Author Topic: truth is'randomness can reduce variances or fluctuations !  (Read 642 times)


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Re: truth is'randomness can reduce variances or fluctuations !
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a 6 deck shoe can have a strong bias. and the same goes to a size of lets said x amount of spins. you have to know that. I have played enough of them to know that.
so games are not always random as we think they are. some more then others. those are the ones that are more inpredictable, as you suggested.
I know that the house edge is in the "paid/off", and that never changes,I agree.

but biases are real. we experience them everyday in many games. people do take advantage of them when they show stability, and sometime fail short when they dont. not to acknowledge that is immature but that is okay. takes time to learn certain curves in gaming.
I use to strickly play hot tables in blackjack due to the non random shuffle exercise by the dealer and even the shuffle machine they are all using today.
now in roulette it is a little more inpredictable then cards but never the less you can take advantage of the tendencies that are showing over and over. we all have seen looking at a marquis patterns that return over and over, almost like clockwork. those are strong patterns because they are "stable", durable.

of course many times you jump in and they turn on you. but also many times you have a few more spins when they exercise the same tendencies. I have seen clearly many times series of singles mixed with twos lasting for very extended period of 60+spins with not a single serie of 3 blacks or reds at all.
that is just a example. it is there if you are aware of them being there of course.
then you have dozens following the same dozens over and over for long periods. on and on it goes.
so randomness does exist until it stops. it is what make the game so interesting. biases are real.



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Re: truth is'randomness can reduce variances or fluctuations !
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There are biased wheels.  That much is true.  However, you're referring to meaningless patterns/random noise in the data.   You're merely fooling yourself into believing that the patterns that see are real.

We all look for patterns, and we often find them where none really exist.

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