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Roulette Systems / Re: Betting on hot numbers
« Last post by palestis on Today at 03:06:12 AM »
 I like the hot numbers system better, because I like betting very few numbers.
However the casino near me is so slow (the dealer shorts out the chips by hand after every spin), and  it is impossible to play that system without falling asleep. Therefore I don't use it and I only use the dozen system. Even that moves very slowly, and currently this is my biggest problem, aside progression and money management.
 That is y I look for virtual losses, because a 2+ B2B losses run will take so much time to recover, that I might leave the casino  without even trying to recover. That's how bad it is in this casino.
Next year there will be a brand new WYNN casino in my area. And I am waiting for that. 
As far as which system is more prone to failure I haven't noticed any.
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: Dealer Signature
« Last post by Fyodor on Today at 02:59:57 AM »
Every spin/result at the table in a B&M, is the result of a deliberate motion/application to propel the ball, with enough force, that it will travel in excess of (at least) four revolutions of the ball race.
There is no upper limit to the amount of force that can be applied in launching the ball, and I have observed more than twenty-five circuits, before the ball finally fell into a pocket.
While the speed of the ball decays, to the point where centrifugal force is overcome by both friction and gravity, a different application of physics is involved in the mechanical operation of the wheel.
It is engineered to spin on a vertical, lubricated bearings/axle/spindle, and, with moderate force applied, may continue to rotate (uninterrupted) for a very considerable period, with minimal reduction in speed.
In any case, much longer than the period between ball launch/rest.
As is often the case, the (apparent constant) of the rotor, is higher than the decay speed of the ball, (I am leaving out the effects of the deflect "diamonds" at this point) and can not only halt the forward progress off the slowing ball, but add velocity to the ball, with various unforeseen results.
The worst of these being, that the ball is struck out of the bowl completely.
Obviously, playing at a table where the dealers attitude/reputation/indication/signature, includes either (or both), faster than average rotor or ball/launch speed, should be avoided if at all possible.
There are dealers with "reputations" of wiping everyone off the table, house wins the majority.
There are dealers with "attitudes" who believe they can "avoid" big payout wagers.
There are dealers who are "known for "throwing doubles" with reliability.
There are dealers who will "let" you win by throwing numbers or sectors that you wager on.
These examples are all folkloric fallacies, no matter how many times you hear them.
The problem is, those "histories" are now in your head, and if "that" dealer, ever hits his reputation "signature" result, you will be convinced that it is all true.
Dealer "Signatures" exist, depending on your interpretation of the game, but Gamblers Fallacy instigated them, the players perpetuated them, and the dealers just go along with them, to give themselves a reputation.
As MrPerfect said,
"It has little in common, with the dealer himself."
Roulette Systems / Re: Double Dozens
« Last post by palestis on Today at 02:55:37 AM »
Argus from your post is not very clear to me if you bet 2 dozens or one dozen.
It looks like you bet the very last 2 dozens, expecting one of them to repeat in the next 3 spins.
Is that correct?
« Last post by palestis on Today at 02:44:57 AM »
Hi Palestis,

I would recommend, that please create a NEW TOPIC to PATTERN REPEAT SYSTEM. Deserves it.
I don't know how to start a new thread. I'm sure when Reuth (or Kav), sees it,  it  will put it the right place.
This system is the opposite of a well known system "dozen pattern breaker", but it requires the betting of 2 dozens, ( to break the pattern of one dozen), and that's prohibitive for me to play 24 numbers. This requires only one dozen just like the YXX.
The trigger is the pattern of the last three numbers. Here we start with 34-12-15 (very first 3 numbers of the daily table). Therefore the pattern is 3-1-2. So we play the 3rd dozen first, if lost we play the 1st dozen next,  and if lost again then we play the 2nd dozen in the 3rd spin. (3 spins per trigger then look for a new 3 numbers pattern). If won in any of the 3 spins, mission accomplished and we look for the next trigger.
In this case the pattern 3-1-2 lost all 3 spins when 24-22-36 came. ( the 2-2-3 pattern did not match  the 3-1-2 trigger).
Then 3-27-8 is the next pattern (1-3-1). Which won in the second spin with 26.
The rest follows the same way to the end of the table.
Triggers are circled in blue and a hit is marked with a blue check mark. A loss with 3 red lines.
There were 34 triggers,  out of which 27 won (winning means  any hit in 3 bets), and 7 triggers lost. Which means with progression all 34 triggers would've won since there were only single losses and no 2+ B2B losses.
There was no 2 B2B trigger losses. Neither 3 or 4.
One red flag is to avoid a pattern of the same dozen in all 3 numbers of the trigger.
Another red flag is if you noticed a long run of the same dozen prior to a trigger. (skip a few spins for a more normal sequence). If there is a 0 skip to the next 3 numbers for trigger.
Just like the YXX system,  2 B2B  losses are very infrequent to rare, 3 B2B are very very rare and 4 B2B I haven't encountered yet,
In this system I found that using the 3 losing spins (that made a trigger lose), as a new trigger works perfectly fine. That way you don't have to wait for 3 new spins for the next trigger.
(I didn't do it in this example to avoid the picture looking messy).
And another advantage is that you can spot virtual losses very fast and easily.
Back count 6 numbers and  process the pattern of the 6th , 5th and 4th number to see if the last 3 numbers failed to  repeat the pattern. Then you have a virtual loss and a trigger ready (last 3 numbers), to start betting immediately.
If you want 2 virtual lost triggers before actual bets (for increased certainty),  simply count back 9 numbers and check if 2 triggers have lost.
And you still have the last 3 numbers ready for immediate betting. ( but after 2 virtual losses).

Casino Lounge / Be Prepared
« Last post by Fyodor on Today at 01:34:04 AM »
Remember, If you don't have a complete strategy, the wheels will fall off!
Roulette Systems / Double Dozens
« Last post by Argus on Today at 12:59:21 AM »
I have been experimenting with triggers for the dozens and noticed that the last two spins, with a very minimum of red flags, would many times each show up in the next 3 spins, and one would almost always show up.  I have recorded over 1000 spins on the same airball table I use and have found these results to hold up.  The one red flag I found was a zero showing up waiting for both triggers.  It was just a matter of waiting for the next two dozens.  A zero during the betting just counted as a loss, and hardly ever changed an outcome.
     My big problem was the payoff.  2/1 just wasn’t enough to flat bet with, so I thought I would progress each of the two bets separately.  It worked fine at home so I went to the casino with it.  Confusion and mistakes made it a disaster.  The system itself worked like a clock, and there was never two losses in a row. A loss is no wins after 3 bets. Then you move on to the next two triggers.
     Does anybody know a simple non confusing way to bet this situation?
Roulette Systems / Re: NEW SYSTEM: SINGLE DOZEN
« Last post by MREKO on Today at 12:20:36 AM »

That is y I also use the PATTERN REPEAT of a single dozen, which is an offshoot of this system .
Simply because working backwards is very very easy. And the W/L ratio is almost the same.
I have mentioned it in this thread and I can describe it again if someone is interested.

Hi Palestis,

I would recommend, that please create a NEW TOPIC to PATTERN REPEAT SYSTEM. Deserves it.
Roulette Systems / Re: Betting on hot numbers
« Last post by Horsewill on Yesterday at 11:21:25 PM »
Palestis, I am curious, based on your past experience, which system do you believe fails more often, your Single Dozen system or this one, Betting on Hot Numbers. It seems to me both could have long streaks without a losing session. 
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: Dealer Signature
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 11:01:14 PM »
No, you will get exactly same results as black / red.
  There is much more to dealer signature then many realise. 
  On my practice , when it's playable, it has little in comon with dealer himself.
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: Cycle's - Strikes - Skips
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 10:58:50 PM »
Up till now l didn't find anyone speaking anything worth attention about the subject, besides ,probably, Real and Bebedictus.
   To understand such a play, need to realise what exactly values of skips and their concentration show and where it's uplicable.
   Not skips per se do provide information, but how sqewed their distrebution comparing with expectation.
   Who find a way to use skips ,will never look game same way.

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