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Gambling Philosophy / Re: Number distribution in chaotic systems
« Last post by Bayes on Yesterday at 02:46:35 PM »
Thanks Thomas for the detailed reply. Interesting stuff. I've long been of the opinion that, contrary to what the AP's say, it is possible to make use of only the numbers spun (plus basic physical variables such as direction of spin) in order to make better than random predictions, although I doubt whether it could be done without a fair bit of number crunching, which rules out play in B & M casinos.

I've been working for a while now on a program which does some heavy statistical analysis on outcomes considered from various perspectives. The objective is  to combine the generated measures into some kind of prediction formula. Results so far are encouraging, and your posts have inspired me to increase my efforts.

I think if we torture the data enough it will give up its secrets.  ;D
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: Bankroll management can save you!
« Last post by Rinad on Yesterday at 02:15:09 PM »

     great topic, I like to mention that one advantage casinos have on players is that they anderstand money management.   if we,as players, and not just as players in the casino but even buildt into our own lives would practice better management ,we would be in better shape financially.
what you hear most consultant speak about, regarding business or family problem is the old;


with no exeption that has to be on the forehead of every player.
1/   dont over bet your session making bigger bets then you should.
2/  dont give back more then 50% of session win ever.
3/  dont over state your welcome by staying too long or you could lose your focus and do something you could regret.

we dont need to have as much as the big banks or casinos in order to model their management skills.
what do they have that we dont?
A.  more cash then we do. solution;  we must know what amount we have and bet accordingly.
b.  total discipline. dont care what happen within a day's balance and know it is just a brick in the wall.  solution;  we should have a schedule and know when is our next visit so that we dont chase losses.
c. they play the same always their games without any difference in their actions, fully trusting the outcomes.  solution'  we have to know exactly what games we are playing and not differ from our knowledge of it, regardless of what happen in the short term.

another thing they have ; doing and creating a ambiance that do not reflect the "work" atmosphere and are magnificent in providing it.
solution;  remembrance of our mission at all time. what we are there and what our job is.
the latest may just be the most important point of it all.

good luck,

Casino Lounge / Re: This is what I do (from Poker to Roulette)
« Last post by scepticus on Yesterday at 02:06:57 PM »

True Dobbelsteen True  !
But I am a cautious gambler and have been playing for a few months now  online and even I can see that many players trust more to Luck than Judgement. I paid £32 for 30 MILLION play-chips and have a bit more than that now so I  am a Survivor in Play mode.
.I often watch Poker being played  with real money  in a B&M casino and watch for the Flop and try and guess what cards players  may have in their hand. Doing this has given me some confidence that I could survive betting with real money. I am not talking about professionals here Dobbel, but amateurs.
I am intent on surviving and don't plan to  WIN  A  MILLION  !
Gambling Philosophy / Re: Number distribution in chaotic systems
« Last post by scepticus on Yesterday at 01:55:50 PM »

Just a question , Thomas, not a criticism.
Peace Bro.  !
Why the need for300 / 400 Bankroll if stop - loss is 150 /200 ? How can you be sure of such a stop-loss if using 300 / 400  ?
I use a 10 unit Table Bank but am prepared to lose ALL of it if no prior win.
Gambling Philosophy / Re: Number distribution in chaotic systems
« Last post by thomasleor on Yesterday at 12:24:01 PM »

Bayes, thank you for your inquiry.

As I wrote in my earlier posts about my platforms, they have been developed through many years of R&D with feedback data from solely land based and online Casinos.

They can be divided in three categories:

1/ Platforms based of Frequency distance Differentiation and Harmonics (they were the most complex to build but possess extreme sector accuracy as verified by my VRTech Team of testpilots using them against the best Online Casinos in Europe). The algorithms calculating the most probable sector,  are divided in sub algos and main algos, and count in the tens of thousands working collectively in producing the next most probable sector in the upcoming spin. (which demands a good processor in ones computer)

2/ Platforms based on Wheel distance differentiation. Based on the interrelated distance between the 8-10 (depending on platform) latest spun numbers, where both directions are calculated. As every upcoming number contains within it the BIAS of the wheel this application is even more precise than ordinary VB where you only have your eye and your brains ability to predict the most probable sector on the wheel. Some even use tiny computers (like Thorpe in US during the 50s or today´s used by many techies from especially former Eastern Europe). But if they get caught they are barred from every casino in Europe  due to their new highly efficient database. My platforms based on WDD produce no such problems as the calculation and bet selection is finished in a second after the last spin is fed to the platform and the Casino has no chance of suspecting assisting software behind my bets.

3/ The simplest platforms I develop are the Wheel Mappers/Plotters. As you have seen in my latest post. There are no sophisticated algorithms ion them except a few necessary excel formulas to enable plotting according to the wheel distribution with each spin. The rest is up to ones own intuition combined with some insight into correlated number distributions in physical number generators like the roulette wheel.

All my platforms have inbuilt money management, stop loss warning lamps, Charted variance curve information on your made bet selection against the house and so on which secures a positive outcome with profits from everything from at worst -10 to -30 units (very rare) to up to +600 units, with an average income of around +200 to 300 units.
The necessary amount of spins are usually around 60 -70 spins. Max dip loss during a session is at an average -26 units.

Now to show you that even the simplest platforms like the VR Wheel Plotter can be efficient during a session, lets see the following example from a recent session (the platform is in post analysis mode and I have removed the money management section for the sake of pointing out the bet selection strategy)

Here we see the Wheel plotter with both CW spins (yellow columns) and CCW spins (green columns) plotted with the ten latest spins:

As you see it might be a bit difficult to determine the next most probable sector for the green CCW spin (which the analysis column to the furthest left show to be 33). Hence we let all CW (yellow) plots go invisible by turning a switch to setting 1. Then this is what we see.

So what do you see? 

Hard to determine?   Well, a trained eye like mine sees the following in a couple of seconds and then quickly makes a bet selection which is put on the Roulette Race Track (+table).

As you see the predicted ball intercepting sector is basically coming up the next 2 CCW spins (33 and 10).

I hope this long post answers some of your questions. As you understand I cant be too specific on certain details as my platforms are reserved only for myself and my Team that have received them free of cost against the only demand of producing a test session against the best online casinos and report back to the team with a strict protocol (which they gladly do since some of them make a lot of money). Up till this date none of my platforms have ever busted the entire Bankroll, not even 15% of it. The most common size of the bankroll is 300-400 units( depends on platform) and a stop loss of half that size (though not even such an event has ever happened in all our thousands of tests for over a year now).
Casino Lounge / Re: This is what I do (from Poker to Roulette)
« Last post by dobbelsteen on Yesterday at 09:18:47 AM »
poker has a larger risk than Roulette. Sometimes more than 10%. You can only be successful when you are the shark and the other participants are the fishes.
Roulette Systems / Re: Massive Attack
« Last post by dobbelsteen on Yesterday at 09:13:06 AM »
with my theory ,it was predictable
Gambling Philosophy / Re: Number distribution in chaotic systems
« Last post by Bayes on Yesterday at 08:44:07 AM »
Hi Thomas,

Your results seem impressive. Maybe you've posted some details on this in other threads, but can you say something more about the process of selecting bets and how  you actually do it, or the algorithm(s) used?  You mention intuition, I assume that means that the selections are not entirely mechanical.  Do your platforms indicate "triggers" or just provide data which the user has to know how to interpret? Thanks.

   Sheridan, good insight, that is why I mentioned that in certain game it is a good idea to "make the switch".
but you want to be on the right side of the "fence".
it can also played to a +12 u. or - 6u.  I have played it a lot and you have a lot of opport. to get out with a profit.

Gambling Philosophy / Re: Number distribution in chaotic systems
« Last post by Sheridan44 on Yesterday at 01:29:53 AM »
Very interesting and informative Thomas. Thank you.
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