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Roulette Systems / Re: The Bomb Shelter
« Last post by Mike on Today at 09:33:57 AM »
we identify the hottest groups

 Straight up numbers are the hardest to figure out because how do you make your groups since they are not pre-defined? 


I don't know why you're bothering with groups. A group is identified as "hot" only insofar as it contains one or more hot NUMBERS, so why not just bet on the numbers themselves? That way you're sure to always be betting on all and only hot numbers, not groups which will be watered down by some numbers which won't be hot.
My name is Sergio and I'm from Barcelona and a while ago I picked up information about blue angel that I found interesting and since I am passionate about roulette and spent a lot of time studying it and I would like to know if Mr. Blue Angel would be so kind to help me understand what little I lack to understand since what I publish in a site for years seems a really good way to be winning in the long term.
Would you be so kind as to contact me please?

thanks and great regards

My Spanish: Hola Senor!  Bienvenidos en este "forum"!  Por favor, necessitamos "Google Translate" por los palabros de Espanol a Ingles?

Google Translate:  Hola bienvenido a este foro! ¿Podría usar Google Translate para hacer que sus palabras en inglés sean nuestras? Puedes encontrar el link aquí:

Gracias! :D
Thanks for the translation Reyth.
Roulette Systems / Re: The Bomb Shelter
« Last post by Reyth on Today at 06:42:52 AM »
Aha, ok, much better.  There is one thing that we need to do and that is verify our statistical assumptions with statistical testing because that is the only thing that will allow it to work at the end of the day; roulette doesn't care about our "really kewl sounding ideas".

So you are right we will find the numbers that identify themselves above and beyond the others. :)

What always scares me is the idea of which numbers drop off which is why we don't want to have a flexible total numbers to bet but a pre-defined amount of numbers?

Even 3 numbers will be more expensive if we follow the statistics; I've checked...
Mr. perfect sir, I'm not a swindler or use your system because your system is a lot of work and does not work if the croupiers do not throw the regular ball and other factors.
Just the only scammer is you who just wants to look for people who collect data for you so you do not waste your time collecting them.
You judged me without knowing me, you only wanted me for your interest and for me to throw away hours and hours collecting data and as I decided to continue with mine that is simpler and is just as effective you like to say things about me everywhere. and you are very wrong.
I do not want your system, I do not use visual ballistics, as I told you I saw your videos and I understood perfectly what you did as well as I understood that it works only in some conditions and in some casinos.
I am not like you that I am saying because your work is not worth anything, although you taught it to me and to be so experienced because you ask me to pay you 300 euros for me to have to work for you.
As I say, you're the scammer and you're the one who wants to take advantage of others.
I know several Spaniards who earn a lot of money with roulette and are much more professional than you and more experienced and do not need to use balisitica.
A if you stop criticizing others and as I told you if you do not want them to understand your ways and investigate them do not publish them.
That you know that you disappointed me as a person, for me you are a scammer, that you want to take money from me and even make me collect data like a fool.
Keep looking for people who do your dirty work, for my part you can go to hell and continue with your visual balisitica s***, which you will win sometimes and lose others. luck and if you continue to try to offend or go against me, I will teach everything I have about you and show that it is not worth a s***. that you do well clown

Visual Ballistics / Re: How do AP win and what type of bets are used?
« Last post by MickyP on Today at 06:06:17 AM »
Timing the revolutions of the ball are critical to calculating a fairly accurate prediction and in one of your posts you explain how this should be done.
Are human reflex actions or delayed reactions considered in recording time?
A simple test. Two people participate, one holds out his hand with a coin placed on his palm. The second person holds his ear lobes and from that position tried to snatch the coin out of the other person's hand. Most of the time the coin will be snatched out of the others hand before he close it. Even anticipating the action still results in a delayed reaction.
How do you factor this into precise and accurate  timing?
Ozone has many applications or uses. Research the issue with free radicals, maybe it's a FDA smoke screen.

Researching anything in medicine is like researching roulette. There are so many conflicting stories around any new discoveries.

Another interesting thing with great medicinal qualities is cannabis oil, apparatus used to treat cancer. There are a number of good documentaries on the subject. The oil looks like thick almost black tar.

I believe that due to our lifestyles we should detox our bodies at least three times a year. I use a very basic therapy to do this.
I have a shower, first hot water for a few minutes then cold water for a few minutes.  Alternate between hot and cold a few times.  Get out the shower but do not dry yourself:put a wet t-shirt on and use plastic refuse bags to make a jacket;  put that over the wet t-shirt and then dress in dry clothes over that . Place a plastic sheet over a thin mattress,  lie down and cover yourself with a lot of blankets to induce sweating. Remain under the covers for about half an hour then have a cool, not cold, shower to end the session. This method of induced sweating mimics a fever and as you sweat toxins are purged from the body.

Hope this helps.
  Sergio,  lm terribly sorry that l didn't allow you to use name of my vb3 on your scamming Youtube video. I deeply apologise that l didn't process you in the court, didn't took all your money for abuse of copyright and didn't put you in a jail where you belong. Once in a life opportunity to smash nullity scamming gambling degenerate like you and l failed, l did show my weakness and allowed you continue to be free. 
   I do deserve this kind comment that you left here in my vb section,  please do not tell anyone that l charge money to teach people how to collect data for my studies. Yes lm lazy and can not study all wheels by myself, l really wanted abuse your free will and make you work on this so hard visual ballistic thing... l wanted that you become something other then a lying nullity,  please forgive me for this.
     Now speaking seriously. .. on your scamming video you simulated great hit rate, every spin ( you are really disingenuous), and you say you got something better. I wander what is that " better"? Hitting right on the number every spin?
    Nullity lying degenerate like you ,do not even realise that better then your fake video simulate, can not be!!!
   Good night, Sergio Lozano lopez,  sweet dreams , ... . 
   BTW... even if you changed description on your video and took out vb3 name... l still do have photos in my possession where it was like before. Are you sure you prefer me " not going after you" ? Your attitude screams and cry for it...
   This is exactly why l will never teach any person from Spain.... [clipped]
Just to be clear, I used resonance therapy to cure the tonsillitis. That's sound therapy not audible to the human  ear.frequencies are set for different ailments. Cancer has many different frequencies for the different types of cancer.

Now about ozone: I came across the use of ozone as a method to detox  drug addicts as I was involved in a few drug outreach organisations.  The main detox treatment was carried out in a capsule that is closed around the body with only the neck and head exposed (sticking out). A towel is placed around the neck to limit ozone from escaping from the capsule. Ozone enters the body through the skin. A similar concept to hyperbaric (oxygen) treatments used in hospitals except that the ozone in the capsule can not be pressurised. This led to meeting a person who manufactured ozone cream used to treat cuts burns and sores on the skin. An ozone generator is used to pump ozone through pure olive oil for many hours until the oil consistency changes to a thin milky paste. It is bottled and placed in a fridge to set into a cream.
Ozone bath mats are used in a bath as a form of detox. Ozone is also used to sterilise/purify the air in homes and office areas. Practioners  usiing ozone claim that it cures things like cancer, multiple sclerosis and HIV to mention a few. The problem with ozone is free radicals and apparently free radicals are harmful.

Will continue shortly. Have things to do.
Mi nombre es Sergio y soy de barcelona y hace un tiempo recoji informacion de blue angel que me parecio interesante y como soy un apasionado de la ruleta e estado mucho tiempo estudiandolo y me gustaria saber si el señor blue angel seria tan amable en ayudarme a entender lo poco que me falta para entender ya que lo que publico en un sitio hace años parece una forma francamente buena para ir ganando a largo plazo.
Seria tan amable en poner en contacto conmigo porfavor??

gracias y un gran saludo
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