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Gambling Philosophy / Re: What if you found the Holy Grail?
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 11:00:16 AM »

The nemesis is always there, but he is also your friend.

 Let me put it this way :

The house edge is the player's edge.
To make " nemesis your friend" ... how would you achieve it? Unless they give you lost money back, l don't know how is it possible.  Could you populate please?
       Ofcouse casino is a player, biggest one, and they got advantage. To play egainst casino, one need to be at least a player as well.
Roulette Systems / Re: Goldminer 9
« Last post by Mario on Yesterday at 09:33:09 AM »

I tested this strategy on a live spins from a live online casino. In its original form, it often loses.

Then I change it a bit.
Bet 3 numbers within each dozen SAME (hit) DS and same color. Example: last hit number in doz 1 was black 11 - now you bet all black numbers in DS 7/12. The results were better, but still a lot of failures.

Then I still change strategy a bit.
The numbers for the bet select all of one color, which more. DS remains the same.
Example. Last hit numbers in each doz was 4,19,36. Now we bet only on RED numbers (because 2 red and 1 black): 1,3,5,19,21,23,32,34,36.
Placing bets on the usual negative progression for 9 numbers (see the attachment). Max 9 steps (after that need BR is too big).

With this betting system I was able to get the best results. In the attachment numbers is the amount of winning units. When lose in brackets I wrote the number of the winning spin.
However, this betting system still often loses and need big BR.
Roulette Systems / Re: Scep' s roulette strategies .
« Last post by Horsewill on Yesterday at 05:02:44 AM »
                                              REASONABLE  EXPECTATIONS.
An example of a bet with reasonable expectations is the one I used when winning £150 online .Using  £1 units and a £10 table bank.
I bet one of  the  3 dozens and , if that won , bet the resulting three units  on  the next  spin . When  that  also won   I collected  9 units .Odds of 8 / 1 .
I bet 1 unit  on the first 8 “ bets “ and 2 units on the 9th  “bet “  so one win in 9 “bets “ meant that I profited  -  and moved tables whenever I won .
( by a “bet” here I mean that BOTH dozens I put money on will win - the first being half of the 2 stage bet  )

I am curious if you have ever used or tested your above strategy betting with 2 dozens at once.
My strategy is to  use the last 2 dozens that hit as the two dozens bet, leaving the sleeping dozen. Disregard the zero, continue to bet the last 2 numbers hit after a zero. You track and parlay each dozen separately as they win or lose. Upon every win of the 9 units, I reset my bet to one unit.  I live in a rural area, most casinos have only one wheel so I play 10 continuous spins, skipping a spin and reset my bet based on the last 2 spins.

I did a short test on my last visit to a local casino, 150 spins, won 57 units. I realize that is a short test, but it appears it may have some promise. Thanks.
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Street Fighter
« Last post by Koko on July 21, 2017, 06:19:13 AM »
I'd like to share a system I'm working on. It's name is Street fighter because its bet on streets only.
Here comes the rules.
First make a record of last 30+ spins then choose the hottest 3~5 streets.
Start betting on them with 1 unit. If hit then keep on, if loose then add the last hit street and go on. No progression at this point!
You play like this until you playing totally 8 streets. At this point if you are in profit then restart the session.  If you are in loss the go the final stage. Start play on 9 streets with positive progression.  If hit keep on until you profit then restart session,  if miss keep on playing and when you hit double down. Keep on playing until profit reached. If miss again, than after next hit double down. Keep on like this until your total bet reached 10% of your bankroll. After this point no more double down (you must have very unlucky series to reach this point). Keep on playing until profit reached. If miss then add 1 unit each streets.
Any comments welcome !
Thank you!
Roulette Systems / Re: Lucky Number Trigger
« Last post by Rinad on July 21, 2017, 02:42:49 AM »

   step 1.

we bet 1 unit on a live number, (no sleeper).
when no hit for 20 spins......
1 unit  .....20 spins.....1 unit ...20 spins.....1 unit ...20 spins.
so this is the "zone"   total of 80 spins. I dont move up as long as I hit my number within 80 spins because at some point when it begin hitting it will quickly cover losses and make profit. so when in the zone, just 1 unit flat is enough.

when we get out of the "zone"of 80 spins without a hit, we now wait play a 2 unit bet until we hit.
the 2 unit becomes now our new base bet. will not go down until we show a profit.
when we get a hit, no matter when and where, we will assess how many units we need to recover since the begining of the game and divide it by 35.

so if we need 120 units, we will bet aproximately 4 units. (4x35= 140).

from now on we will maintain that 4 unit bet until it hit. when it does hit we assess again how much we need and bet accordingly, and when it does not we dont go up but maintain the same bet.
it buys us time until the odds shift in our favor. the wins will happen.

when we play ec's we expect at some point to win 2 bets in a row, and then more. same principal here.
20 spins is the same as playing black or red.
1 number play takes longer because of the spins and time it takes. the advantage is that it keeps the betting low.  but it does require a bank of 500/1000 units.  so it should be played low stakes because of the amount of spins it may takes. but it gets you there.

adding another 1 or 2 numbers is a very good way to go also . but the spin count should be separated and having a good bookeeping method is important.
I would always change number if my number does not hit within 20 spins to 38 spins for sure.

it can be played with airball roulette and give you much faster spins to help the win ratio.

hope that helps. playing it slowly and not moving up on the betting too fast is crucial. dont worry about profit when things are running cold. they always do. but again they always run great at times. so it all evens out at the end. wins can start pouring when you least expected.

hope that helps,
take care, Rinad.
Roulette Systems / Re: Lucky Number Trigger
« Last post by Mister Eko on July 20, 2017, 10:48:42 PM »
Thanks for your comment, I listen everything abaout roulette. Im addicted to roulette since December, I admit it. It was randomly or consciously but googled something about game and money, or gambling, and I found the roulette. Mysterious game is this, and my conviction is that must be something characteristic scheme, that is going around and around.

So Parlay system to numbers? How is it going for you, is this profitable in long therm? So if 80 spins we have without hit, we bet 2 and spin 20 times. If we hit , not sure we recover the losses. So we bet 3 again for 80 spins? or 2 for 80? One short example can you write me, just to imagine, and good to remember, how you play?

Thanks, Rinad.
Roulette Systems / Re: Lucky Number Trigger
« Last post by Rinad on July 20, 2017, 10:10:40 PM »

  ec means  even money bets like black,red,odd,ect....

80 spins at 1 unit is 80 units. and yes when you hit you dont cover the losses but that is why I recommend parlay the bet to 2 units after you hit . now if you dont hit after 100 spins, you move up to a new basic bet of 2 units, still playing unitil you hit your first bet. once you hit it, you re-evaluate how much you need and a/ either stay at 2 units or parlay to 3 units ,but only for 20 spins.
1 number for 20 spin is very close to the same as 1 even money bet. just same odd to hit. takes longer but great returns.
just a different approch. you do as you like, I just give suggestions as to how I play a single number the safest way I know how. have done it very successfully. but it takes lots of patience.

God bless,
Roulette Systems / Re: Lucky Number Trigger
« Last post by Mister Eko on July 20, 2017, 09:41:00 PM »

  Mr Eko, I like that you dont go up in your progression, but being a single number player myself, I like to suggest the following;

since playing a 1 unit bet for 20 spin, it is the same as placing a 20 unit bet on a ec.
so I would stay at a 1 unit bet the first 20 spins, and also the folowing 60 spins, which would give you 80 spins total of flat betting if you dont hit anything.
now lets say you dont hit after 80 spins, I move my bet to a 2 units bet, (still considering no hit yet).
now the 2 unit bet when you hit it, you parlay that bet for 20 spins. if you hit it then it would cover your losses, depending where exactly it hit, but still, is a very safe way to play.
at the one unit level if I dont hit a number within 20 spins, and then hit it on the second cycle, it is prime time to also parlay your bet to a 2 unit bet for 20 spins as well.
if you view a single number play as a ec it really opens up to what you can expect in term of time table and money management.
there is various ways to play this method. when you move to a 2 unit bet, you may not need to parlay that bet and just keep it at a 2 units bet for 20 spins. different approches.
but this way you can play for a lot of spins and not have to bump too high too quickly if one wish not to do so.
and another thing would be to play another number as well to balance things out. depends on the patience you can muster.

my 50 cents,

SSorry for my first question, but this post is the fourth, that mentions "ec". What is ec, i dont know...
So seriously, 80 spins with 1 unit it would be with 500 bankroll without hit staying at 420 unit. Or it comes at the 50. spin, the win not cover the loss. Or it comes between 36-80.  Thanks for the reply, Rinad.

We must think something number trigger. Sleepers, wake ups, single numbers, double numbers, repeating numbers after unique numbers etc, something simplicity system we must figure out, I think, bet on numbers has best potencial in roulette seuence to win in long therm.
Gambling Philosophy / Re: What if you found the Holy Grail?
« Last post by BlueAngel on July 20, 2017, 08:59:07 PM »
You might try these 2 files, good luck!
Gambling Philosophy / Re: What if you found the Holy Grail?
« Last post by Junscissorhands on July 20, 2017, 08:44:59 PM »
Not the comps, the percentage of the game : roulette. That edge.

Blueangel, do you have a sequence of 37 spin-cycle which caused you trouble ?

If yes, can you post it here or as a .txt

I can run it through RX.

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