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Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: Are Some Bets Worse Than Others?
« Last post by McCoy on Today at 08:45:03 AM »
It's all pointless. What is a point to bother with all of this? Fancy words? 
   Model is physical,  stats or uplied stats are used to create and refine this model. Physics come first, stats second.
 You guys do not dry rope before washing , right?

You can use physical parameters or a physical model just as easily as 'statistical' parameters with any of these algorithms, so it's not pointless. And what you're saying is that the stats don't reflect anything happening 'physically' at all which makes no sense. If that were true it wouldn't be possible to identify biased wheels purely by recording spins.

Reyth, remember 'Garbage in, Garbage out'. I don't think there's much point in using the algos over millions of spins because the only thing you will 'predict' is what the law of large numbers and basic probability tells you, and it's unlikely that using an algo on one sequence of 'raw' spins will work either because of the randomness. My approach is to create a diverse set of bet selections for a number or group of numbers, generate the sequence of wins and losses for each and then use one of the ensemble algorithms on the whole set. From this you will get a sequence of predictions which will show lower variance than any one of the bet selections  used on its own. All machine learning algorithms are basically trying to fit a line to data and the main problem is 'overfitting' which means that the line doesn't generalise well to new data. This raises the variance, and is what the ensemble algorithms are designed to reduce.

Jason also has a blog which covers all aspects of Machine Learning for beginners. The emphasis is practical not theoretical. It's a good starting point for anyone who wants to get into the subject, which is vast.
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Hey, KAV.......
« Last post by Fyodor on Today at 08:12:00 AM »
Hi Kav, I just spent most of the night putting together a description and results of the strategy I developed to include random chance control (Disc.Grid).
But the file was too large, and the site-bot? rejected and WIPED IT OUT, so, being a patient man, I reduced the graph images, pared off the megs, rewrote and reframed the document and tried again.
Guess what, it did it again.
And don't get me started on predictive text.
Here's the gist, of the doc.
105 consecutive results,
Total units in      (23×36) =828 units.
Total unit outlay (4×105) =420 units.
Est. duration 3 hrs, profit=408 units.
Have not the fortitude to attend the table for longer than that.
Questions and Answers / Re: Blind betting?
« Last post by Reyth on Today at 05:10:34 AM »
Once somebody starts telling me what to bet as a command its time for us to part company and I don't plan on being the one that moves.

On the other hand, the best self-defense is avoiding a conflict and so simply walking away and making sure I am not followed could be a good solution.

I mean my gosh its no different from somebody walking up to me at an ATM and striking up a conversation while I am pulling out money!
Can you play 5 corners with only 100 units?  I'm already signed up and bookmarked my ID. :D

2030 credits and 240 sBTC. :)

All I do is just bet Black O_o

EDIT:  Just had major sequence from heck something like 20 red and 3 black and got knocked back to 100 and then blew it on the number generator >.<

Still have 2468 credits tho... :D
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: Are Some Bets Worse Than Others?
« Last post by Reyth on Today at 04:58:15 AM »
Up till now I have been simply coding by the seat of my pants!  ;D

At this point though, I have a large set of data to analyze with many attributes and so if I can get the computer to analyze them for me and tell me what causes PLE's without me having to manually sort through millions of loss events, I think that's helpful!  :-*

Its non-parametric because I don't know what attribute configurations cause loss events but I have alot of data that can be analyzed to see if there is a correlation between any of the data and the loss events; i.e. f(cause).

And if you try and tell me there is no f(cause) in random data, I will refer you back to the first part of my last post!
Roulette Strategy Discussion / Re: Are Some Bets Worse Than Others?
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Today at 04:50:43 AM »
And what types of algorithms you have been using up till now?
   Loosely translation of term " non parametric algorithm " would be " have no idea what lm doing or gonna do next"....
   Past data is just past data. Need to model and look how current data fits your model. It's simply imposible with non parametric algorithms. 
   Fancy words ;).
This is where they get you -> i can clear my browser history and cookies and always get 100 satoshi (bitcoin parts) but when you sign up they will limit the amount you get at a time and i dont think you can do the refresh.

@ryeth if you want your bitcoin you have to sign up but if you are very careful and get your strategy down before signing up then you might be good as it seems after i signed up the martingale seems to still be working as i move my bets around to  various outside bets and ive also been successful with 5 corner bets making one unit per win at least a couple of times in a row
just got 31 3 times in a row  :o  i was betting on black i sticking with one unit but im switching the bets i was up to 300 units before but had a bad streak... oh and when you lose all your money they just give you more
Yes this RNG is exploitable (I have seen it at even though this site says they couldn't rig it in our favor like the other games.

I just doubled my bankroll!  Now my betsize is 2 units! :D

@Kav: You win 2 credits for each 1 unit won in roulette.  You start with 100 credits and once you get to 50000 credits you can cash out to your Bitcoin Wallet.  You also have a playing bank which is separate from the credits and that will deplete/increase on a 1:1 ratio.  Right now I am at 1650 credits.

Oh an btw, the credits grow with EACH WIN regardless if you playing units are at profit.

Its the perfect site when you wanna mess around with some background purpose at the same time.

Because they start you out with only 100 playing units and a max bet of only 50, I was forced to play Harry's "Kitchen Martingale" and I guess I will keep doing that, capping out at 5 units bet sizing at 500 playing units profit.
Playing the roulette now and the martingale on any bet sees successful and if it can be done consistently - because ive seen this roulette game for sale on another website - it may be exploitable or may follow a very basic RNG.
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