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Trailer One

Trailer Two

What can we learn from this movie?

 I see a trailer about the Movie where one Pro say he risk his bankroll that season.
 Does tiny small words and comment make me react and start my thinking process.
 Even if his a pro and know how to win and make living upon that - he should never risk is hole bankroll - that is lack of disciplined.
 Then i think i am better then that - not as good at winning using sportsbets - but handle bankroll management.

 For example if i have 5000 Euro and risk 250 Euro to win 25% twice and end up with 125 Euro - half the investment is a very good return.
 Now i would never risk my 250 Euro again until i lose - but i would now invest 125 Euro to win 25% twice and end up with 65 units.
 So i made a total of 190 units during six sessions and only risk my own money during the two first sessions.

 From this moment i would continue with 125 Euro winning two more session and after that maybe risk 250 Euro again or stay at 125.
 The advantage i see with this is that you never try to win back the hole investment during one session and that you operate with casinos money after resonable risk management.
 So i am a fan of regression in different shapes and after that use Up & Pull to gain more money with out risking the first original investment.

 I think i can learn things from this movie - i have been thinking to take one year vacation from work - i can afford it - and play full time to test my wings and see if it can be done.
 The two main obstacles i see is to be disciplined and handle psychological pressure making a living on gambling.

 And i am conservative, so i have been thinking to risk 5 Euro units base bets and lower making half the money to make a living so you don't lose it all and go bankrupt if don't succeed.
 So halve income comes from your own savings and half the income comes from the gambling.
 Then if you get a positiv return each month trading the game you can quit work and use higher base bet to earn full salary.

 But i don't know if the movie show this aspect - but the government and tax institution will start to ask questions why you don't pay tax and show zero income each year - that can become a issue.
 And the biggest problem that i expect the movie is missing is the pension - when you reach the age 65 and should live and enjoy life as old and get your pay check (pension) from the government each month - then that amount of money or pension salary is based upon your working hours from age 20 to 65 and you might get around 1500 Euro.
But if you quit work before age 65 you will lose a large % of your pension and will never reach 1500 Euro each month. But there is a minimum guarantee pension around 700 Euro plus taxes, so that would be around 500 Euro.

Now my point is that you need to win big and play big sometimes to save money for the old days and also if you get bad health or get sick - then you can not play - maybe online.
So there is many questions about being a pro that strike me other then just winning and make a daily living.

One last example and important lesson, how many online casinos welcome back a winning player and how long does it take to get banned from most of them.
So here comes other method into the calculations - losing with intention sometimes - just to look more lucky even if you could win most of them with bigger return - this might make you be allowed to stay longer playing online and be more welcome as they would have a more difficult time to exclusive stamp you only as pure winning gambler.


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Re: Movie about gamblers who play for a living - Life on the line!
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I find out that you only can watch the Movie online at Amazon if you are American - that sucks.
Other option is to make Prime account and watch the movie, but then they charge you with 2.99 each month on your credit card.

So i have no idea how i can watch this movie, i search on Dreamfilm and Popcorn and Netflix - but nothing.
Search for DVD but nothing.