults with this? I can already see one area of problem is that the corners bet is not any type of sector on the wheel.

- So suffice to say your new "VR bird VR S2" is derived from your original Hexagon system?

- Does this system (or previous like hex) use the last 20 numbers each time a new number is picked? Continuous numbers?

- How did you arrive at the number 20 for spins for sufficient information? Was it a calculation or more of trial and error?

- What is the difference between Reyth or others finding a trigger point to begin a betting sequence in comparison with what your software is doing? I see no difference really. Youre using software to find a trigger point and to also tell you when to stop betting or switch sectors. What I can see so far is that what others are doing might be static while yours is more fluid.

- "A spun number in roulette, is per itself a representation of a spatiotemporal event on the wheel." Theoretically, one could say this to be true with online digital roulette (not live play) even though there is no "spinning" or actual wheel. Would you confidently be able to say spatiotemporal events *could* also occur on randomly computer generated numbers? Why or why not?

- You mentioned that you use basic sector probability and partition math and have made a nice tiny chart when playing in real casinos. Would you be interested in sharing this?

I make no assumptions. Thanks so much.

- Jake
Roulette Systems / Re: Goodspread
« Last post by Jake007 on Yesterday at 11:47:19 PM »
In any event I would love for Ignatus to tell us more about this system. Why the particular progression, why not different groups, etc. Example, if this was a live wheel I would bet the 5 group section that just hit and avoid the opposite side. So many times I see the ball land on the same number or same area again and again.
Roulette Systems / Re: Goodspread
« Last post by Jake007 on Yesterday at 11:42:26 PM »
All I've done is read through your method and ...
Micky! Seriously? His method was like one sentence :) Its not like you just spent an hour reading about spatiotemporal events only to find out it works awesome but you'll never see it :)
Roulette Systems / Watch VR S2 making +200 units against Platinum Casino
« Last post by thomasleor on Yesterday at 11:24:21 PM »

To ex VRTech pilots. Watch this astounding bird with its unique Double Helix Algorithms, Alpha & Beta, make some really spot on predictions during this live session.

If you as an ex VRTech pilot wish to test-fly this platform,  you have to re-apply to the VRTech forum. Enjoy.
Gambling Philosophy / Re: Does anyone play Poker?
« Last post by Sputnik on Yesterday at 02:46:08 PM »

I find a Poker Simulator for 30 Euro - i assume much faster to get skills and learn basics.
Combine books playing against three different bot player styles with 4 AI levels should be pretty amazing.


  Scarface, what I mentioned is 100%  true. talk about that Avatar movie, what a treat man.

Gambling Philosophy / Re: How do I make my systems?
« Last post by Frequency on Yesterday at 06:14:26 AM »
Talos Bertrand system goes for atleast 11 spins before it reaches first level recovery whilst the first 5 bets are always same. So that reveals that the first half of his system is not parachute. If that was the case the first 11 spins would always be the same since any hit before the recovery will end the session. So it seems like there are three different scenarios that can occur between 5th bet and the beginning of the recovery; a pivotal hit that will end the game, an additional hit on supplementary added numbers that will decrease exposure or a complete miss that increases exposure.

The first half of his system are possibly like this:

18 1
18 2 -3
12 2 -5         
12 3 -8     0/60

6+6 2+1 -11/-5
4+6 2+1 -14/-8
4+6 2+1 -17/-11
3+6 2+1 -20/-14
3+6 2+1 -23/-17
3+3 3+1 -27/-15
3+3 3+1 -31/-19
3+3 3+1 -35/-23    0/128 

Then recovery begins.
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