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Roulette Systems / Re: a VERY nice repeater (hot) method from Ken
« Last post by mr j on Yesterday at 02:45:35 PM »
No RNG at all, ever!!

Here in town, we only have 00 wheels, I have no choice. Years ago when our casino opened, it did not yet have roulette. The next closest casino with roulette was a 100 minute drive. The laws at that time here in the U.S. were that on-line gambling was LEGAL.

I still chose to do the drive rather than on-line. No regrets.


Roulette Systems / Re: a VERY nice repeater (hot) method from Ken
« Last post by The Bedsit Botter on Yesterday at 02:35:18 PM »
I just realised Ken that you prefer to play on a double zero real wheel than a single zero RNG.

Casino Lounge / Re: Spin history as a tool.
« Last post by scepticus on Yesterday at 02:34:39 PM »
How many times must I say it ? I am using maths. - roulette is only the vehicle ? Yes , I use the last 2 numbers but I don't trawl through lots of past spins as  many do to choose their system .
. I don't NEED  use the last two numbers , I could start from scratch but , as I previously explained to Real, this would be betting all three dozens  for no profit but a  loss should zero occur. Ditto for the second spin so the first 2 spins MUST be Virtual Bets.  And you guys think Virtual Bets are useless ! You need to think a bit more deeply Mike.
Roulette Systems / Re: a VERY nice repeater (hot) method from Ken
« Last post by mr j on Yesterday at 02:21:54 PM »
A post regarding the 10 count. Listen fellas, maybe an 8 count or 7 count or 9?

Point being, have a COUNT of some sort. The reason is obvious. You dont want to go 17 spins betting 5 numbers without a hit. TONS of units lost.

Its called a FAIL SAFE.

Roulette Systems / law of the third system
« Last post by Robbert on Yesterday at 02:14:03 PM »
Hi there guys!
I have been snooping around on this forum for almost a year now, tested many systems with no luck.

But i think i have come up with something that i want to share with you!
I have been playing this sytem for 6 hours today, and i am up 2000 units i think.First of all exuse me for my bad english!
Second of all here is the system:

The system is based on the law of the third. In every 36 spin cycle there well be 2/3 repeaters that hit 3 times or more.
We are going for the 2 repeaters that hit 2 or more times.

Begin the session with writing all the numbers spun.
If it spun 1, you write down 1. and so on.
If there is a repeater in the 36 spin cycle you bet 1 unit on the repeater.You do that with all the repeaters, and the bet stays in the cycle.
The aim is to get the 2 repeaters that hit 2/3 times.

When you are at +- the 30 spin, and there is no hit. You begin betting more on the numbers.I use the 1,2,4,6,8 progression, but you can change that in whatever you like.

Maybe i have got something,or i am extremely lucky today.

If you have questions, ask!
Casino Lounge / Re: Good to see New Ideas
« Last post by kav on Yesterday at 01:50:41 PM »
Thanks for the kind words. Reyth and I try to establish a culture of intelligent and courteous discussion, but all credit should be given to the members participating. We wish more readers would take part in the discussion...
I don't consider a roulette bot to be unethical.
A poker bot could be considered unethical by the nature of the game but all a roulette bot does is replace the manual actions of a user no possible advantage can be gained.

I have used bots online for years and never once had an issue.

Anyway disregarding the bot side of it would you consider just running some tests on a simulation to discover what happens to this progression played for 10,000 spins or higher with no zero and then compare it to what happens if we factor in a zero but with la partage rules please?
Casino Lounge / Re: Optimum amount of numbers to play.
« Last post by Fyodor on Yesterday at 01:43:58 PM »
Never play more than 5 numbers per wager, and they are always consecutive numbers on the EU wheel.
Most times I only play 3, with an extra unit on the centre one of the three.
(No outside bets, no splits, no corners, no lines, no streets, just individual numbers, because, when you get it right, the boost is amazing!
(And, so are the returns).
Casino Lounge / Re: Good to see New Ideas
« Last post by MickyP on Yesterday at 01:35:20 PM »
It's all to do with the quality of posts and some real in depth discussions. Moderators allow discussions to unfold even when things get heated up. The attitude of posting members is mature. There are many many positives that attract people to R30.

I like the fact that members are becoming more active. It serves to deepen discussion, explore more possibilities, adds a fresh outlook to the game; even the naysayers are beginning to rationally explain themselves and this leads to discussions that lead to conclusions.

Casino Lounge / Re: Optimum amount of numbers to play.
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 01:12:43 PM »
As long as l bet on numbers with high positive expectation, l do not care how many zeroes. These are "included/accounted" in positivity of numbers l gonna bet.
   It's not about HE... it's about players edge and wich numbers are good for it, isn't it?
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