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Roulette Systems / Re: NEW SYSTEM: SINGLE DOZEN
« Last post by palestis on Today at 01:00:12 AM »
When we were testing the dozen pattern match , we were taking one pattern like 321 (if the numbers were 30-20-10) and carried it to the end. Until it either won or lost. After that we were picking the next pattern. And you found the winning range to be 1-6 spins.
This time I revised it, to take the pattern and play it for 3 spins or stop if it is a match.  Then pick another 3 number pattern. And play that one for up to 3 spins. ( just like we do in the "odd dozen").
This way it is much easier to back count and find virtual losses that already happened.
The other way (sticking to the same pattern),  as I was back counting I was making a lot of mistakes and that caused me many problems. And that's the reason I abandoned it.
Changing the trigger/pattern is a lot easier to back count, because I only have to count 3 steps back.
The other way (sticking with the same pattern),  I was going as far back as the bottom number on the board. And worked my way up to most recent numbers. And most of the time I got lost.
As I told you, the casino nearest me is brutally slow in spinning. ( they stack the chips manually by the dealer).
Any back to back losses with the "odd dozen" system, translates into a long wait to recover. Maybe more than an hour. Or maybe 2 hours if I have to use the YXX+3 trigger. And that's a problem.
In the revised dozen pattern match,  triggers come fast, and it is very easy to spot virtual losses, by back counting.
Once the rarest back to back losses limit is determined, the rest is easy. All you have to do is find virtual losses that are just  below the rare limit, and start playing the triggers after that.
I very much doubt that every time you bet , you will break the already rare back to back loss limit.
So I have to do more tests to determine what that back to back loss limit is. 

 Kav, thema is actually interesting. ..
    If you wish, drop your Skype,  lll show you example how to filter by conditions and some other things you could consider... to develop this idea further.
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: Let's make a HG
« Last post by Junscissorhands on Yesterday at 10:02:36 PM »
What i have done is check the last 26 spins, and write down all the numbersf each dozen hit in the last 26 spins.

usually it ends with on an average around 5-7 numbers of each dozen.

On the 26th spin i start betting with a see the trigger of the single dozen method, i start betting the dozen with the numbers written of a particular dozen. To reduce costs of betting you will choose the play one dozen only.

For example :

(1st) dozen


And i see the trigger 36-25-6, then bet the 5 numbers for three times. Repeaters tend to happen when they have showed up in the first 26 spins. I think the best way to play is not go further than 26-30 spins. On a 35 units lost, up the single number bet with 2 units per number.

What do you guys think ?

 Direction is important. 
    Dominance of diamonds and ball behaviours are different for different directions. Besides that it's more simple to throw ball ( control ) in one direction then other. For a right hand person it's unconfortable to throw ball acw... and wice- versa.  Less types of throw dealer can produce , more stable gonna be results , independent of what you actually play ( ds, vb, bias).
Btw, I have intuitively observed some differences between roulette results where the wheel doesn't change direction after each spin and results where the wheel changes direction after each spin.
Can you share your opinion on the behavior of results between these two cases? Do you have any observations?
To know something like that you have to collect data first. Then filter data for conditions ( rotor speed, type of ball, type of throw.. ets, that are beneficial for your numbers.
   After 1st part is done, you can look how often these number make hits on the row or what is most long sequence without hit ( skip analisys) to unswer your qwestions.
   Each case is different, study the case till you really understand the target, then think how is better to explore it.

This is a good point MrPerfect.

According to my new darling system what I would like to explore the best conditions to bet on the sector 28-16 (12 continuous numbers). I would be greatly interested in finding the best conditions to bet on this sector continuously - until a (or couple) hit(s).
What would be the best condition?
  • 5 no hits of the sector,
  • 9 no hits of the sector,
  • after a hit of the sector,
  • when the sector has an appearance rate lower of 20% in the last 37 spins,
  • etc
There are few working math methods to explore roulette, all of them need one thing in common. It's target. If explorer do not see target, what he wanna explore there?
   Target can be any ( reduced variance, extra hits, repetitive bounce..ets). But it has to be there and clearly defined. 
   Give me some target worth exploration , lll find a way how to explore it optimally. 
Roulette Systems / Re: NEW SYSTEM: SINGLE DOZEN
« Last post by Harryj on Yesterday at 04:25:28 PM »
        When we 1st explored the dozens together this trigger was proposed. we found that the "odd dozen"(single dozen) was stronger and concentrated on that.
      However my local casino has only one auto machine. I have therefor used this and "guns" and a couple of other EC pattern match methods, to avoid being seen to win with only 1 System. My results show this is a break even method. A progression is definitely needed to ensure a win.
      I have just got my PC running after it being unused and moved around while I was in the UK. I will look at some of my records and pass on info.
Yes, that's a good idea, Kav.

LOL, I see you suggested the Bread Winner Progression at the end.  ;D
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