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Trading secrets and strategies / Re: Trading vs Roulette
« Last post by Sputnik on Today at 05:45:22 PM »

 I start to look into Scalping, trading bitcoins.


Always nice to encounter serious players ready to create a platform around their idea of predicting the outcome of any given roulette spin.

Glad to be of help.
It is always a challenge to format messages here :) especially when adding to ones thoughts. I was fully able to comprehend your reply and will begin watching and taking notes to the dozen+ youtube videos you have posted over the years here. Ultimately I will take what I have learned from you and adapt to what I am doing right now. You offer *great* insights if people will listen. I appreciate you offering what you have thus far. No need to give your system, but the hints are genius. True roulette players with a brain will take your hints, ideas, videos, and absorb them.

My system may not be like your system but I can learn from it and adapt to have my own winning system. Mathematically speaking, my own system does fail (with a loss of 52% bankroll) approx every 150,000 spins. And it has, once on me. I'm so far into profit that I could care less at this point in occurrence of another failure. However I always strive to make what I do better. I see "issues" with my system and I already see solutions to my issues thanks to your topics and notes.

Once again, I appreciate your willingness to share your notes and system comments.
the quoting in this forum didnt work for me so I made my responses to you in blue font.


Greetings Thomas,

I ve been focused on corners instead of dozens as the payout is larger. Do you see any faults with this? I can already see one area of problem is that the corners bet is not any type of sector on the wheel.

]In my experience, and research for two decades now, chasing that magical table pattern that one uses as a bet in various modes of bet sequences (many times progressive), are doomed to fail. Why? Because the gambler in this case (not player), is betting blind in terms of most probable sector the ball will stop at.
Here the Casino has a huge EDGE, not only in terms of its negative payout 35:1 and so on, but the Enviromental interference (EI effect) so many gamblers fail to recognize, like short bet windows which makes them unable to asses the situation, think, decide and place their next bet selection on the table. There are also many other tricks the Casino uses to stress the gambler, or generally break his rhythm and hence his strategy and bet discipline, all such things increasing its odds of basically making the game impossible to win on the long run.

"So suffice to say your new "VR bird VR S2" is derived from your original Hexagon system?"

The Hexagon, now a relic from a long gone era in VRTech R&D served as basis for all future platform designs (its fighter instrument panel look). It had a simple formula that didnt hold muster in extreme variance, and also because at that time I didnt even knew then, how to calculate and present a simple real time variance curve, which tody┬┤s  VR platforms easily do giving the testpilot a superior view on the lay of the land, probability wise.

Does this system (or previous like hex) use the last 20 numbers each time a new number is picked? Continuous numbers?

The VR S2 fills a matrix of 40 numbers and then , on a rolling basis, removing the oldest number in that matrix once the latest is fed to the DHA engine. To start playing a session the platform need minimum 15 numbers as to be able to calculate two variance curves which are based on the DHAs predictions versus the spun numbers from the wheel.

How did you arrive at the number 20 for spins for sufficient information? Was it a calculation or more of trial and error?

Years of trial and error from the countless test missions from my fellow test pilots at VRTech.

What is the difference between Reyth or others finding a trigger point to begin a betting sequence in comparison with what your software is doing?

Reyth and many like him on this forum and of course other forums searched for the holy grail in table patterns, like streets double streets, dozens corners and so on.

They didnt have a clue about the current variance of their pattern versus the spun numbers from the wheel at play, nor did they have a variance curve where their bet selections were measured against the same wheel. (There is a difference between knowing how you do against the wheel and deciding when to make a bet against the casino). Here size and timing is as important as a betting strategy.

I knew Reyth loved to play the RNGs and I once warned him that what he played wasnt roulette, it was merely a random selection of numbers, from a probably tweaked RNG engine by the Casino to suit their return demands but not make waves when it came to the gaming inspectors. Any lengthy collection of numbers wouldnt take him one single step closer to the perfect system. Not according to the strong and weak law of large numbers.

The VRTech pilot dont have complex bet strategies. The platform does all the job for them. They have only to decide the size of the units they want to bet, and of course the amount of units (very important) on each bet. As they become one with their fighter (platform) understanding the data presented to them as an ongoing analysis of the wheel, they come to develop an intuitive feeling if a offered bet situation is valid or improbable considering the available variance. Ordinary gamblers dont have that luxury.

They can only count wins and losses and apply various negative or positive progressions to compensate for losses that rocks their boat over the volatile waters of  the roulette sea.

What I can see so far is that what others are doing might be static while yours is more fluid.

The dynamics of the complex mathematics found in roulette, that includes advanced physics is way too much for a gambler to process.

Sure good VB players can make good estimations on where the ball might land but those are very few, and its an art that takes time. On online Casinos it is not even possible considering they often close the bet window once the dealer ha spun the ball.

In roulette, good knowledge of Game Theory is not enough. Its immense complexity demands an approach way more structured and as dynamically adaptable to the SUPPOSED RANDOMNESS of the wheel itself. What you discover if you study a large set of numbers from an RNG or a roulette wheel, though different, is still nothing more than a large set of numbers that converges in probability towards an expected value.

Here, the ignorant gambler, not aware of the special forces involved in the game, will perhaps win for a a while, and then lose some,  and then inevitably at a certain point be overcome by the parameters of the game he is bound to due to House rules and other external factors (EI effects).

"A spun number in roulette, is per itself a representation of a spatiotemporal event on the wheel." Theoretically, one could say this to be true with online digital roulette (not live play) even though there is no "spinning" or actual wheel.

Would you confidently be able to say spatiotemporal events *could* also occur on randomly computer generated numbers? Why or why not?

There is a measure of quantum entaglement involved in RNGs that makes the generator impossible to "beat".

Why, you may ask. It is because we are dealing with physics at a quantum level when it comes to what happens inside a RNG. One could posit a theory that thus you should achieve perfect randomness, but what is built by man can never achive perfection. Only a simulacrum of said desired reality.

I once had an extremely gifted Canadian test pilot in my team many years ago, that decided to challenge various RNGs at casinos like Betvictor, Dublin bet and so on. He posted the results on our forum and we all were astonished by the gains he made in any given session.

We talked anything between 200 units up to 700 units in one single session. He really developed his own personal way to crush those complex buggers with the monster platforms I developed at that time (usually over 50 Mb large files with hundreds of thousands of sub algos calculating the input data from an array of prime algorithms.) The platform today (S2) is only 800K large and reacts lightning fast compared to the old monsters that Canadian ace used.

And he played with real money so the guy made a small fortune in no time. Later he left us to continue his business at home, but the point I am trying to make here is despite my intial doubts he would even come close to beat the RNG with my platforms he still managed mess them up really good, all to my big surprise.

So...when it comes to RNGs one can never know. Thats is,  compared to a physical wheel and ts completely different matrix of involved variables.

You mentioned that you use basic sector probability and partition math and have made a nice tiny chart when playing in real casinos. Would you be interested in sharing this?

(smiles)...ah yes. I made a small chart based on a single formula when it came to the given frequency of any number. Much like the frequency found in music connected to various notes.

You used the two recent spun numbers as prediction for the next spin the chart presented (once you looked up the number in the chart).

You applied the simple formula (aHz + bHz)/2,  and made a small note your  tiny notebook if it where a win or loss. if your charts predictions had predicted a set of spins correctly, depending on the prediction distribution in said column you could bet instantly the offered value of the two latest numbers as a sector bet (13 numbers wide).

Sure it works for a while, if you sit at a land based casino. Sometimes you have to wait for some time before starting a game, and other times you are in the game after 6-10 spins and keep winning until you have three losses in a row where you stop. It is a fun little thing but highly unstable and not worth your time.

If the casino allowed an IPAD at the tables then I and my test pilots would really have fun with our VR platforms that offers marvellous overview, analysis, and suggestion on any given spin, considering the computing power todays Ipads offer its user.

]I make no assumptions. Thanks so much.


You are welcome.
So how does one get involved with this? Is it something you are selling or can I offer to do testing and data gathering while using it to hopefully win money?

I'm currently using an app very successfully and do believe in algorithm being a powerful prediction tool. This sounds even more accurate so I'm really interested to use it.
Gambling Philosophy / Re: Wise quotes
« Last post by mr j on Today at 01:30:39 PM »
There are no feminists in a house fire.
Roulette Systems / Re: Goodspread
« Last post by Ripple on Today at 01:02:29 PM »
Just like 6 billion of your other systems spread between all roulette forums. Where do you find the time to do all this Ignatus?
Roulette Systems / Re: Goodspread
« Last post by ignatus on Today at 10:31:41 AM »
@Jake007, I have always found the methods Ignatus posts intriguing. On a few occasions I have politely asked him to explain the bet selection and my questions went unanswered. I like the idea behind this method and would also like to discuss it in more detail but judging from past experiences I know odds of this happening are small.
I may have put myself on his "no reply" list with my post above so if you are fortunate enough to get him to discuss it a bit more I will follow the discussion with interest.
No harm intended.

Well? reason why, it haven't been played and tested enough, and it's up to everyone, test it themselves, (everybody likes to play it differently) so. that's why. short term i've had good result...
Roulette Systems / Re: Goodspread
« Last post by MickyP on Today at 08:31:54 AM »
@Jake007, I have always found the methods Ignatus posts intriguing. On a few occasions I have politely asked him to explain the bet selection and my questions went unanswered. I like the idea behind this method and would also like to discuss it in more detail but judging from past experiences I know odds of this happening are small.
I may have put myself on his "no reply" list with my post above so if you are fortunate enough to get him to discuss it a bit more I will follow the discussion with interest.
No harm intended.
Bet selections (flat bet systems) / 11 STAR
« Last post by ignatus on Today at 05:09:01 AM »
This has become a favorite-system of mine, now, although sometimes it lose, most of the time it will win, and it *feels* safe, i've been playin it on the MPR, most of the time,

i tell you how *i* play this now, (This *COULD* BE PLAYED FLATBET ALSO!)

As i said i use a 8-step progression. only difference if any of the "core numbers hit" no.5,8,11 (4 Quads) depending on how the BR looks like i (if i reach a new high or not)

(1) Stay at the same bet , but reset calulation of progression
(2) Reset bet & calculation of progression

ALSO IF any of the other numbers hit (2 Quads hit 1 number) i calculate that as -2 steps in the progression (always +1 step calculating for each LOSS) when i reach 8. I double up. easy as that. Usually i have a set wingoal and stoploss

I reset/restart progression anytime i reach a new high
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