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 If you wanna do something meaningful with it, collect data ( numbers / conditions)... use klotz criteria to determine favorable bet to each number, establish bankroll requirement to survive posible math fluctuations.... just take it seriously. 
    Google " klotz criteria"... it will require some study, but will empower your betting.
   To say the truth, Kav made all of us a great favor, he basically redesigned a gambling. His bet offers no advantage at all, but provides 1st class cover for anyone who knows what he is doing.
   Kav bet is widely adopted by gamblers all ower the place, most of them loose on long run, but if you can mimic his bet with genuine bet selection, you do your AP jumps and look like ordinary system player at the same time, you do not even need to hide what you are doing... you are doing exactly same thing as anyone there!!!
    If you really get what l say here, go after Kav posts and like all of them. He simply deserves it  for the favor he did to the community. 
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