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Visual Ballistics / Re: How l became Advantage player
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Today at 04:43:32 PM »
 At least 10% of the time it's exactly what happens.  I'm not interested in protection of my session bankroll , I'm interested in maximum money for minimum of the time spent. 
    Often , when my session bank was lost and l understood why , l take other session bankroll and continue playing. If l didn't understand why it happen,  l seat there taking data to understand,  or go home , if l feel like it.
    I'm a peak performance hunter, l hunt best results in best conditions.  With this approach for betting, l expect 20 times win at least 30% of the time. And it should be qweak to not call undue attention. 
Visual Ballistics / Re: How l became Advantage player
« Last post by Reyth on Today at 04:26:36 PM »
Amazing your bankroll amount.  You don't bust out early and go home?
Visual Ballistics / Re: How l became Advantage player
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Today at 04:14:23 PM »
 What deside where to bet and how many numbers, where they are located..ets, it's a data on the wheel itself. I decide nothing, just follow what is on offer.
    Average session bankroll is 200- 400 units, sometimes less. I always aim at least to 10 times of session bankroll, if l win 20 times, l do not bother to play more on this mini session. It doesn't really mean that l go home or switch off a pc. Many times l go for a smoke or a lunch to come back another time.
     My betting starts with a positive progression ( up as you go), if l reach table maximum ( sometimes happens), l flat bet.
     I'm not limited in the method of play, be it ds, bias or vb. I can do all 3.
Questions and Answers / Re: Question for AP Players
« Last post by Reyth on Today at 04:04:30 PM »
So here is some output for the top numbers:

.#.................Hits (> expectation) <=== Hits greater than expectation
 19...............164 <=== This number hit 164 more times than expected (over 6000 less spins than expected)

These are the TOP PERFORMING numbers after 16M spins, all other numbers hit below expectation or less than 100 hits more than expected. 

This is a particularly LOW sample output; usually we see 8-9 such numbers and at least one selection that has hit over 200 times greater than expected.

So ya, this is money.

I mean obviously your point about the exact flow of these numbers within the output is well taken and understood but my goal was to show that the phenomenon would still be present regardless of the number of spins; that it is a consistent and long-term phenomenon.

I would actually expect that several of these numbers have switched with others that are not shown -- that is important, but not as important as the overall phenomenon persisting.

This phenomenon is just randomness, nothing to worry about. ;)
Questions and Answers / Re: Question for AP Players
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Today at 03:05:47 PM »
Is it in 6k spins or in 16M? In 6k it's abusive money... no one have seen such in sentures,  if it's in 16M , then it's a loss.
    I gess there is misunderstanding in your explanation. 
   What would help is to specify sample size for wich counting is done and how many times each number hit. That will display  everything clearly.
Roulette Systems / Re: The Bomb Shelter
« Last post by Reyth on Today at 03:05:22 PM »
Ya I usually trash a system within days.  I've been playing this one for almost 2 months.  There is ALOT of stumbling around from beginning to end but one thing has remained consistent: the HS Ratio.  It is the very key to success.  It gives me the following invaluable advantages:

1) The discipline not to chase short-term hot numbers
2) The knowledge of exactly when to switch selections

It works with every possible bet selection, even DZ & EC.  I have been trying to think of some way to increase the earning power; I will be working on such things once I hit 13300 BU.
Questions and Answers / Re: Question for AP Players
« Last post by Reyth on Today at 02:57:48 PM »
To me when I see 164 hits above expectation, I see money.

With what amount of money do you start playing, do you have a run of a percentage of the amount of money you want to win or you just play for a certain time and finish when the time limit is reached.
If you play around 5-6 numbers then whether the numbers are individual numbers roulette wheel via whether the numbers for example number and its neighbor numbers are in either case roulette wheel or whether 5-6 numbers 5-6 pocket wheel sector roulette wheel?
Do you play progression bets or flat bets?
Do you use online casino roulette when playing a dealer signature or just collected wheel information spins .etc
MrPerfect  thanks in advance for replies this is a really interesting thread
Questions and Answers / Re: Question for AP Players
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Today at 12:55:51 PM »
Reyth, lm confused beyond my capabilities to understand. 
   There are levels of abstraction that are conventional: average , std, chi- square,  level of confidence  ( chance of randomness)... 
   There are not " conventional " ones like coefficient of stability, skips/ repetitive hits likehood...ets.
   We need these to determine how likely phenomenon that we observe is to repeat itself in play. It all boils down to the correlation and stability of correlation, if you wish " index of correlation coefficient "... all of these are valid math tools that show how likely and stable is phenomenon that we observe.
       In the nutshell,  we have to have a " trigger" that says " bet there when..." and it should be statistically significant.  If not, what we observe are just flick of fluctuations that we cannot predict,  be it rng or  real wheel.
      Naturally we are interested only on phenomenon that is consistent and predictable. ....  if idea is to make money of cause....
Roulette Systems / Re: The Bomb Shelter
« Last post by Jake007 on Today at 08:10:46 AM »
This is absolutely incredible! Its too bad it is 1am here and my eyes and brain can no longer absorb all of this information :) Congrats though... this is awesome work you are doing.

I believe this could be adapted to others like playing corners instead of DS... possibly quicker growth? Anyhow, this is similar to how I play my main system using a hot corner, except without computers or calculations. Ive yet to fail over the long term, Im way up, and if I do lose my B/R Im still well up. Hopefully when I get to reread your work it will make far more sense and I can adapt it to the way I play or... just starting playing DS from now on :)

Thank you Reyth for all of your hard work. All of your youtube videos too.
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