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Roulette Systems / Re: System DKP
« Last post by funtomas76 on Yesterday at 05:53:18 PM »
You mean if a  anti-anti number is missing maybe 5 times in a row, than bet the anti-anti numbers or bet all three systems?

P has 24 numbers - so you have to bet two times.
K has 20 numbers - but different profits- bet three times
D has 20 numbers - each hit plus 4 - so bet 4 times

Or what do you think?

The problem with k is: you bet 8 units, and mybe loose 8 units. But a win can maybe only be +1 (0 1 2 3).
Roulette Systems / Re: System DKP
« Last post by Reyth on Yesterday at 05:48:46 PM »
10 numbers for all three systems, that's not bad!  I think that somehow that is our strength because if we can achieve a hit on those 10 numbers we automatically win no matter what.

So maybe we should have a column that tracks the hits on those 10 numbers and we call it our Convergence Rating and it can be used in our trigger list.

Obviously, any time we DON'T get a hit on those numbers there will be a blank spot in the chart SOMEWHERE.

Here are the percentage chances of gaining a hit with 10 numbers.

In your last example we had a Convergence Rating (CR) of 8, which had a percentage chance of 91.97% of hitting.

That is the chance of you gaining a hit on the FIRST spin by putting on a blindfold and throwing a dart to to choose which system to bet.

So again, how many spins do you want to go in your progression?

          D   P   K C-R
20      x   x   x    0
3        x        x    1
23      x   x         2
24                      3
12                      4
24                      5
28           x         6
28           x         7
9       x    x          8 <=== 91.97% chance of hitting all 3
17     x    x   x

Now if you were to ask me WHICH system to bet, I would say PROBABLY K.  Unless you would be tracking the performance of all the systems and you would always want to bet the long-term hottest system that had gapped; this would have priority over the recent gapping.

Now, we can also have a similar rating for the Anti system.  This we call our Divergence Rating (DR) and it has the same percentage chances as the CR!

So we bet on both CONVERGENCE and DIVERGENCE! :D

Its amazing that we have equal chances of getting a hit on all 3 at once and for missing all 3 at once! :D

Hmmm.... I just realized that is based on the 10 number bet that has overlap --  errrf anyway this is what brainstorming is running ideas around to see what we can discover....

Now what about examining the streaks of the individual systems...

We should also study individual gapping...
Roulette Systems / Re: System DKP
« Last post by funtomas76 on Yesterday at 05:36:05 PM »
0 1 2 3
5 6 8 9
14 15 17 18
19 20 22 23
31 32 34 35

4 5 6 7 8 9
14 15 17 18
19 20 22 23
25 26 27 28 29 30
31 32 34 35

0 1 2 3
8 11
13 14
15 18
17 20
27 30
31 32 33 34 35 36

The anti's over all are well known meanwhile: 10 12 16 21 24  (5 numbers)
The numbers that are covered by all are:
8 14 15 17 18 20 31 32 34 35 (10 numbers). Let's call it anti-anti , haha.
(Hope I have no mistake).

What do you want to do now with this Reyth?

Just bet these 15 numbers straight up ?
If two times in a row you have no anti and no anti-anti, then maybe you could try.
Roulette Systems / Re: System DKP
« Last post by Reyth on Yesterday at 05:22:44 PM »
Ok excellent observation.  So there are 5 total Anti numbers right?  And then each system has its own set of unique anti numbers.

But the thing is we can have MULTIPLE triggers.  When we see something rare that comes up, we can act on it to take advantage of the extreme event.

The goal is to stack as many of these rare triggers together as we can, so we don't have to wait as long.

Like, what if we were to track the gapping on 3 hits in all systems on a single spin?

How many numbers are covered by all 3 systems; i.e. that would create the "x x x" pattern?
Roulette Systems / Re: System DKP
« Last post by funtomas76 on Yesterday at 05:07:07 PM »
A anti-hit three times in a row is very rare!! You have two wait some hundred spins. That's my experience. My example was a rare exception. I have seen this not more than two or three times so far.
You can not wait for this as a trigger.
Roulette Systems / Re: System DKP
« Last post by Reyth on Yesterday at 04:48:22 PM »
First of all, I want to say that I do not agree with our naysayers here.  It is very easy to create a strategy around this system that can be quite effective, through study of the random rows (hahah we got real rows and they're random! :D).  Betting more numbers is not necessarily any "worse" than betting few numbers.

1) Should we include Anti in your rows so we can see the X's?
2) How long do you wish your betting sequence to be in each of the systems?

We can determine concrete odds to hit based on the system and the total sequence length.

One trigger might be something like:

If Anti hits 3 times in a row, bet the system that has hit the most in all the previous spins

=hottest long term system on record


If Anti hits 3 times in a row, bet the system that has gapped the most but has also hit the most in all the previous spins

=largest recent gapping on the hottest long term system (gapping has priority in the choice over long-term hotness)


If Anti hits 3 times in a row, bet the system that has gapped the most immediately prior to that event

=largest recent gapping


If Anti hits 3 times in a row, bet the system that has hit the most immediately prior to that event

=recently hottest system

Where the Anti is the trigger.

Other triggers could be:

1) When only 1 system hits 3 times in a row
2) When all 3 systems hit x times in a row (once, twice etc)

It all depends on how you want to track your data and how you want to pursue the statistics.
Visual Ballistics / Re: How l became Advantage player
« Last post by LiveRouletteOnlinePlayer on Yesterday at 03:16:10 PM »
If you win twenty times the amount of money you are start playing to make sure you pay attention to this online casino's attention, ie you will be banned from the casino as the casino realizes that the player has an advantage
If I understand correctly so roulettes live in the studio made has enabled maintenance-free live roulette wheels have 24h playable so it is perhaps reasonable to use maintenance-free wheel.

Roulette Systems / Re: System DKP
« Last post by funtomas76 on Yesterday at 03:03:17 PM »
For everyone who will not give up ...

I found the following sequence today:
          D   P   K
20      x   x   x
3        x        x
23      x   x
28           x
28           x
9       x    x
17     x    x   x

Three Anti-Numbers in a row, followed by a repeater number only belongs to P. K missing 7 times.
Reyth, your idea would loss (mine as well.)
But what about this: If a Anti-Number comes or Number comes which belongs to all systems, check the next numbers and wait until only one system has not been come. Not until then play that system.
In the example not bet after 24. Wait. P comes with 28. D comes with 9. Then bet on K the still missing system.

What do you think?
Roulette Systems / Re: System DKP
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 12:45:56 PM »
 Bravo Dobbelsteen! 
    The thing is , roulette is simple, no need to complicate. There are numbers that hit more, there are numbers that hit less... 
    Who bet on "more " numbers has a higher chance to win. Who bet on " less " numbers ... his life sucks as a roulette player.
     If no odds are disrupted, result- loss. If odds are disrupted- result depends on proficiency of player. For most its huge loss, for most determined it's win.
      So the real qwestion is " how deep is your love? "..  " how far you wanna / prepared to go to win.".
      These who have balls, l expect in my vb school, thesee who " know themselves " or " can't be bothered to learn"..  or whatever..  BIG THANK YOU for you general contribution for industry itself, without you it wouldn't be possible.
    It's a "fight club" official anonce, fighters are welcome. ... 
Roulette Systems / Re: System DKP
« Last post by dobbelsteen on Yesterday at 12:24:44 PM »
Here my test results for 100 and 500 spins samples. As expected no surprise. Short events the results are unpredictable. the long run events end nearly almost negative. My conclusion is that there is no benefit by uniting these systems. It is very difficult to develop a playable strategy. For live or auto roulette these combination is to complex.
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