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Trading secrets and strategies / Re: Wheel Bias Testing Reports
« Last post by MrPerfect. on June 20, 2017, 10:08:49 AM »
@Real, out of curiosity... did you ever vitnesed " perfect level wheel"? 
    I sou only ones one wheel that was demonstarting such a behavior that diamonds was hitting near equality,  but it still demonstrated 3 drop zones. Most common l see out there is 3 diamond active...
 Old men had a heart attack with his method in LV.  Now Pelayyo method is being reposted in all forums. It's alarming!!! How many more people have to get heart attack to realise that it's dangerous?
Trading secrets and strategies / Re: Wheel Bias Testing Reports
« Last post by Real on June 20, 2017, 04:50:32 AM »

This thread's getting a bit absurd.

1. The kind of biased being discussed above pertains to visual ballistics, not wheel bias related to biased numbers.
2. The bias discussed in the article pertains to a dominant ball drop.
3. Dominant ball drops occur when the wheel is off level, warped, poorly assmebled (such as certain deflectors placed to low.) Debris, and or even sticky spots/rough spots.
4. Leveling a wheel doesn't always correct a dominant ball drop.  As a matter of fact, it can make it worse.  The reason is because the level may be placed on the top of the wheel, rather than on the track.  And, the off level wheel may not be the cause of the dominant drop zone.
5. You can place the level on the track, and relevel it, but you may still make the probably worse, because you may still miss the part of the track that's still....OFF LEVEL. 
6. Some casinos will level the table, assuming that it's simultaneously leveling the wheel.  Yes, there are some dumb people in maintenance and management as well.
7. After a busy weekend, many wheels become off level because of gamblers leaning on the table, and pushing the table.  It doesn't take much.
8. Self leveling wheels exist, and vb players love them.  It's because they tend to create dominant ball drops, and it helps lock them in place... because again, the leveling of the wheel bowl doesn't always level the track or the apron.
9. The apron, the spot on the track where the diamonds that deflect the ball are located also has a big effect on where the ball will drop.  It's virtually impossible to level this region of the wheel.  Any warping here has a big effect.
10. An off level wheel has no real effect on the numbers that will hit.  This urban legend is spread by people that don't much about the gaming device or the physics involved.  (People like Scepticus.)
11.  It doesn't require 10k spins to determine whether or not the computer in the article works.  As a matter of fact, the user could determine it's effectiveness in fewer than 300 spins if it utilizes a high enough edge.  The reason is because there's no longer 36 degrees of freedom being tested since there's just one predicted area of the wheel.  Therefore it takes far far fewer spins.  An extremely high and meaningful z score can be demonstrated in short order as a result.
12. Back in 1982 casino investigators were shocked to find that a visual ballistic team was successful at predicting which sector of the wheel the ball would land in almost 75% of the time.  The investigators only tested them for four spins.
14. There are some really dumb casino investigators as well.
15. Dealer's know very little about why or if a wheel is biased.  They're ordinary people, like your neighbors that merely went to dealing school.  And fyi...they don't teach biased wheels in dealer's school.  Most of them regret their job choices, and they likely dislike the casino more than you.
16. Pitbosses use to be dealer's.  They too aren't the brightest crayons in the box.  Oh..and they too usually hate their job.
17. I'm not sure as to why you guys are even debating the effectiveness of ballistic computers.  If you want to know whether or not they're effective, then all you have to do is read on the history of the wheel and various investigations.
18. Nobody is effecting the path of the ball with "sound."  It's beyond ludicrous to even suggest it.
19. There's no number thirteen, because the thread is absurd.

Pelayo had limited success because he only tracked lots of spins.  In other words, he wrote about 15 to 30k spins and then played the numbers that were statistically relevant.  It's a relatively straight forward and simple approach that numerous ap players have used since the 1800s.

The likely reason he wasn't particularly successful outside of Spain is because he probably wasn't familiar with the physics of wheel bias.  Consequently he was probably susceptible to wheel speed changes, ball changes, etc.

In more recent years other teams have had more success because they knew what wheel assembly flaws provided the best bias, and learned how to spot them on sight.  A firm grasp on the physics enabled them to handily overcome the casino counter measures and win vastly more than Pelayo's team.    Wheel tracking was still required, but countless hours were no longer wasted tracking low edge wheels.  In 2010 the largest win in North America was recorded by a team of biased wheel players that were operating on the Las Vegas strip.  In just one play, there win was larger than what was won by Pelayos team over several years.

Questions and Answers / links posting
« Last post by GambleOnlineRoulette on June 19, 2017, 05:15:34 PM »
Hey its not allowed here forum post links youtube another sites because its always promo them not allowed here
Trading secrets and strategies / Re: Wheel Bias Testing Reports
« Last post by heatmap on June 19, 2017, 03:08:31 PM »
@scepticus I take this report to have no real value. I agree with what you just said. He uses a maximum of like 25 spins per section and real evaluation of bias requires 10000 or more preferably 20000 spins in order to find bias. This guy says he had to reproduce his exact spins for 25 times every test meaning he spun so many times and didn't count them and they didn't make it into this report. This is simply here on this site because I want to show you the way that they rationalize, or the path these companies took in order to "prove" a wheel could be bias, in order to redefine the term "fair" in order to introduce a way of placing a mathematical dependence on the laws of roulette in each place it's in. Being "fair" allows the casinos to enforce it's "fairness" policy and allows them to rationalize using specific forces to manipulate the ball. I have looked again at TCS John Huxley wheels and have decided it's no longer a dumb wheel with no ability to alter the balls path. Directly in a patent from them it stated air can affect the path of the ball. They explain no more about how air might affect the ball, but as I've stated to you earlier @scepticus that I believe the casinos have implementeda way to levitate the ball with sound. Not the sounds directly but the air in between the sounds that moves the ball. This of course is just my belief. No proof per se just yet but like I keep saying I'll get it for you guys. BTW @scepticus you knew what I was talking about when I made the post about acoustic levitation when you compared it to an alien abduction. I think you know I might be right but that's just another unproven theory for now
Trading secrets and strategies / Re: Wheel Bias Testing Reports
« Last post by scepticus on June 19, 2017, 02:45:16 PM »
It is not disputed that ALL roulette wheels may be biased . The argument is whether or not the particular  wheel  has a bias sufficient to be exploited.  If anyone  thinks that a casino operated by  a corporation is going to leave The Barn Door open so that a player can exploit a biased wheel then I think they are living in Alice in Wonderland territory . Wheels are checked daily by casino staff using a spirit level to ensure that there is no bias sufficient for exploitation.
Yes, AP theory is fun to explore but I think AP members exaggerate their prowess - and results.
Bebediktus says in one post that he wins little and in another that he is a Roulette Professional while Mr. Perfect claims to use the Physics of the Wheel but in another that he uses Intuitiion. He claims that using maths is useless yet he himself uses Maths .  As for Real he is here merely to tease. I am not aware of any  Physicist or Mathematician that supports AP theory as used in this forum -  and the AP gang have produced none.
We all need to accept that future winning numbers are unknown and so we can only make educated guesses as to what they will be.
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: The HEXAGON VLOG
« Last post by MrPerfect. on June 19, 2017, 02:44:09 PM »
Mr P,  you and Herby (who judged an entire, now defunct,  platform based on a single non-sequitur equation, without even having had access to the rest of the calculus matrix, are of course correct in considering my platforms as absolutely useless, non-complex,  and of no benefit to its user.

In this way we can once and for all drop the subject on this forum of veracious roulette geniuses, and focus more on your own earthshaking contributions of using the roulette as a good source of income and above all, intriguing amusement for any given user.  ;D
Thomas, do not get me wrong. I do not criticise your platform , l have no opinion on something l couldn't test myself. I would be happy to test it, but as l remember,  simple idea of having me in your test group terrified some of your testers. Reason you gave me it's because lm a moderator of my vb section here. It's OK,  we are friends the same.
   To say the truth, l was more curios about software itself then it's implementation. I got almost all tools l need on day to day basis to answer my needs or qwestions that may arise. 
    I do not mind to show you capabilities of software l developed so far... l think if someone had something similar,  they wouldn't even speak much about it. Only excuse l give to myself to show off is my personal believe that no one will do the effort of replicate it even knowing how it works.
 AP can loose for many reasons. They all can be summarised in one word. It's IGNORANCE.  Normally losses occur if case is not studied properly or something changed. There are quite a lot of  things to pay attention to... many who look for advantage play simply do not do it " by the book".
    There are some things that has to done before playing:
  - general study ( data)
 - Formation of hypothesis and their testing.
 - Determine clearly in wich conditions created model correspond reality
 - Creation of proper strategy for exploration ( money management ).
 -Proper execution of strategy ( actual following the model, placing bets, control of conditions, proper level of skill required..ets).
          Many players that l know miss some of these requirements.  Most common mistake is overvaluation of skill one posses and cases not studied till total understanding of situation in place.
   SIms that many "AP" and SP often have same problems that can be summarised by one word only.
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