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Visual Ballistics / Re: How l became Advantage player
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Today at 10:01:56 PM »
 Proud Samsung user since times immemorial. ..  ;).
Casino Lounge / Re: A message for thanks to Charles win3million
« Last post by Reyth on Today at 07:24:04 PM »
Thanks for your input Jun!

Just an update -- THIS IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT ON AN INTELLECTUAL LEVEL -- I believe I have been focused in the right direction METHOD-WISE but applying that method I have been steeped in ignorance, well, because that's what I do best?

So keep in mind that the general method I post above is correct but some of the concrete data regarding specific spin scoring (C or R) may be incorrect; but the general method still applies.

Anyway, the framework for the testing software is complete but I am just now realizing the ignorance in application and am modifying the software to be completely accurate in accord with REALITY.

A person can go insane over this stuff...  Let me give you a little example:

The patterns that we are trap by each Trigger change based on the sequence.

In the results the repeting Col ( win) is not included....

Wow I just realized (after some more hair pulling) that I can simply make a program that runs all 64 sequences against each individual sequence and apply all 4 triggers to each of those 64 results, generating a score for each trigger for each of the 64 possible results for each possible sequence.

Did I just type that!?

Stage 1 Input all sequences COMPLETE
Stage 2 Generate all root bets COMPLETE
Stage 3 Score all root bets against all sequences IN PROGRESS
Stage 4 Output all scores
Stage 5 Produce analysis of all scores
Roulette Systems / Re: System DKP
« Last post by Reyth on Today at 07:18:51 PM »
 More or less 3 years ego l came to ask Real following qwestion " Why the hell me ( VB player exclusively at the time) do have mixed results..  one day it works OK,  others it just sucks... ?"
     He told me that VB have levels of understanding,  or layers .
     First folks learn how to determine reference number properly, then how to adjust for rotor...then how to include bias in the game... ets. Every step in the right direction maximise players edge.
    Sins then l made a proper research and training to achieve 5th layer of understanding and found myself alone there.
    My view on levels that player has to achieve are following:
   1. Adjusting for rotor properly
    2. Adjusting for observational errors
    3. Adjusting for changes in conditions
    4. Adjusting for imperfections on the wheel in changing conditions
    5. Adjusting for effect that imperfections do make on different dealer spinning habits.
         There is 6th level of understanding. ... it's proper money management,  constant curve fit in betting plan for observed changes in situation... and this is where l stacked. ...
    To determine best practices to follow l need a knolidge base constituted of previously profiled play situations. ... problem is : need proper data collected with full profile of variables. It's a work to perform by 2 trackers at least. One is to control VB things and other to watch and register bias things and affect that dealer has on these things. In short , it's a team work task.
    For one player army it's simply impossible. ...
           If there are there 2 man armies willing to invest their time and effort in pushing things forward for themselves and me ( as indirect beneficiary) ..  you are welcome to contact me.
Questions and Answers / Re: Question for AP Players
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 11:11:45 AM »
 Gaps are interesting as conditions qualifiers.  If you plot these side by side in excel,  for when your bet is performing well with when it not, you will see huge differences in gaps as well... 
    It's a way to create proper systems and betting plans specifically for a wheel you gonna play. Example would be my "sequential method" post. Choice of the trigger there was based on the fact of unusual concentration of gaps with zero value ( consequtive hitts).
   When it was bad, huge values of gaps, almost no consequtive hitts.... so no bets. When it's good, huge concentration of hitts, almost no gaps( small values).
    There are logical limits for a gap values when it good, but how to calculate it properly... lm still working on it, for now it's still based on empirical observation and is  manualy specified variable. 
Microgaming, playtech. Novomatic, interblock , Esuki, Play`nGo etc. they all offer the same with very small different details.
 I visit these sites as a player. I am not very enthusiastic what the providers offer. With many webkillers they  drive away the potential players. A player can play his game the best on an online roulette, where you can start the roulette with the spin  button
On the live roulette online you are obliged to bet, else you become a warning.
Roulette Systems / Re: The Bomb Shelter
« Last post by Reyth on October 17, 2017, 03:05:22 PM »
Ya I usually trash a system within days.  I've been playing this one for almost 2 months.  There is ALOT of stumbling around from beginning to end but one thing has remained consistent: the HS Ratio.  It is the very key to success.  It gives me the following invaluable advantages:

1) The discipline not to chase short-term hot numbers
2) The knowledge of exactly when to switch selections

It works with every possible bet selection, even DZ & EC.  I have been trying to think of some way to increase the earning power; I will be working on such things once I hit 13300 BU.
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