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Yes, the law of 2/3 holds true then.
In 6 throws you will only get 4 sides on average.
Roulette Systems / Re: NEW SYSTEM: SINGLE DOZEN
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I always use the next 3 new numbers as trigger, this is by far the safest route.
Interesting Kav.

Since there are 6 sides to a dice, can we treat each side as a double street like in roulette and apply the law of 2/3 to it? There is the option of betting on any or multiple numbers from 1-6 that will appear on the dices on every throw. Numbers that appear twice will get 2 to 1, thrice will get from "3 to 1" to "12 to 1" depending on casinos.

I'm still testing out the notion of betting repeating numbers after 3-4 throws and see if it will be profitable.
I would like to add an advice... learn first how to predict without computer... if you can do it without one, with it you probably would be able to so it as well.
All things you mention..  like clicking fast...It will highly depend on roulette computer , l gess. Mine rc don't require such a circus. I do not like to make extra moves when unnecessary,  so my rc was built the way that suits my preferences.
    With a rc l personally play same way as without it, but a bit more precise and for longer.

And how is it went with computer? It was easy to press buttons fast, and other members dont noticed that? How you used it in real play?

Thanks, sorry for questions, just interest me how is it going woth roueltte computer, and if it is worth it or not.
I did. .. wheel l play now do not require it, so l do not.
  At least one more forum member uses roulette computer as well....
Super celever digital clocks, and phones are available in world. Must to develop superglass for roulette wheel physics.

Mr Perfect anymay, are you using roulette computer in casinos? Or someone here using it regularly?
And how about developing super clever brain? Because without it super clever glass wouldn't help you , and with it you do not need such a glass.
What do you think about that we develop sort of superclever glass, which will write on the glass infront of our eyes which sequence of the wheel we should have to bet? The glass will extremely fast calculate the wheel speed, and the ball speed, rotors or etc is needed, and we place the bets before the dealer says "no more bets". It would be the next revolution in roulette.

What about the collusion with 2-3 members?
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