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This method do not require roulette computer , it require almost nothing..  still need piece of paper, pen and patience to study wheel... 
    I'll tell one more thing about this method...
 It's visual ballistic method of predicting where ball fall BEFORE THE SPIN!!!!!  And a good news are, it's deadly accurate when prediction itself is posible.
The thing is that method designed for online play itself.... it's bet before spin. It's a mix between bias and ds....
    Bet before spin is subject to huge loses. Worst part of it is that you see why you loose, understand it, but can't do anything because bets are already placed. That's why need iron balls. Self control is weakest part of this method, these who do not have it, will simply soffer.
   On other hand, it's no heat method... you are betting before spin or on very beguining,  so no one will understand what you are actually predicting.
    It can make huge money, need balls to cope with high bets... betting more as you win is not so easy that people think. I find particularly difficult to place bets higher then 100 gbp per number... it's mental! I do not earn it per day on my normal work...
    It can make huge losses due to variance and mistakes alone... need to be on control.
     Yesterday for example l soffered one big loss..  l was predicting where ball will fall very well, but this particular type of ball has no "defined" scatter ( jump) pattern on this wheel.... it's still their money, but cooping with it psychologicaly is difficult. Loses are really part of this type of game as the winnings are, it's positive game method, but very high jumps up and down on bankroll are to be expected.
Trading secrets and strategies / Re: Trading on the financial Market?
« Last post by Geoffrey on Today at 12:11:37 PM »
wasn't able to do trading as i used too last couple of days, my dad needed a  helping hand with renewing his roof.

Still was able to make 200 net profit. which make the month total over 800 on my actual account

with papertrading on the US market i realised another 180 net profit= which comes to just under 800 (only on 8 trading days)

about the volatility , seems challenging at first, but getting the hang of it. Curious if my gameplan on the US stays as effective as is has from the start.

today and tomorrow i wont do any trading. busy preparing for the technical analyses convention in paris on friday.
This flat bet section is new. But in the last 6 years this forum is active many flat bet system ideas have been posted in various sections.

So if you find topics that would fit this forum, please message us or just post the link to the topic in this thread, so we can move it to this section of the forum.
Bet selections (flat bet systems) / Re: Split Hit FLATBET
« Last post by kav on Today at 11:06:20 AM »
I call what jek describes as a stepped-progression.
But I must admit that Ɯberlagerung and Kapitalisierung sound much more impressive :-)
Roulette Systems / Re: NEW SYSTEM: SINGLE DOZEN
« Last post by kav on Today at 11:00:25 AM »
Cone and Lemon,
Welcome to the forum!

Would you like to explain how does combining 2 DS would produce sector bets in the wheel layout? (if this is what you mean)
IMO one needs 3 DS to create sector bets on the wheel. Could you give us example(s)?
Casino Lounge / Re: Dobbelsteen`Blog
« Last post by dobbelsteen on Today at 09:35:02 AM »

My theory of the 37 chances learns that every random odd of six numbers has the same features as an odd on the DS.
The table layout has no influence.
Here the images of a classic table, the Dutch table and a random table.
All the DS content different numbers.
In spite of this feature the win/loss changes for  every DS system of the three tables are the same.

Every DS has the features of a six number bet.

The Dutch table layout has the advantage that the DS numbers are also neighbor numbers.

For a successful strategy you can combine the features of a DS system and a neighbor system.
Roulette Systems / Re: NEW SYSTEM: SINGLE DOZEN
« Last post by Cone1986 on Today at 09:34:43 AM »
Morning all,

As a long time lurker I felt compelled to add my experience and advice of using this excellent system. It has proved to be a valuable tool when used in conjunction with my own methods. I'm a great believer in using multiple systems to come out of a roulette session with a profit, especially when using outside bets.

However, I did try using this system on it's own for 150 spins and it worked great as the highest progression level that I got to was three (although I'm sure this would of been higher the longer I played).

My own system experiences a double loss coming in approximately once every 30-40 spins. I have a double & triple loss recovery method that has not failed me in over 12,000 spins - however it can prove to be very laborious (and time consuming) to complete. This single dozen method has proved its worth to me as a fast recovery intermediate method for when things don't go to plan. The beauty of it is that because I'm not using it systematically, I'm not encountering (touch wood) more than a level 2 progression so far. And that's exactly how I would recommend this method is used, as a compliment to a method with a higher hit rate.

I'll keep playing it for the forseable future and I'm willing to take it to a level 9 progression -  which according to my simulated results is highly unlikely.

I'm not one to utilise new methods in my tried and tested system but this method really has helped me out, so thanks Palestis.

Mr P, a bit more detail might be helpful.

I can understand why we might need iron patience, but why iron balls? Does your method use a grand martingale?  :)

Do we have to buy your roulette computer?

Is this strictly B&M casinos or online too?

I might actually be interested collecting data from online wheels, but in the casinos I've looked at you don't get a good view of the wheel, so it would be difficult to get accurate data on drop points, scatter etc.
Congratulations, Kruno, you are only one in this forum, who has balls to work. If you have iron patience , soon you start to make money.
    I'm just wondering,  what about others??? No one need fool prove lazy method to make money?
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