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RDL - Red Days of Loss
« on: October 06, 2017, 02:40:32 PM »

The Universe is a funny construction.  Broken down to its most minute level which is below the subatomic layer, there is a reality, one could liken to an essence or substance of sheer creative power (or dark energy). This power has the ability to create any given position of any given phenomenon in any given space and temporality. Yet all things being equal in this immense equation, it is the apparent inequalities we thrive in as humans and which we deem valuable or invaluable according to set standards.

The point here is that what is essentially a boundless body of something beyond matter and energy (the two being the very same nature), it has certain laws. One of them is that what is given a position of appearance and taken advantage of, is taken back and the position cleared into a zero-sum balance.

The process is ongoing without end.

To a player, who has overcome his gambling nature and become acquainted with this specific law, any taken position is understood as one taken against this Universe via its proxy, is the game at hand as a representation of the said body. What we see in this game as a variance generated by something apparently random, is the Universe offering positions based on our interpretation of its infinite ability to create positions based on a vast net of interdependent origination.

The human mind is too feeble in comparison to the entire body of the Universe, to understand or perceive its ongoing process of creating/rendering incalculable positions of matter and energy in a temporal casing we come to see as time relative.

For sure various equations can be developed to describe these states and our relation to the parameters of said mathematical realities, but when it comes to what we perceive as chance, "luck" and "bad luck", we are merely addressing created positions of deemed value and not the true reality of the Universe itself.

Still, for a player of chance, it is important to be aware of "Red Days of Loss" or what I choose to call - RDL.

When RDL hits you certain times a year or month, it is nothing you can do to prohibit this process having its way. Bing on the financial market, this is the day you will take a good haircut without even being able to bail out. In gambling, this will be the day your system or protocol simply doesn't work and brings nothing but loss however implemented. 

For those who have a keen sense of impending or ongoing RDL, they cut their lossess and stop any activity encouraging further loss by acknowledging this is a day of the Universe correcting its positions versus your own activity. Sure, you will, if being aware of the RDL, land on a profitable balance accumulated from earlier days of activity, but if you challenge the RDL  with your entire position, you will lose, and you will lose it all.

How this takes form is a spectacle well worth observing at least one, or two times,  in your life, but it is also a necessary one, as to teach you, the immense irrelevance you have and play in comparison to the sheer power you use and challenge on any given day, for any given desire, and outcome be it professional life, gaming, or otherwise.

I hope this post has at least helped preparing you for future RDL and given room for contemplating past ones, where you didnĀ“t know what was going on.

Thank you.

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Re: RDL - Red Days of Loss
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May have a number of your pusher? So l know what to avoid.
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