Author Topic: Trading on the financial Market?  (Read 1797 times)


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Re: Trading on the financial Market?
« Reply #90 on: April 09, 2017, 05:35:37 PM »
 Hi Geoff,
“The Long and the Short of It “ is a good guide to the complexities of finance and investment .It supports your view   that investors should be their own “financial advisor “ and gives advice on how best to do this.
I don’t think, though, that he would approve of you paying for advice as he thinks that all you need can be found these days online -  and he has a poor opinion of the financial advice sector.
While he is against  betting on  roulette his view on the use of probabiities  and that profitable investment involves risk and the return on investment is uncertain chimes with my view about roulette. I think that all too many roulette bettors focus too much on return and not enough on risk.

Like in roulette there are people in the financial sector that trail through historic  series trying to find  systems that ,  in the past , have yielded substantial profits and conclude  that they will be profitable in the future.
Overall I think that it gives a good overview of the financial system and would be of interest to those thinking of investing in financial products and even those who merely want to broaden their knowledge of the financial scene.
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Re: Trading on the financial Market?
« Reply #91 on: April 20, 2017, 12:30:53 AM »
sorry for the delayed answer. Thx for your feedback on the book sceps. Feels like a good book with much general content.

Yeah its true i dont think very highly off the so called 'financial experts' looks like i dont stand alone with that opinion. Good to know.

I'm a 100% pro educating yourself believer, this will take much time, but it's far better in the long run , that you can develop your own knowledge and skills, instead of taking someone elses word for granted.

The fact that i do spend money, when maybe not neccesary, consists of 2 reasons.

1. Maybe a bit old fashioned, but i do spend most of the day behind a laptop, and for reading i simply prefer a book. so i calculate what the extra expence of buying something is. And decide if it is worth it or not.

2. The trading course/school i will attend is not from some scammer 'charlatan' It's from a trader who won serveral gold medals in the Technical Analyses Competion at the Paris Trading Exibition.

The only reason i do spend money, is because of personal preferences (reading a book instead of a screen) and the certainty that i'm convinced the trading school will make me a better trader that i am right now. Even if it were by a couple of percentages in skill, it'll be worth the investment

The overal feel of your posts suggest that you enjoyed reading it, which is good to hear. I'll put the book on my 'optional' list :)
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Re: Trading on the financial Market?
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Hi Geoff
I certainly wasn't implying that  the tutor on your intended course was a scammer. I think he is entitled to ask for payment for passing on his " knowledge gained " .  I think that technical analysis is a field open to differing interpretations so this guys view on it should be interesting. Hope it will be worth the expense.
As for the book " The Long and the Short of it " I did find it enlightening but then I am no financial expert !.
And it is only one guy's view after all - but it does give food for thought .     
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