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Casino Lounge / Re: So, I get into this AP discussion.....
« Last post by MickyP on Today at 04:04:46 AM »
I dont need to look at where the ball is spun NOR do I need much time to place chips. A couple seconds really.

So you don't have to look at the wheel...?

One other thing; was your argument with a bunch of slot players or the casino cleaning staff in the men's room?
As an experienced photographer I find the discrepancies pointed out in the moon landing footage valid. Based on this evidence alone I doubt if there was ever a moon landing.
The radiation belt is another big stumbling block. Why is NASA technology to protect against radiation not used by the medical fraternity on earth?
The number of people with inside information who die under strange circumstances is a repeating trait throughout American history. Bill and Hilary Clinton have been implicated in such scandal.

Area 51 holds many dark secrets.
Casino Lounge / So, I get into this AP discussion.....
« Last post by mr j on Today at 02:59:29 AM »
Can a person still be an AP player but always bet PRIOR to the ball spinning? I was aggressively accused of being an AP guy and I said......I will do ALL my chip placements
 prior to the ball being spun !! That should solve the issue?? I dont need to look at where the ball is spun NOR do I need much time to place chips. A couple seconds really.
(If Mike responded, that would be decent)
Questions and Answers / Re: New domain name ideas
« Last post by scepticus on Today at 02:44:36 AM »

how about  :)


Why change the name ,kav ?
My vote would go to MickyP's , suggestion - if available .
Gambling Philosophy / Re: How do I make my systems?
« Last post by DrTalos on Today at 02:25:38 AM »
One concept quite important, at least for me, is that every unit played has different odds of coming put. For example, if I play a dozen, I play 12 numbers out of 37. If I play a second dozen that extra units plays 12 numbers out of 25.
  That is very different from play one unit on one dozen for two spins...

Roulette Systems / Re: Win Roulette app
« Last post by sam41 on Today at 12:42:17 AM »
Hi guys

Just popping back in to say I'm now making money every day using this app. It's only available on Android phones though. No idea how it works so well but it does - time after time after time. It does sometimes take several spins to get a hit so I just start betting once it suggests 10+ numbers and at least 10 rests already input.  and I then do splits to really up my strike rate. God knows how but one of the numbers it says to bet on will hit almost always by the 15th spin or very worst the 17th. But it's usually about 11 or 12 results to input before you get enough numbers to start betting, and by doing splits you can win even when the given numbers miss a few times in a row (which is rare).

It's amazing. Try it without betting and see how often it wins even with just 2-6 numbers. Just input real spin data and see at what point you'd have won if betting. I've seen it fail only twice out of hundreds of sessions.

That's why I'm no longer posting here, as I got something that works. I just thought you'd all like to know so you can try it. I know some will be skeptical but I don't care, it's making me money, the dream is coming true for me!

One thing, make sure to turn on repeating numbers so it includes those too, often that will hit before a suggested number.
Questions and Answers / Re: New domain name ideas
« Last post by Trilobite on Today at 12:35:48 AM »

Gambling Philosophy / Re: Does anyone play Poker?
« Last post by Billyhill64 on Yesterday at 09:21:20 PM »
Would you like to help me with a roulette system. concerning prime numbers
i've had these for a while but i need a bit of help with them. i play them as split bets.

i need help on which way to play them,   

the 1st bet would be 0/3   7/8  13/16   23/24   26/29  28/31   6 units

Then i would add  one split  each time. ilke    1/2  10/11  17/20   4/5   13/16   19/22

this gives a 11 splits.

or you can play them starting from 0/3  1/2  4/5  7/8  10/11  13/16  17/20  19/22  23/24  26/29 28/31

progression would be  add 1 unit for the 1st 4 splits  then split 5 would be 2 unit on each the 3 units on each

the 5units on each  the 8units on each split. im just looking for some help on this game play,

if you look at any roulette live roulette wheel online these numbers are flying out all day long

we just need to know how to play them. i would be greatfull for the help.

bankroll would be £1000

Gambling Philosophy / Re: Does anyone play Poker?
« Last post by Rinad on Yesterday at 06:08:51 PM »

  I played poker for years before playing roulette.

not as easy as most will tell you. Many, many players have read tons of books. some knows the math in and out, trying to grind that "1 top bet per hour". not easy at all. I was not the best player in the room by far. but I saw real pros- doing it. and had a lot of conversations with them.
knowing the math is very easy to learn but far from enough. you often play against hit and run type of players that can take you to the cleaner real quick. (watch the movie/ real story; Molly- bloom), that can be a real eye opener.
one great player can play so well for months, then loses his nerves against a total amateur along with his whole bankroll in a session.
saw a guy that played full time here in colorado. He told me he "broke-even for the year", never had such a bad run.
the patience required to spend hours at a table without playing a single hand is far worst then me playing a single number at roulette for hours. it was too much for me and I gave it up after years of hard work.
now I wont tell you guys that one of you may be the one out of 100 players who can pull-it off because I dont know you.
but be ready to have a huge bankroll to endle the swings if you do. I knew many players that had to have a bank of 20k, only to play a 10/20 limit game and to earn their 20$ per hour. that means you really dont know when you are getting paid.
even the "tournement players " have losing years before they finaly hit the pay-days.
so that is why I played roulette and find it so much easier then poker. I guess it taught me patience if nothing else. that was the best part of it.
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