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Don't fret. These wheels have been best source of money for AP for a while already.
    These guys are so dumb as their understanding of drop zone bias. They have no clue whatsoever what makes player to win, wich is good for them ( risk of heart attack is reduced) and players.
    I spoke with their head engineering guy ( the one who developed low profile wheels) on few different ocasions  , all l can say, he is not a treat to player community. 
    These are good wheels for entry level players .
Questions and Answers / Re: Book of roulette
« Last post by scepticus on Yesterday at 10:39:34 PM »

 :-[ You are proving my point  Thomas .
You are full of SH*T  !
Questions and Answers / Re: Book of roulette
« Last post by thomasleor on Yesterday at 08:49:33 PM »
*Yawn*, yeah...whatever you say, bof. I am sure you ll scare the living daylights of the pit bosses in your holiday casino. Perhaps if you are a kind grandpa,  they ll bribe you with some baklava just to get rid of u before you crush the house with that horrifying 100€ bank roll of yours  ;D ;D
Questions and Answers / Re: Book of roulette
« Last post by scepticus on Yesterday at 08:42:50 PM »
Actually Thomas  it needs no  great  maths skills to play roulette . Just a bit of common sense and  to avoid the
 claptrap  like yours . If I got you into a Bricks and Mortar casino  I think I would expose you as a braggart who is full  of his own importance  - or - as some would say  full of SH*t  !
This is a write up of the John Huxley Roulette Wheels and their POSSIBLE capabilities.

Ill just copy and paste some of the juicy stuff, which is actually within the first page.

The present invention relates to a roulette wheel and a method of and a detection system for detecting drop zone bias.

A roulette wheel has a cylindrical support body within which a rotatable pocket cylinder is concentrically mounted so that a circular rim of the support body extends around the rotatable pocket cylinder. During a game of roulette, the pocket cylinder is spun, either by a croupier or by an automatic spinning mechanism, and a ball is set in motion so that it travels around the rim in either the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The ball is subjected to forces (for example due to gravity, friction, blasts of air, collisions with decorative features or even movement of the table as a whole) that slow it down until it can no longer travel along the rim and drops into the pocket cylinder, coming to rest in one of the pockets.

Further on...

The roulette wheel should not introduce any bias which affects the fall of the ball from the rim. However, various factors may cause a bias to arise. For example, bias may arise due to manufacturing or installation defects resulting in incorrect levelling, temperature drift, an external change caused by movement of a ship or aircraft where a roulette wheel has been installed, or if a player leans on the roulette table with such force that the roulette wheel is no longer level. When such a bias is present, then part of the path of the ball around the rim may be sufficiently upwardly inclined to cause further slowing of the ball so that the ball consistently drops into the pocket wheel from that part of the rim. Thus if the roulette wheel is not level, then the drop zone of the ball may be biased towards a particular part of the rim. If, by observing a number of games, a player can determine before a game which part of the rim will provide the drop zone for that game then, just before the ball is about to fall into the pocket cylinder, that player can check which part of the pocket cylinder is adjacent that part of the rim and so make a better guess as to the identity of the pocket in which the ball will come to rest. This may allow a player to increase his chances of winning.

Further on...

In an embodiment, the present invention provides a roulette wheel having a plurality of ball detecting elements spaced around the rim of the wheel and each operable to provide a ball detection signal in response to detection of the ball travelling through a corresponding region of the rim; a drop determiner operable to process the ball detection signals to identify, for each of a number of games of roulette, the ball detecting element that detected the ball last before the ball fell from the rim; and a memory operable to store, for each of a number of games of roulette, data identifying the ball detecting element that detected the ball last before the ball fell from the rim. The roulette wheel may also have an analyser operable to analyse the data to determine the distribution of the drop zone between the rim regions over a number of games.

Further on...

This enables an operator to determine whether any drop zone bias is occurring and to take appropriate action. As another possibility, the roulette wheel may be have a levelling motor or motors that can be controlled to correct the levelling of the roulette wheel in response to detection of a drop zone bias. For example, the detection system may provide a signal to drive the levelling motor or motors to compensate for the detected drop zone bias.
Bet selections (flat bet systems) / Re: The "Twist and Turn"-Pattern
« Last post by heatmap on Yesterday at 08:31:28 PM »
@ignatius ive seen this pattern and talked to people who also notice this pattern. 00 roulette though.
Questions and Answers / Re: Book of roulette
« Last post by MrPerfect. on Yesterday at 06:28:06 PM »
 Jhony, look if you like any of these
Questions and Answers / Re: Book of roulette
« Last post by thomasleor on Yesterday at 05:05:13 PM »
Sceppy, so far, you have proven to me that you can barely add. That puts your mathematical skills at below kindergarten level.

Now if some members here choose to believe your claptrap ideas, then that´s their loss.

Btw. Shouldn´t you be on some Greek Island with your pension check, or was it long saved single 100€ bill,  which you so wanted to bet on some roulette table hoping your "system" holds muster?  ;D

And, something tells me Johnny would probably prefer to read something credible written by a good mathematician that has studied roulette on site and written a nice thesis on it, adding that knowledge  to his own personal experience, rather than reading your contrived, geriatric, mess.

And to answer your question, why he comes here, well it said roulette30 at the "door"...DUH?
Questions and Answers / Re: Book of roulette
« Last post by jhonny7388 on Yesterday at 05:01:14 PM »
thank you to all....
Questions and Answers / Re: Book of roulette
« Last post by scepticus on Yesterday at 04:28:13 PM »
Yes Thomas , an interesting book and may be of interest to johnny.
You are wrong , though, to claim that it contradicts what I wrote .It doesn‘t .  You rush too soon to judgement.
There are a number of books which deal with the maths , but , like this one, there is  no mention of WHAT to Bet and WHEN.
I assumed that   jjohnny was interested in the practical rather than the theoretical.
 Perhaps I was wrong in that assumption but if his interest is  only in the theoretical maths why come here ?
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