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Oh boy......this is awkward.

He actually had several guns along with the AR-15.

Do handguns work inside of a standard Waffle House? ???
And yet another attack with assault weapon.  Seems to be the weapon of choice now for mass murders.  This is becoming an almost daily occurrence.   Another example of why these weapons should not be accessible in the first place.

OMG!!! Shooter's father gave the guns back to him after they were taken by police.

You're not going to believe this. This murderer killed 4 people.........with a revoked gun license!!!

How did this happen? It's almost like he doesn't even care about the law.

If only we had more gun laws in place for him to break, then this wouldn't have happened!!!
Casino Lounge / Re: THE SHOWDOWN THREAD.
« Last post by mr j on Yesterday at 10:33:10 PM »
"I have learnt a great deal about the game and even more about the people who play the game.
I still rely on my own methods of play and I do use Palestis single dozen method as well. As long as I win my daily goal I'm happy and I've been doing it for a long while now. Just pure dog gone luck I guess.
I'm on the forum to learn and share. I learn through active participation and what I learn through this is shared on the forum" >> I didn't ask for a podcast.
Casino Lounge / Re: THE SHOWDOWN THREAD.
« Last post by mr j on Yesterday at 10:31:13 PM »
"You presume people are wiser as a generalised statement" >> Great, so you play with the wording of the question in order NOT to answer. Coward!! The point is, you UNDERSTAND the question. Answer the question Menstrual Bleeder.  ;) ;)

Casino Lounge / Re: THE SHOWDOWN THREAD.
« Last post by mr j on Yesterday at 10:28:10 PM »
"Be thankful we will more than likely never meet in person" >> Why not? You gonna toss my salad? Whats the cost or is it a freebie? HaHaHa  :P

Roulette Systems / Win Roulette app
« Last post by sam41 on Yesterday at 09:32:13 PM »
Has anyone tried this app? It claims to use what it calls the Strangle method and as you enter hit numbers it tells you what to bet on and how much.

It may be rubbish and I may have just been lucky but so far using it just by observing and virtual betting, it's won every time and normally within 5 spins. The very first time I tried it it needed over 300 chips and several spins before winning but that was on rng so no real use. On real wheels it tends to win quickly for around 15-25 units profit.

I haven't seen much on here about the use of apps, presumably because most are rubbish, but I'd like to know if anyone tried this or has come across the strangle method before?
Roulette Systems / Re: need help in the RRSYS
« Last post by Peter on Yesterday at 09:18:54 PM »
I want to thank the members of this forum who send me some positive post regarding the RRSYS.
3 of them have knowledge of the RRSYS and 2 are very serious players, so we have a nice R & D team now to fine tune this game.

What my concern can we close this topic.

Kindest regards

Roulette Systems / Re: system of the mirror
« Last post by dobbelsteen on Yesterday at 07:12:52 PM »

Sputnik I have programmed SSB with you betting scheme. 1-1-2-3-5-10-20-40-80-160-320.
With a 10 step progression , the chance of a bust is nearly nihil. The attachments show the head and the tail of the 10 spin event. The results can be better with a   hit stop in the last 10 spins. The picture with the diagrams shows the graphic results of 6 sessions.
Roulette Systems / Re: system of the mirror
« Last post by rimsky on Yesterday at 06:21:29 PM »
System of the mirror dismissed... the system breaks down much more often than its mathematical probability... today another adverse figure of seven, although I started betting after three virtual losses.

Better look elsewhere.

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