Author Topic: Building a system on finals.  (Read 1097 times)

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Re: Building a system on finals.
« Reply #45 on: January 13, 2018, 01:23:44 AM »
It's great that you keep on testing. The only thing that worries me is the fact that you don't establish a trigger, that initiates the start of betting.
One can easily argue that starting to bet a set of finals is no different than starting to bet any 4 numbers. Starting with 4 numbers and keep on adding 4 more numbers will eventually result in frequent hits just as with the case of finals.
Though finals is more convenient to remember to remove them after a hit. Where 4 any numbers requires more attention.
But one thing keeps popping up time after time. A set of finals that are behind in a complete cycle of 37 spins, once some of them show up for the first time in a new 37 spin cycle, they keep on appearing more often, usually as a group. Without long gaps from one another.
I also have examined the most dominant finals in the 1st cycle, but I don't see them sticking in the  new cycle, as much as the slow finals stick.
The picture below from 12-1-18 in Wiesbaden is a typical situation that represents  the rule rather than the exception.
As you can se once the finals that are missing or are significantly behind in appearances, show up, their appearances increase in frequency, very often as a tight group.
and usually they continue to appear in a tight group even after some gaps.
So its bet to quit once you have a profit and start again under the same triggering circumstances.

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Re: Building a system on finals.
« Reply #46 on: January 13, 2018, 07:10:44 AM »
A trigger or entry point to the game is also a big concern to me. With the testing I'm doing, I'm constantly looking for an entry point. I'll focus on this for now and will see what I come up with. Thanks for pointing this out.