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Roulette Systems / Play most of the numbers on a EU-wheel!
« Last post by Jesper on Today at 05:12:51 AM »

Play most of the numbers on a EU-wheel!
(NOZ works better but needs a larger bankroll and sometimes the time limit can
be a problem. I have used BV AM-wheel with no HA as well, which pay 38 on a straight up).
Impossible to use at BM-casinos.

Cover the table with 35 chips, preferable 0.01.
In rare cases the bank can go low, 20000 units may be needed, but has up to now
not bust.(Which it will 'In the long run').
I have done hundreds of sessions.
The first attempt is to get 10 units in four spins.
We make four spins and remove the hitting number.
spin 1  = 1
spin 2  = 2
spin 3  = 3
spin 4  = 4

Total if no repeating number is 10 units.

We reset the table with 35 chips (auto on my internet Casino).
More than half the attempts will not hit an empty slot.

If we get a miss in the four first spin, we change the play and
use a very long progression until we are back on track. It can be
several 100 spins if the session goes that way.

We continue the play, remove the hits and ignore the misses.
When ever we are 10 units or more ahead we reset.

When 35 spins are ended and still on minus we progress with one unit,
we play the remaining bets with 2 units a number for up to 18 spins.
Reset if on track.

Next level is 3 units on remaining numbers for at most 12 spins.
We may need more levels.
4 for 9 spins
5 for 7 spins
6 for 6 spins
7 for 5 spins
8 for 4 spins
9 for 4 spins
10 for 4 spins
11 for 3 spins
12 for 3 spins
13 for 3 spins
14 for 2 spins
15 for 3 spins

If we are still back (it use to be not too much and just a few numbers).
We add a chip a spin on every numbers left.
If we reach 37 units a number, we have to see in the balance if
we can remove the last numbers on a hit, we may need reduce by 37 units
and continue adding on misses until the bets are zero or we are on new
higher balance.

The method can not end with a loss, if handled right and all numbers
are hitted and zero chips after removal on the last number.

The problem can be very long sessions in very rare cases very long.
We can lose, mostly due to too small bank, or our last numbers
will forever have a hitrate less then 1/36.
I have never seen a loss, but got one session well over 900 spins.
Normally we clean the table in less than 200 spins or stop as we are on plus.
Mathematical this method lose "in the long run" as ALL  do.
Try in fun a many games before using money!

The pic shows a session which had to run until the table went empty.
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: NEW SYSTEM- FEW NUMBERS
« Last post by palestis on Today at 12:27:39 AM »
How do you "pick" your original random numbers, to begin with, are they generated by an existing algorithm, or created some other way?
I picked them totally at random. But you have to pick a lot of them. In case one of the randomly picked  numbers comes up before the required "no show" spins. In that case you scratch that number out and go on to the next one.
By the way I don't use a complex computation formula for the random picking.  I just pick a group of numbers from 0-36. (Roulette numbers). Whatever comes in mind, or even copying a consecutive series  from an old score card.
Picking numbers that seem hot at the moment, does not guarantee that they will remain hot.
If they are the "head" of the frequently appearing mode, maybe they will continue to show up.
if they are in "tail", they may seize to appear. I have seen it all.
Most score boards list all hot numbers , color, dozens ,columns. If the casinos feel that using hot items, is their weakness, y would they offer them voluntarily?
Random numbers, random results is the only logical match.
Fyodor, thanks for kind words. Do l know you by any chance?
@mrperfect soon
There is a tool they use to keep poket in place while glue dry out...  it looks like mark of one of these. If you could make a video of such a wheel in moviment, l would tell you for sure. 
Heat, here is what I think is most likely to have caused the smudges/abrasions.
Two guys decided to buy a roulette wheel, to practice on and improve their knowledge of the game from the other side of the table.
They hunted through Craigslist and other auction sites online and published, and finally tracked down a retired Casino wheel (probably from Atlantic City or Vegas), within the price range, so they did the transaction, and had it FedExed home.
First thing they discovered about real roulette wheels, is that they are HEAVY, so they "unboxed" it on the FLOOR, and took photos of it, CLOSE-UP with an i-Phone 6 or equivalent.
Then they "played" with it, by casually spinning the ROTOR one way, then the other.
As there was no BALL immediately available, they just spun the ROTOR  back and forth, till the CAT joined in, dabbling at the pockets as they spun past.
So, this is a privately owned wheel, in fair condition, being seen by the new owners for the first time.
And they did not see anything other than normal wear and tear, (and CAT PAW PRINT SMUDGES) so why should we suspect anything else?
@mrperfect this is the exact shape every wheel, in my casino and another casino close to me, has in each pocket. There is an outer shiny part, and then when it comes to these parts it becomes less shiny and more dull. They still have a shine to them at specific angles but when you catch the wheel if it is stopped and not operating you can see this perfectly. Remember I speak of wheels that are by me, operating under differently worded laws, and that I'm not assuming you will see this - security features - ever if you don't come to my state. It might be something only in my area but I have left everyone a very nice trail of evidence that I believe all adds up to what is one definitive answer to legal rigging.
 Even mine wheel has something similar... after week collecting dust , but somehow what level see is a bit more " square". Your drowning looks like something with cavity in the middle.

This is what you SHOULD see in the pocket, if you look closely.
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