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Casino Lounge / Re: Is Advantage Play based on Gambler's Fallacy?
« Last post by scepticus on Yesterday at 11:06:52 PM »

Thanks Real for confirming my point that you don't indulge in discussion.
Genuine AP  use a computer for their calculations , you guys don't . Your claim that you don't need one . THAT is my challenge for you to prove but, as usual, you avoid discussion.
So stop sneering at Method players and discuss  with other AP in the forum .
Casino Lounge / Re: Is Advantage Play based on Gambler's Fallacy?
« Last post by Real on Yesterday at 09:39:29 PM »
If a system junkie can't comprehend that they're mind is trapped in the box that's the gambler's fallacy, then why on earth would you expect them to comprehend playing with an advantage?  There's a reason that some system players actually believe that the world is flat.  Some people are beyond reach. 

The job of the system players is to feed the bear.  The job of the ap is to win the money.

"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid." -Ben Franklin
About this forum / Re: Editing posts
« Last post by scepticus on Yesterday at 08:26:05 PM »
The modify  button has finally appeared  on my screen !
Casino Lounge / Re: Is Advantage Play based on Gambler's Fallacy?
« Last post by scepticus on Yesterday at 08:22:24 PM »

Well ! You got  your wish kav. You ignited Discussion  .
The only  definition of the Gamblers' Fallacy by Professional  Mathematicians  that I have read refers to something  being " Due" and ONLY to that event .
AP only means Advantage Play and is based on the ASSUMPTION that a mathematical  advantage has been gained
. I do not think that the AP in this forum can do what they claim AFTER they have decided what to calculate because there is insufficient time to calculate their many factors before NMB. Therein lies their fallacy
Pointing that out to them incurs  abuse but  no  discussion. So far as I am aware there is no Physicist or Mathematician that accepts the possibility that they can do what they claim . That is why bona-fide AP use a computer to make their calculations.
Casino Lounge / Re: Is Advantage Play based on Gambler's Fallacy?
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 07:49:35 PM »
Kav, how would one debate with opponent who don't know the subject? No one would bet one number only..  to realise 1% edge... it's really mean that you will never see your profit.
   Picture in real life looks a bit different, there much more then one number on offer and edges are much more substantial. More numbers mean less variance , more edge mean profit today...

Casino Lounge / Re: Is Advantage Play based on Gambler's Fallacy?
« Last post by Bebediktus on Yesterday at 07:43:57 PM »
Why AP doesn't work
This sentence is not right from the begining - AP simply cant - not work , if it not work it is not AP :)
Let's say that the pocket of a specific number on an American wheel is 50% wider than the rest numbers. Imagine that - it is an advantage players dream, right? What it actually means is that this specific number has 3,9% probabilities to show versus 2,6% of the rest of the numbers and versus 2,7% of a number in a fair European wheel.

Now you consider this 1,2% advantage over a fair European wheel number so crucial
If number is 50% wider it will hit 1.5 times more often and that means, that it have about 46% somehow get 3.9% :)....
But even if it is 3.9% then you must compare with minus 2.7% in normal situation  so that is 6.6% better and looks that you not imagine what is 6.6%.... that is huge advantage if know that it is for sure.....
Casino Lounge / Re: Is Advantage Play based on Gambler's Fallacy?
« Last post by kav on Yesterday at 06:55:56 PM »
Disclaimer: The above is written with respect to all advantage players. I'm just being argumentative in order to ignite discussion and RESPECTFUL debate.
Roulette Systems / Re: Scep' s roulette strategies .
« Last post by scepticus on Yesterday at 01:19:20 PM »

As I had claimed there are only four possibilities in four spins of the wheel  when considered as Trebles (threesomes ).
As I have shown with dobblesteen’s numbers there were only  four . Those I labelled as  1-2-3-4 . If, as I suspect , the wheel gives a Random number then each of them should have an equal chance. As 2 ,3 and 4  have a payout of 7/2 then it is clear that the player has an edge  when betting them- even allowing for zero.
I used Block 1 . This is
Dobbel.s first two dozens were 1 and 2. His 3rd (31 )was  in the 3rd dozen which I  bet to lose because it was the next one in the line beginning 1 -2 ( the second line in the block ) As the first in my Double lost the other one in that pair obviously fails as well so I don’t bet it.
The “trigger “ now is 3and 2 as they are the last 2 winning numbers. Looking  at the line in the block  which has it’s first two numbers as 3  and 2 we find that the two indicated numbers are 2  and 1 .The first of the pair is 2 which we bet to lose. It loses  (6 )so we now have 3 chips which we put on the group we chose. If we chose 234 we would have won because the first number is 6 and is  in the first dozen which has 2 as the other of the pair. Consider 234 here as - (3 ) 212 or x212 . 
Members need only use the same procedure for any other given 2 numbers. Yes. You will have to think  about it -   and practice it-  to understand it  properly -but if you don’t THINK hard enough you are unlikely to come up with ANY winning method.
Just remember  -Random Rules -NOT the unfair odds !
Roulette Systems / Re: » System Players Exclusive Board
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 12:50:51 PM »
 If you wanna do something meaningful with it, collect data ( numbers / conditions)... use klotz criteria to determine favorable bet to each number, establish bankroll requirement to survive posible math fluctuations.... just take it seriously. 
    Google " klotz criteria"... it will require some study, but will empower your betting.
   To say the truth, Kav made all of us a great favor, he basically redesigned a gambling. His bet offers no advantage at all, but provides 1st class cover for anyone who knows what he is doing.
   Kav bet is widely adopted by gamblers all ower the place, most of them loose on long run, but if you can mimic his bet with genuine bet selection, you do your AP jumps and look like ordinary system player at the same time, you do not even need to hide what you are doing... you are doing exactly same thing as anyone there!!!
    If you really get what l say here, go after Kav posts and like all of them. He simply deserves it  for the favor he did to the community. 
Roulette Systems / Re: Merge Street
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 12:43:27 PM »
Reyth, sorry for delay in reply, only now sou the post. I could give you formula in excel that display skips alongside the  numbers. Unfortunately,  l wouldn't be able to provide complete solution for what you want... l do it manually myself, really no time ... but sacrificing couple of minutes for manual labor and columns in excel would give you what you want.
    I'm always avaliable to help you have a look in the numbers streams, lm a data junkie after all ;) . If you are curios in deep studies,  add me on Skype,  who knows if we could be useful for each other.
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