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« on: November 21, 2016, 11:17:58 AM »
 No one can teach you AP. Others may help only. Your number one teacher gonna be yourself. It's like learning another language. .. learning 3 words a day and one grammar rull each 3 days will make you proficient speaker in 6 month.
    Same is with AP. You need to plan your learning, structure it. Thinking that something is primary or not primary may burn your bankroll.
    People do not loose due to variance or malefic will, they do loose because of lack of preparation. Sometimes it's not a wheel itself that is difficult, or method, but user of the method is not proficient. Main cause of new AP having problems is mistakes they make in basic calculation:
 1. Distances between numbers... tendency is that people do aproximate distance instead of really calculating it. Each poket position matters!!!! One poket in favor of the house makes them fortune, how many pokets ( numbers) you would like to sacrifice to your mistakes? My answer is NONE.
 2. Estimating " natural " mistakes.
      Variance does exist, ignoring the fact may produce deprimenting results. Mane source of variance for AP is his measurement mistake. Estimating " revolution" of ball or measuring the rotor speed we need to be aware of mistakes we can and will naturally commit. 
   Make simple test. Take same spin , probably taped on dvd..  measure rotor revolution time over and over egein with stop watch... compare results, do same for half rotor revolutions... for 2 rotor revolutions together.... see where you have higher accuracy in measuring rotor revolution time.
   Make other test..  take multilap stop watch and measure same spin's ball rotation timings.  Put them side by side in excel and compare results. Sometimes it's not a method itself, but it's user that is a problem. Real AP studies more his own limitations then anything else.
   Make a proper plan of studies.  For example you are mastering vb method. My plan did look like this:
  1. Learn numbers order, each number relative position ( from zero...first , second..ets).
  First cw, next ccw. learn calculating distances between numbers.
  2. Practice estimating rotor speed
  3. Practice estimating ball speed
 4 . Practice measuring ball total time ( or count revolutions) after moment of your prediction
  5. Teach yourself reevaluate situation in each spin.
  6. Practice placing bets manually ( still to master properly.. in my case)
     It's a lot of tasks to perform, but driving is very difficult also!!! Many of you drive. If you remember your childhood, it was very difficult to learn how to walk with your legs, you managed to overcome this difficulties,  right???
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Re: Motivation.
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  We need track to learn wheel and it's behavior. It's difficult and borring... well if you focus on the task , it is. But if you focus on final expected result, tracking will become your hobby. It's only you and casino face to face in the end of the day. They are highly dicseplined and motivatted,  they do overcome their borridom in order to profit, you should as well. If you wanna become AP, steady daily effort in learning new things is mandatory, be it self preparation or wheel studies.
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Re: Motivation.
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