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Roulette Systems / Re: Palestis' DS trends
« Last post by Reyth on Today at 12:51:29 AM »
Just played a real money game with nickel units and had a drawdown where a 200 unit bankroll is too close for comfort.  I had over 100 units and was one bet away from going bust.  So the bankroll here is probably 300 minimum but it DID recover! :D

The great thing about this system is that the longer we play, the more accurate our selection tends to become because the truly hot DS's will not be diminished when we "reduce to the minimum". :)

It was one of these "long-term" hot DS's that paid me off to an all time high. ;)

We can consider this, "The Lazy Man's DS Tracker".  With a high enough bankroll, this thing might just grail out because so far, no recovery is too large! :)
I haven't even read what this topic is about. I'm concerned with the quality of the exchanges.
We try hard to keep a high quality of communication in this forum. I ask everyone to understand our priorities.
To give you an example:
Courts judge fraudsters, criminals and murderers, this doesn't mean the lawyers or the judge are calling names the defendant. Whatever one wants to say can be said in a civilized way. That's all I'm asking.
Sputnik,  his method is very simple...
 1. Tape a video
2 . Replay it and film on the phone " predicting".
 3. Put vb3 in description and try to fool Spanish tolking people that he developed it and l was " helping" him.
 4. Pretend to be other people on his own chat and ask for price.
5. Scam..scam..scam.
     Hope you are not going to copy such an approach.
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: NEW SYSTEM- FEW NUMBERS
« Last post by palestis on Yesterday at 10:39:26 PM »
Playing the numbers that didn't show up in 37 spins, is the first self created system that all new  players think of when they start on roulette. On average you have to expect about 12 numbers missing in 37 spins. 12 numbers can go missing max 58 spins. That's the rarest of all cases (700/12=58.333).
Most of the time you are going to hit one of them in a few spins. But as the numbers diminish the possibility to hit more and more of them diminishes too. As  X numbers can go missing  for 700/X spins maximum.
 For someone with money to burn, I am sure he can win with this system . But its not for the average player. Failing to hit one of the 12 missing numbers in 8-12 spins, will require very large bets if you use the typical dozen progression. Most players will abandon it for fear of losing their shirt.
But if you find 12 numbers missing for 50 spins that's another story.  That's a unique opportunity.
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: NEW SYSTEM- FEW NUMBERS
« Last post by Reyth on Yesterday at 10:10:33 PM »
Its the numbers that are hot and then continue to be hot that are the casino's weakness. :D
Hi, I would like to know more about your method. In this forum there is only a lot of garbage.
I "mimick" system players with by bets like this ;).
Biomimicry is truly a wonderful approach to creating with nature's blueprint.
Nature has created everything we need to advance ourselves as intended.
Here are a few examples of how nature has provided man with solutions to problems:
1. Run on Flat Tyres. Punctures stop vehicles as soon as the puncture occurrs . The run on flat tyre allows you to continue driving to the nearest garage or repair shop. You can drive your car with a flat tyre and you will not struggle to control the vehicle. The magic comes from the honey bee. The design of the compartments of the honeycomb, hexagonal prisms have been created from durable rubber and line the inside of the tyres.
2. Wing tips on Boeing aircraft. The very end of the wings are flipped up giving more control and improved aerodynamics.  This concept comes  from the Eagle after extensive studies of their flight.
3. Yacht hulls not affected by crustaceans growing on them. Some species of whale have crustacean growth on them but non can be found on sharks. This is due to the design makeup of shark skin as it naturally repels crustacean growth.  The shark skin has been reproduced and used as a protective layer over the hull of yachts and boats. THis shark skin design also reduces the drag of the vessel.

Biomimicry is nature helping science. I listened to a radio talk show on the subject and was amazed at how many different things are influenced by mimicking nature.
I didn't study this subject, have no idea whatsoever. 
Hahaha! You have extreme temperatures,  our temperatures are moderate. The hot/cold I use is not extreme at all. It's simply done to excite your blood circulation a little.

I don't use any natural remedies unless I've done my homework and discussed it with people in the know.

By the way, what do you think of BIOMIMICRY?
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