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Re: Let's make a HG
« Reply #15 on: May 25, 2017, 08:32:03 PM »
How this progress works. I know this is getting quite complex but we need creative minds.

We know the law of the third it affects the 37 spins. But at every spins a new 37 spins cycle starts and this makes it

1/37 game. How can we model this and make something useful. I must look really at the big picture of this thing.


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Re: Let's make a HG
« Reply #16 on: May 25, 2017, 11:58:56 PM »
Here is a good system based on the law of 2/3s.
If in 37 spins there will be 12 numbers not showing up, where is each number most likely  to be?
In the 26 numbers that will show up or the 12 that won't?
Every number that spins and it doesn't repeat in the next 3 spins , we play it for 34 spins to complete a cycle of 37 spins. If it wins we stop.
In the worksheet we start with 17. After 3 spins idling, we start betting it. It wins in the 4th spin.
Therefore profit is 32 units. (36-4).
33 doesn't count because it repeated within 3 spins. Also 12, and 33 again has been eliminated.
Next new number is 27. After 3 spins no show we play it and it wins in the 17th spin. therefore 19 units profit in the worksheet.
In reality you will be betting more than one number. But each number can be accounted for individually. If it doesn't show up in 34 spins you lose 34 units. When it wins you deduct the units  you spent from 36. That's the number's net profit.
The question is when do we stop.
After 12 numbers have been accounted for?
After 37 spins?
Until we have a profit and then restart?
It's worth looking into it, but it sure looks like it has potential.
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Re: Let's make a HG
« Reply #17 on: Yesterday at 08:40:04 PM »
I processed this system several times and hasn't lost yet.
The circled numbers from the Wiesbaden score card are the unique numbers that we play for 34 spins after 3 no shows when they first appear. If it doesn't repeat in the 34 spins,  I mark  -34 in the Loss column. If it repeats in the 34 spins I enter the profit made, depending on the spin it showed up. (Earlier spins more profit. Later spins less profit). The first 12 unique numbers had a loss of 68 units and a profit of 236 units. (Net profit 168 units).
Well if someone says that it was a coincidence to fall in the cycle where repeats of unique numbers were imminent, I processed the next 12 numbers. And even though  there were some frequent back to back no repeats, it still produced a total profit of 415 units vs. total loss of 204 units.
This system has to be played in cycles of 12 numbers. It can't be played continuously,
because eventually you will fall in the numbers that will have long term no show.
And each of those numbers will lose 34 units.
There might be a case where as new unique numbers come up, more of them will become no shows than repeats. (Though I doubt all 12 will be no shows). But even if it happens the next group will produce a tsunami of repeats.
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