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Casino Lounge / Re: Betting on streets
« Last post by Trilobite on Yesterday at 12:42:04 PM »

Sorry, I disagree with the above palestis comments.

IMO streets generally take 28 spins of tracking to reach their sweet spot.

Streets are best primed to trigger a bet after 28 spins or when 1 street remains un-hit, whichever comes first.

When calculating an equation for street bets it is important not to omit the zero streets. They are 0-1-2, and 0-2-3. This will result in a slight overlap when planning a betting structure, but at the same time adds two extra streets for consideration.

For any chance of long term success, street bets most probably require some form of progression. This should ideally be anywhere between 42 and 55 steps depending on aggression, and simultaneously ranging from table minimum to table maximum.

There is so much more to the streets. It is my opinion that the street bets are probably the best carpet positions to study for gaining an overall knowledge of roulette system play, from which one can expand and improve their game.
Casino Lounge / Re: Betting on streets
« Last post by palestis on Yesterday at 07:07:21 AM »
The best street system is to count the streets that show up. Once 3 streets emerge as the most frequent in appearance you play those 3 streets, until a profit. Then you restart or continue with a brand new count that you have already started midway while observing the first count.
The point it to make a profit then stop. Chasing the same frequents streets might backfire.
Don't expect the same streets to keep appearing for ever. Things change. Hot streets become cold and cold streets become hot. It's a continuously changing cycle.
You should only aim at a minimum and certain profit while some streets are hot. Then look for new hot streets. 
Casino Lounge / Re: Betting on streets
« Last post by MrPerfect. on June 23, 2017, 10:14:12 PM »
It's always make more sense to bet something that hitting. Unless you know why sleepers sleep. It generally helps to associate outcome with some variables that could be monitored, be it during current spin or few spins in the past...
    Roulette is very deterministic system , there is almost always some correlation to be found. Obviously there are some cases when it's not happens, but it's relatively rare. I found only one like that up till now.
PM Sent.
Gambling Philosophy / Re: What if you found the Holy Grail?
« Last post by MrPerfect. on June 23, 2017, 08:14:04 PM »
HG = EDGE. Casinos found their at the form of HE. Players found their at the form of players edge. There is HG for everyone, independently of the side of the table . Use the one that suits you better.
Gambling Philosophy / Re: What if you found the Holy Grail?
« Last post by jerome26b on June 23, 2017, 05:32:37 PM »
Yes there's no clear definition of HG of roulette and i don't think we will find it in the dictionary ;-)
It's why i'm speaking about more a personal HG definition for me just talking about a winning system or strategy is good enough as well...
In my opinion the only HG is the martingale without any limit and i don't think there's another HG that will sustain all the wheel can bring as entropy. Let's take example apparently Mrtalos has an never losing system yet, maybe his system will not lose in his lifetime at all or maybe once or two or 2-3 times only in a million spin. But it will lose at a certain point if you do a simulation and generate billions outcomes.
So at the end i prefer to refer to a more valuable metric as units win / spin. My strategy can lose sometimes (usually less than once in 10 games) and can go quite even or little profit or sometimes good profit if i'm lucky enough cause yes my syrategy needs some luck to win big and have big days. But more important when it's losing it's losing usually around 100 units. i never experienced yet losing back to back games. In that situation i could even think about doubling my unit size in the second game to recoup but i don't care. One day i will study all my games and do some statistics to maybe even improve it a bit. I prefer to build my bankroll slowly then increase my unit size than playing a progression cause yes at a moment everything can happen and in that case i'm losing just around 100 units and i don't cry just wait play the next days or few hours later and i will recoup easily...
One of the most important point about my strategy now is the fact i can play quite short sessions. i was very frustrated last time playing until 6 hours and see my balance going down and my mind becoming crazy. i had always to be able to manage my time cause i knew the game can be so long and it's not convenient at all when you have a work, friends and family. it happens i had to leave the game at a point i was very minus cause of personal appointments and this was not good for my psychological balance. I know now when i start a game usually it will be for 30-40 spins not more. i can even win after few spins if i'm lucky enough but usually i play it in a complete way so it's around 30 spins of playing. But in some circumstances it happens i played 4-5 spins and had like 2 hits and leave the game. When i'm in plus or very little loser i'm never worried to leave the game cause i'm bored, tired ... it's a very important criteria in my case this flexibility.

@ Mr.Perfect,

I'm completely available for it.

In fact, I'm keen to crack this one. It's like it's been laughing at my face recently.
I bet on some numbers heavily, after waiting many spins (numbers that actually are supposed to show up), she cleans all my bankroll, and 1 or 2 spins after my bankroll is 0, my numbers start to show up consecutively.

Send me a PM so we can talk about the data collect.
AMF@. If you are so curios about these wheels, would you consider to study them? I do not mind to teach you how to collect data and you get my help to make sense of it for free. I don't even wanna know where wheel is located, it's all yours.
     What lm after is a data. I'm really curios about this make of wheels, but in present time and nearest future lm too busy to collect data by myself. So what you think? All my data processing capability is in your disposal. 
Bet selections (flat bet systems) / Re: Shot in the Dark
« Last post by ignatus on June 22, 2017, 04:10:45 PM »
Bet selections (flat bet systems) / Re: Shot in the Dark
« Last post by ignatus on June 22, 2017, 10:12:10 AM »
more spins...
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