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Good for you, MrP, You must have dozens of satisfied customers around the Globe.
I wasted many years, (before ccomputers were even imagined,!) learning how to forecast and predict single number targets on the Roulette table.
 No internet in those days, all correspondence via writing, posting, waiting, receiving, responding etc.
Actual Casinos? 
Rare to find, harder to access, (mostly were clandestine) being "allowed" to play, that was a special privilege to a young man in the late sixties!
I got away with it, because, initially I was throwing away, whatever little money I had, with no results, so I started to learn about the game, and have been learning ever since, as a lifelong student.
Gaining insight,  wisdom and knowledge from a teacher/mentor finally taught me the power of ONE!
         (Thank you Charles, may you Rest in Eternal Peace, at the Head of the Table).
Very unnerving for the Croupier, I can tell you, when a player approaches a table, buys in with the smallest banknote he has in his pocket, then TELLS the Croupier what the result of the next spin will be, BEFORE the Croupier even picks up the ball.
Twenty units on 27! Thank you very much, and GOODNIGHT!
A proof is a proof if it can be proofen to be a proof.
If not we all are scepticusses.
@scepticus, Did I agree with you? No.

You claim you have overcome the house edge. That means you have either neutralised it or you have the edge and of this you are certain.

You do state that expectation doesn't mean certain.  I said your claim is based on expectation. Your claim is thus misleading as it is not a certainty.

You have tried but failed to prove your claim because nobody, not even the mathematicians understand your explanations.
I dont want to say into your discussions  guys but everybody knows, that roulette has 2,7% edge. We all know this. But what does it mean? That in long run every system and strategy betselection will fail?
If you think yes, it is unneccessary to discuss about winnings, stoploss, wingoals, mathematic statistical points and references, and unneccesary to speak everything about roulette,  hot numbers, patterns, streaks, gaps, circulations, cause it dont have meanings.
If you think no, lets continue the discuss, and tell why not, and how is it possible.

All claims of profit or loss  on an  uncertain  future are based on expectations.That is what I have consistently said  so thanks for agreeing with me.
if you care to work out the maths of the bets you will see that it more than exceeds the Probability of a zero  and even 2 zeros so I haven't ignored  the zero. It is just that you don't know enough about roulette to understand  .
You rush too quickly to judgement.
You can not claim anything while ignoring the zero. Your claim is based on expectation.
I claim that I have  overcome the HE. If you look at my last post in Scep's Roulette Strategies you will find that I have PROVED that one of the four options MUST win - in absence of a zero. Having eliminated 2 of the 9  options of a double in 2 spins I have changed the odds to give me an advantage ,
Some will differ   !
No matter how you slice it " Expectation " does  not mean Certain ? THAT is the point I am making .Law  of Large
Numbers or no Law of Large Numbers .
Roulette Systems / Re: Cluster DS Randomization
« Last post by MickyP on Today at 06:13:09 PM »
Point taken GIAJJENNO.

I like to play at an average of one unit profit per spin played so at 50 spins I'd like to see a profit of close to 50 units.
I very seldom play 50 consecutive spins to reach my session goal and I need to play at least 8 sessions to complete my day play. Average session is 10-15 spins.
Roulette Systems / Re: Cluster DS Randomization
« Last post by GIAJJENNO on Today at 05:29:09 PM »
Much more you will test, much more weakness of the system will appear. If this problems we can solve, it means ALL weakness, it can be the winning system, if no then looser system. Also I dont believe that in long run all system will fail.
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