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Advance RRSYS
« on: June 29, 2017, 02:33:10 AM »
Can you explain me Advanced RRSYS

Thank you



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Re: Advance RRSYS
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2017, 04:00:49 AM »
 I just can tell what l thing about it, if it existed.
     I have had no assess to the Paul's  Advanced rrsys, so following it is just a speculation based on my analysis of his game sessions on particular wheels that l followed for some time as well.
     In general to play any form of dealer signature, need to understand when such a play is posible.
 There are conditions governing this game... speeds , type of ball, dealer preferred type of throw, dominant ball behavior..ets.
      Need to find conditions that produce lots of ball stops, or repetitive type of ball bounce. In this case ds , if any, will be more reliabe. 
     Other thing to realise is the fact that ds itself is not distance per se, but consistent timings of the ball and consistent wheel speeds. So these particularly determine our evaluation of dealer. 
     Need to remember that ds can and do often shift due to differences in dominant timings ( wheel/ ball), so need to learn how to adjust for such a shifts.  To adjust need to add/ minus distance that wheel does during difference between previous target time ( for the ball) and current one.
   For example,  if ball was mostly 15 sec and wheel 5 sec, but ball started to do 2.5 sec more, shift will be 18 pokets  ( with same rotor speed of 5 sec).
    To make it more advanced you can account differences between timings that ball does to different falling places and your target one.... plus accounting how ball is expected to jump there for given ( present) conditions.
     This explanation is just to give you some ideas of how interesting it can be.
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Re: Advance RRSYS
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2017, 02:31:10 PM »

for rrsys you should use:

- pocket counting (this is the basic thing)

- Look back in history for similar (neighbor) starting points of the ball (ball release) and if they exist took the result as a possible prediction (be careful about wheel rotation)

- He sometimes use a jump (pocket) from the OPPOSITE side of the weel (again, watch out directions)
---- last nr, 8... you in recent past spins for the next direction you have a ball that was released around nr 35 (which is opposite to 8) you use the result (jump value) of that spin and apply to your current nr ( 8)

I have some more things... but this don't let me post links.
EDIT: I can add attachments.. so if anyone can "solve" how to get the prediction in attachment...... ;)


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