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Visual Ballistics / Re: How do AP win and what type of bets are used?
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 11:24:22 PM »
No you are wrong. There is no need for information or payment to become AP.  Study by yourself!!! All info is there right in front of your own eyes.
  If you already can predict well, you can come to me and buy yourself proper roulette computer that will permit you to play for longer.
Right after general explanation of how it work, you will want one immidiately,  if you are a player of cause ( and can not be bothered to create your own).
    Roulette AP is something you should be able to descover by yourself with school knolidge only. If you couldn't be bothered to learn at the school properly and listen to the teacher, l do not mind to give you nessesary lessons one more time, but it has price attached.  Or you think l should spend my time on your or anyone's else education for free?
   I need people who are able to think, as you can see, my tools are available only for these who are able to recognise their value and my lessons for these who value my time as their at least.  Or on your opinion it's easy to teach ? You wouldn't like to work for free , right, you probably expect to be recompensed somehow when you work? If not, there are so many things to be done in the world, voluntary yourself and do something useful instead of posting your negatively and false expectations on my beautiful vb section.
   As you can see, lm kind, l do not send you back to publick school and even offer myself to recapitulate what you should know already by now. Or pick up book by yourself, it's newton's motion.  I read about it in 5th school year.
If you want full information about the AP or whatever roulette gmaing methods you always have to pay even if you think of an AP or any other well-functioning roulette methods on the basis of the talk of a talented user on the model that there is no shortage of money, but still money has to be get share knowledge  and the praise of the said profits wins is, after all, no real evidences the cold true thing is the ones who sell something roulette methods in general loss roulette also and sales of available revenue then patch losses roulette
Winners do not have to sell anything or share anything in general they consider their method as their own secret
Visual Ballistics / Re: How do AP win and what type of bets are used?
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 10:38:51 PM »
Fyodor, l do not wanna be mean..  but according to your argument everyone is looser. That's a bit too far, don't you think so? You being one of them as long as you are player as well. 
   I understand your negativity about it, in fact many thing on forums is bs. Not all forums. Not all things. No need to generalise.
   There are enough roulette wheels for everyone, l personally , for example, can not play all of them and wouldn't mind to help few selected ones for a part of their profits. What does it make me in your classification? I gess lm case apart,  mithological beast who's existence you do not belive?
   You know, l do demos in real time on my own wheel thru Skype.  It's biased as hell,  but definitely not gafted.  My results are very good on my wheel, l know it very well and often able to realise maximum of edge possible by predicting it. Besides my own l know few other wheels well, my knolidge of them is not perfect but there l get my money from... around 30-50% of what is posible to take there l take.
    I do not do demos in casinos because it's too much show of, but my wheel is not much easy then these l play in casinos. It's a reasonable set up ..  3 diamonds ... ets. Videos of me predicting are out there, these are not edited in any way...
 l exist, Fyodor, it's a fact!!! And your believe about it will change nothing. My words are here on forum, l can not change them, they are truth and result of practice, everything l tolk about is what it is. I do not post desinformation.  If you are unable to follow what l post, ask qwestions.
 But please avoid negative comments till you know what are you tolking about. With coments like yours , there is no wonder that even happy people like AP do loose their temper.
I got 1000 collected spins that wheel so i put 500 spins 50% roulette xtreme 2.0 then i pick all numbers outside green circle and bet them every spin 1 unit every spins and i would have win quite nice rest of 500 spins to 1000 total spins even bet where flat 1 unit all picked numbers start balance 1000
Visual Ballistics / Re: How do AP win and what type of bets are used?
« Last post by Fyodor on Yesterday at 10:13:05 PM »
The whole Advantage Player thing, as described in ALL Gaming Forums, is an unsubstantiated myth, a fantasy as steeped in MYSTERY as the fabled HOLY GRAIL, (another of the conjectural goals in Roulette)
There are NP's (Novice Players), KP's (Keen Players), LS's, (Life-long Students), MP's, (Mad Players), DP's (Desperate Players), and KP's (Knowledgeable Players), and, at the table, they are all interchangeable, according to the fluctuations of fortune.
Advantage Players, if they existed, would never claim to be "AP's" in the first place, and they also would not waste years of their lives, having long winded, and short tempered arguments on web forums, or try to "SELL" such claimed advantages.
21-6 is where I would be focusing right now. :D
Bet selections (flat bet systems) / Re: Super Seizer
« Last post by ignatus on Yesterday at 09:24:40 PM »
9/10 Games won
Roulette Systems / Re: Nine Hottest Secdtor
« Last post by Reyth on Yesterday at 09:09:14 PM »
I completely agree with this betting methodology -- it works!  The wheel MUST produce a hottest sector that will persist as such until it is replaced; the replacement can be observed prior to it occurring.

I have found the gapping of numbers within a pre-determined hottest sector to be our friend, the more it happens the better off we are!

When we deal with pre-determined sectors and let them develop naturally and go through their natural cycles (hot/cold), I believe that we are "safer" because we will keep the "reverse engineering curse" in its proper place probability-wise.

I have not tested playing only the hottest numbers.

I think that 9 numbers is quite expensive and I firmly believe that reliable results can be produced from the other sector sizes: 6, 4, 3, 2.  I have done alot of work with the equivalent of a 6 sector selection successfully and have had great success while ignoring the zero.  Obviously, including it would be very helpful.

I overlap my sectors for tracking purposes.  This provides a more accurate picture of what is exactly going on in each of the sectors and produces unique statistics for each sector.  I think a two-colored pen scheme could map the overlapped sectors, alternating between colors, to show the overlap.

Nine numbers have a 96.47% chance of hitting within 12 spins and can be expected to fail no more than 5 times in a row.  My preferred number of spins is 17 or 18, so that the successive drawdowns will be minimized.
Visual Ballistics / Re: How do AP win and what type of bets are used?
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 08:55:14 PM »
Mickey, roulette destroys lives of these who do not take it seriously.  There is HE. It's upplied to every bet you make. It's same as get a drowdown on your credit card.
   Playing this game without edge to players favor is very bad idea in general. If you can not get edge , avoid this game... frankly frendly advice.
Gambling Philosophy / Re: @ Reyth
« Last post by Reyth on Yesterday at 08:39:54 PM »
Thanks for this great post!

Just want to agree (half-way through your post right now) that if we can reliably predict (at least) 2 wins in a row, we definitely have the HG.

In your example, we also had less losses than the B/R method.

So yes, I can definitely compute this and compare it to the standard B/R distribution.  However, I need to be very clear on exactly what I am calculating (up until now, all your posts about series and singles have only confused me [blush]).

I will use H/L. 

1) I am going to track every time a single appears. 
2) I will ignore series of 2. 
3) I will track every time a series of 3 (or more) appears.

So, what exactly do you wish to know about the distribution of these results?
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