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Title: Trading vs Roulette
Post by: jerome26b on February 20, 2018, 10:48:01 PM
that’s fair enough MrTalos,

at least you gave us good food for mind and good reading inspirations about interesting topics. I’ve to say i’m near to forgot about roulette for many reasons : my work, my second business, my family and recently few month ago i joined a trading group and just considered i can make more money that i can do with trading than playing roulette (and without the gaming environment disadvantages). i still have some ideas to test and the last ones i considered i’m done now. The palestis system, repeater system all are not for me cause they need a stop loss and require too much time and are very boring ... that’s a serious issue at the end. I will give a last shot with roulette about some new ideas and ideas i’ve still in bank and some interesting ideas i get from your clues about your system. For example i like the idea of a 1/60 hit ratio and i think there’s ways to do something based on that with playing different events with différents bets. I’ve to test an idea of a kind of random-fixed progression in fact. i like the fact that random can defeat random and is probably the only way in fixed limits. Of course even if it’s not for a leaving it’s a challenge at the end you gone to yourself to reach something good after thousands hours in searching.

Title: Re: Trading vs Roulette
Post by: MrPerfect. on February 21, 2018, 11:53:31 AM
Jerome, do you realise money that can be made in roulette? Or edge? In trading you will never get over with high edge... in roulette you are welcome to take as much as you can ( as individual... unless you got a team).
Title: Re: Trading vs Roulette
Post by: jerome26b on February 21, 2018, 01:03:29 PM
If you’re good in trading you can do more without all the problems avoiding to be detected or so on. Of course only a small percentage are very good and gain millions with trading a but it’s the same with roulette right ?